4 Eye Makeup Looks in Under 2 Minutes

BLOG, Makeup / Friday, December 18th, 2020

With mask wearing, all of the emphasis has been on the eyes. I have been challenging myself to create a different eye makeup look everyday with some of my favorite palettes. I thought that’d I’d share 4 of my looks with you to give you some ideas on how you can incorporate colors that you may not use. The best part is, all of these palettes are currently 50% off while supplies last!

Blue Dynasty Eye Makeup Look

For this look I used the colorful Dynasty Palette. Most are intimidated by the colors, but I love teaching how to incorporate them into your look.

I started by applying “Electra” as a transition color with a blender brush.

Using a crease brush, I added depth with “Medusa”.

I applied “Athena” under my eye with a small shadow brush instead of using eyeliner.

“Luna” is the perfect color for the inner corner to brighten things up.

Using a flat eye shadow brush, I added “Aphrodite” to my mobile lid.

And that’s it!! I should probably tell you that there is a limited supply of the Dynasty Palette and is currently 50% OFF!

Thrill Me Shimmer Eye Makeup Look

The Thrill Me Palette is so much fun because each eye shadow has just the right amount of shimmer.

I started by applying “Epic” as a transition color with a blender brush.

Using a shadow brush, I added “Intense” to my mobile lid, adding “Crystalline” to the inner corner.

I swiped “Flipside” along the bottom lash line. And used Waterproof eyeliner to my water line.

I used “Crystalline” as a cheek highlighter.

See, no need to be intimidated by shimmer! There is also a limited supply of the Thrill Me Palette and is currently 50% OFF! Get it while supplies last!

Visionaire Pop Eye Makeup Look

I think one of the reasons I LOVE the Visionaire Palette is because of the mixture of tones in it.

I started with using “Uncensored” as a transition color.

I blended “Mystical” into the outer corner with a crease brush.

I used “Hype” along the lower lash line as an eyeliner.

I added a pop of color by applying “Sinful” to the center of my mobile lid. But kept it light in the inner corner with “Desire”.

I finished off this look with a little eyeliner along the top lash line.

Are you ready to try this fun palette? They’re almost gone, but you can still grab one for 50% OFF!

In The Mix Smokey Eye Makeup Look

The In The Mix Palette only has 3 shades and some find them intimidating because they look dark, but let me show you what you can do with it!

I start with revealing a little trick I use when I want to get a sharp line without using eyeliner. I use scotch tape 😉 It’s important to stick to the back of your hand first to remove some of the adhesive.

Then I start with the DARKEST color, the “Charcoal” shade. When in doubt blend it out and honestly it’s really not that intimidating!

Then I used the “Smokey Plum” shade to blend it into the crease with a blender brush.

I added the “Smokey Olive” to my mobile lid, followed with applying Luxe Precision Eye Line and finished with Fiber Lush Mascara.

I guess you could call this a natural Smokey Eye-not very intimidating at all!

There’s only a limited amount of In The Mix Palettes left and it is 50% OFF and under $15!

I hope that I gave you a few new ideas with these 4 eye makeup looks. Which will you try?

4 Eye Makeup Looks in Under 2 Minutes

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