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6 Reasons Why You Should Go Sulfate Free

6 Reasons Why You Should Go Sulfate Free

Over the past few years, I’m sure you’ve heard “sulfate free” and there has been a war in the hair-care industry against sulfates and the suds they create. Just walk down any beauty aisle and you’re bombarded with labels that boast “sulfate-free” products.Just walk down […]

What’s That Brush For?  Here’s the Skinny

What’s That Brush For? Here’s the Skinny

Do you know which type of makeup brush is best for the makeup you use? My guide explains the difference between all of my professional brushes so you can apply your makeup flawlessly.     Brushes Brushes are one of the most common and traditional […]

Happy National Lipstick Day Giveaway!

Happy National Lipstick Day Giveaway!

Happy National Lipstick Day ladies!!

To celebrate in kissable style, I’m giving away a new Velvet Lipstick to the winner, and the lucky friend that they tag!


A collection of semi-matte lipsticks that deliver a rich color in a velvet, non-drying finish-what’s not to love?  Give your lips the kiss of life with lightweight hydration for flawless lips.


Motives Velvet Lipsticks


The velvet collection features nudes to darker Hughs, including my favorite XOXO.  The winners will get to choose from Birthday Suit, Fetch, XOXO, Chianti, Twerk or Slay.


Motives Velvet Lipstick Swatches


To enter:

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  1. Follow @LeighRaeder
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  1. Like my page
  2. Like the competition post
  3. Comment with your favorite colors
  4. Tag a friend who would LOVE this prize!

The winner will be announced Tuesday evening, good luck!!  Looking to purchase your own? I have a special offer for my “All Things Beauty Community”, join today and get exclusive access 🙂

Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen

Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen

I’m sure that by now you know that wearing sunscreen daily (not just when you’re at the beach) is recommended. The sun emits harmful UV rays year-round. Even on cloudy days, up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin. Snow, […]

The Real Dangers of Talc & Asbestos

The Real Dangers of Talc & Asbestos

I’m sure that you have already heard about the Johnson & Johnson’s lawsuit…last Thursday, they were ordered to pay 22 women $4.69 billion dollars.  These women were alleging that their ovarian cancer was caused by using Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder.  What are the real […]

Salon Retail Disruption-How are You Going to Compete with Amazon?

Salon Retail Disruption-How are You Going to Compete with Amazon?

Salon retail is one of the most talked about disruptions in the industry. If you have been following my “Evolution of the Beauty Industry”, or if you have been in the beauty industry for awhile, this probably isn’t news to you, but there’s been a major shift happening for years with diversion and retailers like Amazon.

We have been in the midst of a huge shift in beauty consumer shopping habits.  So many salons and stylists are seeing many of their clients choosing to purchase their products on line instead of their salons. It’s a trend that’s not going anywhere, in fact it’s growing at an alarming rate.

If you want to catch up, you can find my entire series here. I recommend checking out my articles Retail Distribution on and The Truth About Professional Brands to pair with today’s subject.


Online Shopping

So many pros I talk to aren’t really sure what to do in terms of retail.  Some think that if you educate your clients on diversion, they will continue to buy from you. And yes, in some cases, I think they will, but you will end up losing the sale if you use retail that can be found on Amazon.  The consumer wants convenience, and they’re already shopping online.

Amazon Retail Disruption

“Anyone who doesn’t take Amazon seriously as a competitor is not paying attention,” said Ian Baer, the chief strategy officer of the marketing agency Rauxa.

Beauty and personal care facts and figures

I want to point out some pretty eye opening statistics.

  • When we look at the growth of beauty e-commerce vs. brick and mortar sales, online sales are up up $1.6 billion, while brick and mortar sales are DOWN -$168 million.
  • In 2015 online haircare sales were only 2 % of the total beauty and personal care sold online. In the past 3 years online sales have skyrocketed to over 9%. (Source: The Fung Group)
  • Shoppers aren’t as loyal, 67% of online shoppers use four or more websites to fulfill their beauty and personal care shopping needs. (Source: A.T. Kearney Study 2016)
  • 45% of U.S. Consumers buy skincare and cosmetics online. The percentage for 18-34 year olds. is 60% (Source: Prosper)
  • The most popular websites for searching for and buying beauty products online: Amazon 69%, Sephora 40%, Ulta 37% & Walmart 36%. (Source A.T. Kearny Study 2016)
This graph was in a recent catalog from a salon distributor


For the last year, the professional salon and spa product sector has been the fastest growing beauty category for Amazon, nearly doubling and driving so much traffic that Amazon introduced a unique badge for items classified as Professional Beauty. (Source: One Click Retail)

  • In fact One in every five beauty purchases online was made through the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Amazon is now the #1 online retailer of beauty products, with 35.5% of market share. (Source:

The numbers are obvious, and online growth is expected to increase.

