Learn How to Color Correct Your Face

Learn How to Color Correct Your Face

One of the most asked for demos during my make up lesson sessions is: How to color correct?

What is color correcting?

Before you can begin to even think about contouring or applying bronzer, you have to lay the foundation (so to speak) for a flawless finish. Color correcting will help you eliminate your complexion concerns by neutralizing imperfections.

You have to use the correct tones to neutralize different areas on your face-the opposite color on the color wheel.  This all starts with understanding color theory.

Now I’m not going to go into depth and teach a full blown color theory class, that’s what I do during my Custom Blend Cosmetics class, but I will teach you enough to aid you in covering up those pesky under eye circles, or even blemishes you may have.

Now if you’re anything like me, I love visual guides, so I find this helpful, but I also have an interactive tool that you can use.  Check it out here.

Image result for motives color correction

Now that you know what colors will neutralize which tones.  What are you going to use, and how will you use it?

I LOVE the Motives Color Correction Quads.  Not only are they super creamy, very pigmented, but they are also easy to blend.  You also get a pretty decent amount, so they will last for quite a long time.  Motives offers two, a light to medium and tan to deep.

color quads
Once you know which colors you are going to use to neutralize, you are ready to blend in and then follow with applying your foundation.

Here is a great demo by @elymarino

Still not convinced that you can do it?

I actually do personal consults with anyone that purchases a Motives Color Correction Quad  from me  and it doesn’t matter where you live, I will do  a live video session.  I also have a more detailed guide that I will give you.

So I hope that I have given you enough to empower you to give it a try!

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