The Business Savvy Makeup Artist

The Business Savvy Makeup Artist

makep business personI can’t believe so much time has gone by since my last post.  I can’t wait to fill you in with what has been happening in my life!!  Some very exciting things.  Too much to talk about now, but I wanted to share this ongoing project.

I get messages constantly from other beauty professionals wanting to know…how to create a smart lucrative business.

They want to know the SECRET, the shortcut, some little nugget of information to help excel their business.  I LOVE mentoring other professionals, but I can only work with so many at a time.

I’ve been thinking about the most effective way that I could help and reach even more people and it’s an idea that’s time has come.

I reached out to my friend Jacqueline Menconi and she was more than willing to help!  We started a series of webinars titled: “The Business Savvy Makeup artist: Learn how to Capitalize on your Makeup Artistry Career”.  It is a series for professionals across all aspects of the Beauty Industry.

Whether you’re a TV Makeup Artist, Bridal Makeup Artist, Salon Owner, Cosmetologist, Esthetician, or otherwise, this webinar series will teach you how to make the most of your growing business.  Each week, we interview different beauty professionals.
We are already 5 episodes in (I know, I know!  I’m sorry that I’m just sharing this now) and I am astounded by the info that these amazing professionals have shared.  I will continue to post these webinars as fast as I can, but if you want to watch them live, we do a Q & A at the end.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for links to utilize them.
PART 1: Master Cosmetologist, Leigh Raeder interviewing Professional Makeup Artist, Jacqueline Menconi
Jacqueline Menconi is a freelance Professional Makeup Artist based in the New York metro area. A former producer in the television industry, she switched career paths to full time makeup artistry in 2009. She primarily does makeup for commercials, television, film, and bridal.
Jacqueline loves networking with other professional makeup artists and helping them maximize their efforts through supportive business building advice & coaching. She also offers a hands-on training program for motivated and business-minded aspiring artists.

PART 3: Monina N. Wright
As a Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist, Monina’s years of experience in the skincare and beauty industry has allowed her to utilize her craft to help hundreds of women and men, look and feel their best before stepping in front of a camera or audience. Whether she’s caring for their skin or applying makeup on couture brides, corporate CEOs, magazine shoots, video workshops, or on a foreign film, Monina never gets tired of her profession.
As an educator and artist she continues to improve her skills by attending yearly conventions and workshops to stay on top of the latest trends in both skincare and makeup. Monina is also a Certified Motives Trainer and by improving her craft, she is able to be a more effective trainer when she conducts her certification classes throughout the year.
*Graduate of UCSD
*California based
*Licensed Esthetician for 14 years
*Professional Makeup Artist for more than 20 years
*Married for 21 years
*Proud mommy of 2 beautiful kids
*Founder of Moderne Beauty
*Co‐Founder of D’Railed Beauty Trolley
*Certified Motives Trainer for 4 years
*Lead stylist for M Magazine

PART 5: Deborah Compeau
Deborah Compeau has been a licensed cosmetologist for 30+ years. She found her passion early on and completed her cosmetology certification alongside high school. She went on to manage salons by age 20 and opened her first salon by age 26. From there she began to share her knowledge by educating for companies like, Aveda, Matrix & Scruples.
She has been instrumental in the success of many salons including world renowned spas. Deborah is now sharing her entrepreneurial experiences by inspiring and consulting beauty professionals from all spectrum’s of the industry, Starting with the cosmetology students. Educating them how to creating a cutting edge market by implementing beauty from the inside and out.

Part 7: Tiffiny Loung
Tiffiny has 34 years in professional beauty industry. She is a Master Educator, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Medical Esthetician. She is the author of “THE BRUSHES Seven Secrets of Beauty, Life and Success.” Tiffiny is also the founder of Sculpting Microblading.

I’m having so much fun with this project, and it’s not just because of the wine, haha!
I want to hear from you!  Let me know what video you relate to the most and what you learned.



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