Here are some important questions that are important to address so that you can come up with a strategy to stay ahead:

Will online’s convenient delivery, wider product selection, competitive pricing, and access to information complement the in-store experience or cripple traditional retailers’ sales and margins? Can online retailers build loyalty? And what should salons do today and tomorrow to protect their market share?

What Do Consumers Really Want?

We know that skin-care products and color cosmetics are the most frequently purchased online beauty categories. 38% of respondents surveyed indicate they frequently purchase skin-care items online, and 34 % indicate the same for color cosmetics. (Source A.T. Kearny Study 2016)

online beauty sales

Online shoppers want good prices, free shipping, and secure sites

Finding the best prices, free shipping, and site security top consumers’ list of what they look for when shopping for beauty and personal care products online. That has changed since 2014, as finding the best prices has overtaken site security and free shipping to become the most important feature.

The Rise of Social Media Influencers

I think we can all agree that celebrity influence has fallen to the wayside with the rise of beauty influencers, lifestyle bloggers, YouTube vloggers, and Instagram stars.  Consumers view them as being  independent, authentic, and trusted, therefore they are holding more power over consumer decisions and brands. And more and more brands are using allocating their advertising dollars to just that.

Good news for salons

In any retail channel, success is defined by the ability to build sustainable relationships with consumers and increase the value of those relationships over time. A recent study found e-tailers are doing a better job of increasing transactions than building relationships.  67% of the survey respondents use four or more sites to fulfill their browsing and shopping needs online. Some use as many as 20 sites, which means loyalty isn’t there. Online retailers will need to rethink their strategies and figure out how to build a relationship online with the empowered consumer, which can be difficult. (Source A.T. Kearny Study 2016)

online to brick and mortar relationships

What can you do?

Enhance omnichannel capabilities.

One of the things that I have found successful is offering a way for the client to start online and end with in-salon pickup or start in a salon and end online. Salons can be delivery points or experience centers-think of in-store pick up.

Salons can educate clients and show them how to use the products and experience the brand with all their senses-which is difficult to do online. Using a salon as an experience hub requires having highly trained salon staff who add value to a highly educated consumer as well as having “experience elements” such as events and tools that support the sales process and brand interaction. Think of a seamless process, as we know that consumers love technology and love to buy, but hate to be sold.

Salons can also be used for fulfillment. By carrying a small amount of inventory to meet client demand, salons can support click-and-collect, providing customers with convenience while also generating more foot traffic. This would require an integrated system, and unfortunately most companies aren’t offering one.

Some salon distributors are launching apps that salons can promote that will give the ability to retail products through this app  and earn a small retail profit.  The problem with this concept, is a big one in my eyes.  All of the products available on these apps are also sold on Amazon, and there has to be a very good reason for clients to use it.  And while some clients will use it out of loyalty, most likely won’t due to convenience.

Salons and spas should align themselves with products that are truly exclusive and can’t be found on Amazon and Walmart.  This has become a difficult task, but is definitely something that I can help with.

Motives Custom Blend Foundation

Improve personalization.

Over the past 20 years, personalization at scale has been the holy grail of marketing. The more that you can customize, not only the experience, but also the product, the more you become indispensable to the client. The ability to offer the right product as a solution definitely improves consumer relationships, and will keep them coming back.

Communicate with authenticity.

Clients are craving “authentic communication,” the kind delivered by peer reviews and recommendations from Influencers— in other words by “real people” or “people like us” instead of idealized models. As mentioned above-the rise of influencers has changed what people want. Brands and retailers will need to reconsider their communication strategies, establish new ways of engaging consumers and making them part of the brand, and leverage the power of Influencers to increase reach. I would even suggest thinking outside the box, and identifying clients that would share their experiences through reviews and leverage social media.


The evolution of the beauty industry

So there you have it. We are have the growing challenge of loyalty, the daily demand on retailers and brands to deliver a seamless experience between online and offline, and the need to “give up some power” to new sources of influence are indicators of the current state of the beauty industry. But the good news is, you can succeed IF you start to adapt and evolve with the changes.

