13 Skincare Hygiene Tips

BLOG, Skincare / Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Proper skincare hygiene is essential! Did you know that your skin is your body’s biggest organ? Your skin is responsible for maintaining your body’s temperature, insulation, and protecting you from infections and germs. Taking care of your skin can improve your overall health. Here are 13 tips on maintaining your skincare hygiene. 

  1. Keep your hands clean at all times. Only touch your face with clean hands. You do not want to spread bacteria onto your skin, or cause acne. 
  2. Stop picking your face! Acne doesn’t cause scarring, picking does. Not only that, but when you pick your blemishes, you risk bacteria being spread to your other pores which can cause more acne.
  3. Keep the inside cover on your skincare. So many of my clients throw it away!! Keeping it on will help prevent your skincare from drying out. Also, be sure that the cover is on tight, you don’t want air to get into your skincare.

4. Don’t dip your fingers into your skincare. Instead, use a spatula or skincare brushes to avoid getting bacteria or oils from your skin into the skincare. Some of your skincare products have applicators included with them.

5. Use skincare brushes to apply your skincare products.

My pick: Lumiere de Vie Skincare Brush Collection

With its innovative, hands-free approach, the Lumière de Vie® Skincare Brush Collection offers an elevated, more hygienic way to apply your skincare products. This collection includes four unique brushes designed to expertly cleanse, treat, masque and moisturize your skin. They are cruelty-free and created with the softest, fully synthetic fibers for the most refreshing experience ever.

Here’s what comes in the skincare brush collection and how to use them:

Cleansing Brush: This scalloped cleansing brush design helps clear pores while gently washing away dirt and excess oil. Wet your face with warm water. Apply cleanser to the brush and gently buff your face and neck in a circular motion. Then, rinse.

Treatment Brush: This rounded brush design gives you a gentle, touch-free way to pat in treatments. Apply a few drops of your desired treatment onto the brush or into your palm. Gently stipple the brush onto the face or desired treatment area. Then, allow the treatment to soak into the skin.

Masque Tool: The specially angled silicone design is the perfect, mess-free way to evenly apply cream, clay, and mud masques. Apply your favorite masque to the silicone brush. Using soft, swiping motions, apply an even layer to the skin.

Moisturizer Brush: This unique dome-shaped brush design allows you to easily scoop/pick up product and massage moisturizer into the skin. Scoop up desired amount of moisturizer and apply it to the face and neck in a sweeping motion until the product is fully absorbed.

6. Be sure to clean your applicators, spatulas, tools and skincare brushes after each use.

How do I care for my skincare brushes?

Daily Cleanse: Rinse brushes thoroughly after each use and let them dry on a clean towel with bristles facing down. When brushes are dry, store them in the provided pouch.

Monthly Cleanse: Deep-clean your brushes once a month by washing them with soap and rinsing with warm water. Let them dry on a clean towel with the bristles facing down.

7. Deep clean your make-up brushes and sponges regularly. Want to know how often? Check out my CLEANING YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES: DOS & DON’TS post.

8. Store clean brushes, and skincare tools in a closed container once dry to keep them clean.

9. Always wash your face twice a day. I recommend cleansing morning and night.

10. Make sure to allow your products to fully absorb before applying the next one, and before going to bed. This will allow your products to nourish your skin, not your pillow. 

11. Change your pillowcase often. If you want to take it to the next level, use a silk or satin pillowcase to minimize friction on your skin.

12. Keep an eye on your skincare’s expiration date. And if it doesn’t smell right or the consistency changes, consider replacing it. Most skincare has an expiration date right on it.

13. Never ever share cosmetic products, skincare, or brushes. Just don’t do it…

Self-Care Sunday: Elevate Your Skincare Hygiene

You can also check out the Self-care Sunday: Elevate Your Skincare Hygiene broadcast I did with Esthetician Sara Sampaio for a few more tips!

13 Skincare Hygiene Tips

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