I have a strong passion for helping other beauty professionals become successful beauty entrepreneurs. Helping them gain modern cutting edge exclusiveness, financial security and setting the next trends for our ever-changing industry. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, and I have the knowledge, tools and resources to really make a difference.

If you want to find out more about what I can do to help you as a professional, please reach out. The time is now…email me at or fill out this form, and I will contact you!




Summer Makeup Secrets Revealed

Summer Makeup Secrets Revealed

Summer is finally here in Wisconsin!! I LOVE summer!  I love everything about it.  The sunshine, the hot weather, the long days.  I love it all!  And if you’ve never been to Wisconsin in the summer, it is beautiful.  Everything is green and colorful. This […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a “Side Hustle”

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a “Side Hustle”

Why you should consider a side hustle-unless you like living paycheck to paycheck! Before I get started, let’s talk about what a side hustle is exactly.  Instead of getting a second job, a high number are starting their own businesses.  It is not necessarily a […]

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Motives Beauty & Business Academy made a stop at Richmond Virginia over the weekend

Beauty professionals & professional consultants received firsthand experience with Motives products and skincare along with professional training from some of our top industry professionals. Among them were Lisa Martin-Director of Field Development, Leigh Raeder-Master Cosmetologist & Global Educator, Dr. Terry White ND, Certified Trainer Christina Lempesis & Professional Makeup Artist Emily Olson at the weekend long Motives Academy.

Leigh Raeder and Lisa Martin
Leigh Raeder and Lisa Martin


Lisa & Leigh kicked off the weekend with a session teaching the attendees on how to brand yourself on-line and in person. They shared not only tips for salons and spas, but also how individuals can grow as a brand to set them up for maximum success.


Leigh started off the day with “Why” the beauty industry is in desperate need of our program and systems. She shared how she has experienced the evolution of the industry and how it has been changing at a record pace.  It is crucial that the industry stays ahead of these changes and finds ways to stay profitable.

Lisa joined in during the afternoon session and taught the attendees how they can help by implementing Motives and other divisions into salons and spas, as well as other professional accounts.  Leigh explained how no other company has the education, programs and systems in place and this will be an industry changer. Dr. Terry talked about different personality types and taught the class how to relate with them.


Motives Beauty Business Academy

Dr. Terry kicked of Sunday’s session with beauty From the Inside Out, teaching about digestive health and that beauty really does start from within. Christina took over talking about advanced skincare and our guest esthetician, Kimberly Lang. She even performed a live facial demo using all Market America skincare products.  Emily Olson followed withsharing tips and tricks during a makeup application demonstration to close out the evening.

The event was wrapped up on Monday with the art of makeup with Emily and live demos featuring makeup artists Ash Mac & Kim Mareno. Lisa wrapped up the evening with empowering everyone to “Fall in Love with the Process”.

All of the graduates left with tools and felt empowered to work with salons and spas and beauty professionals along with an action plan on how to achieve their own goals.

Stay tuned at for information and news on the next MBBA weekend!
Motives Beauty Business Academy



Toronto Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Toronto Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Motives Beauty & Business Academy (MBBA) stopped at Toronto Canada Beauty professionals & support staff received firsthand experience with Motives products and skincare and received professional training from some of our top industry professionals.  Lisa Martin-Director of Field Development, Leigh Raeder-Master Cosmetologist & Global […]

Leigh Raeder

I am…Leigh Raeder

I am…Leigh Raeder

I thought this was fitting to share now.  For those following me, you know all about my “I Am” Campaign, so why not share who I am?  I hope you like it!

Who is Leigh Raeder?  This has been a very interesting time to reflect on where I have been and what I have accomplished thus far.  You see, I always look ahead.  I always strive to be better than I was yesterday.  But I am finding that looking back at the last two decades of my career is very humbling.  So, here I go!

 The BeginningLeigh Raeder Cosmetologist

When I think back, I have always loved fashion and beauty.  I can remember these cute little lipstick samples that my mom would get from her Mary Kay Rep )or maybe it was Avon) and they were usually a horrible orange red color, but it didn’t matter to me what color they were.  I loved the makeup!  And there are a few memories of trips to the salon with my mom. I loved to go and watch her get her hair done.

I had a passion for fashion, and would spend hours drawing women wearing beautiful ballroom dresses.  I would draw their hair, and design their makeup.  Oh, and let’s not bring up Barbie & Lee Press on Nails!

But, if you would’ve asked me what I wanted to be… I would have answered, “A veterinarian of course!”  No, really!!  I always had this deep connection with animals and ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a veterinarian. So what happened?


When I decide that I want something, I will do what I need to do to get it.  I will push myself, and will not give up easily (stubborn?).  I am a Capricorn, sensitive, shy and very humble, practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplined, patient and careful, humorous (although I have an unusual sense of humor) and reserved, I’m a climber.

I always wanted a horse, so I saved all of my babysitting money and at age 12, I bought one. My parents agreed because I assured them that I would also pay for everything needed to care for the horse, including hay and grain, and they knew I would! It may take me awhile, I’m a slow, but steady climber, but I will get it eventually.

Ok, back to business.  I had decided that a veterinarian was probably not the best choice for me, for so many reasons, but thought nursing would be a great career.  As graduation approached, one of my friends decided that she was going to go to cosmetology school.  My thought was, I could get done in less than 2 years and I could have that degree and work while I went to nursing school. I will never forget those who told me that I was wasting myself by going to school for cosmetology.  I was told that I was “too smart for something like that” and I was not going to ever make any money and I should rethink my decision- by so many of my peers.  But, I didn’t listen!

So, a week after I graduated high school, I started cosmetology school. I decided to do the accelerated course-long days, 6 days a week.  I loved it, I thrived, and I felt as though I was doing what I was meant to do, it came to me naturally!  I was the first to graduate in my class, as the top retailer and had the highest grade point average. And so my career began!

I started my career before flat irons, YouTube, and even the internet!  I have been an employee, helped open a world renowned spa, started & owned my own salon, and have been given awards.  I have been trained by some of the biggest brands, like Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, TIGI, Schwarzkopf, Sebastian, Trucco, Pivot Point, Pevonia Botanica, Phytoceane, Jane Iredale, Paul Mitchell & so many more!  I am a colorist, nail technician, aesthetician, you name it, I can do it.  I am a trained reflexologist, a certified hair extensionist, a National Trainer for Motives Cosmetics, Certified Salon and a nutraMetrix Nutraceuticals Consultant and business developer.

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The Industry is Changing

I love my industry and I have a passion for making people feel beautiful on the inside and outside. I was always eager to learn what I could to provide them with the best products and services and I STILL continue to learn. I do not pass up education.

Those that know me know that I am extremely shy, but for some reason, I feel comfortable behind the chair working 1 on 1 with clients. I honestly feel as though I have been gifted with the skills I have and love to share them with as many as I can.  I thrive on making others feel amazing.

 I have a strong passion for helping other beauty professionals become successful beauty entrepreneurs. Helping them gain modern cutting edge exclusiveness, financial security and setting the next trends for our ever-changing industry. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, and I have the knowledge, tools and resources to really make a difference. I have met some of the most inspiring people and get to work with the most amazing team of people. I am beyond blessed!

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Enough about business now! I have to tell you that my favorite role is being a mother and wife.  I always wanted to have a family, and I have the most amazing husband and two boys.  My husband is one that steps up to coach and is truly one of those “hands on” dads.  He is amazing and we make a great team.  Our boys are very strong willed, which I think will be an amazing personality trait as they get older.

My oldest is quite the entrepreneur and has been since an early age.  He is so much like me, and my youngest is all about sports, just like my husband!  I encourage them to continue to dream and follow their passions whatever they may be and I can’t wait to see what they become.

One of the things we ALL love to do together, is travel.  We have so much fun exploring together!  We have many places we want to see and we keep chipping away at the list.  It’s all about the adventure.  Where will we go next?

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This article just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that I LOVE music.  I never did master playing an instrument or anything, although I dabbled with a few.  I just have this appreciation for musicians and love listening to all genres.  I have a deep love for U2 and listen to them daily.  I admire Bono and his philanthropy.  He truly inspires me on so many levels. Sigh…

Writing this article wasn’t easy for me.  I’d rather focus on others, but I agreed to do it in the hopes that just maybe, it will inspire someone, somewhere in some way.  The sky is the limit, and YOU are capable of being whatever YOU want to be.  Don’t ever get discouraged and give up.  Don’t ever let others convince you to NOT follow your dreams!  I have so much more I want to accomplish, and so much more growing to do, places to see, people to help, and I will not stop!