5 Steps To The Perfect Pout

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

While not everyone is born with perfectly shaped, balanced lips, there are defiantly some things that you can do to get the perfect pout! Here are 5 steps to ensure you have the perfect pout!

Take time to prep

Taking the time to properly prep your lips will make a HUGE difference! Sure, it takes a few more minutes, but it is completely worth it.

1. Exfoliate

Motives MUAH Lip Scrub

The first step is to remove all of the dry flaky skin on your lips. Girl, no amount of lip stick will look smooth over all of those flakes, so don’t skip this step!

My pick: Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub

Why I love it: This nourishing formula utilizes sugar to buff away dry skin to reveal supple, smooth lips that are prepped for an infusion of flawless color and it’s gentle enough to use very day 😉

How do I use it: Apply with fingertip and massage gently onto lips, buffing away dull skin. Wipe away excess scrub with a warm washcloth. 

2. Hydrate & Plump

40FY Lip Treatment

Now that you removed all of the dry, dull skin, it’s time for your next step; hydrate and plump your pout! You don’t want to use just anything for this step. Make sure to use a lip product that will actually absorb in so your lips retain moisture.

My pick: Motives 40FY Lip Treatment.

Why I love it: It visibly smoothes and plumps lips while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with peptides that support normal collagen production, Motives 40FY Lip Treatment improves the contours of the lips by volumizing and plumping while re-hydrating and retaining moisture.

3. Prime

Lip Primer

Lip primer fills in lines and wrinkles, so that lip color glides across the lips without settling. This helps to ensure even application and longer-lasting color without reapplying.

My pick: Motives Lip Primer

Why I love it: Motives Lip Primer is considered a three-in-one product because it is a primer, lip base, and moisturizer in one. It promotes even application and truer color while conditioning lips, so they feel softer and smoother. It also neutralizes the natural lip color to ensure truer color application of lipstick. This helps to ensure your favorite shade appears the same after application as it does in the tube.

4. Liner

Motives Lip Liner

Applying a lip pencil before your lipstick will help keep the color from bleeding. You can also utilize the lip pencil to make lips look fuller or smaller. To achieve fuller-looking lips, apply just outside your natural lip line. To make lips appear smaller, apply foundation to the outer edges of your lip and draw a lip shape just inside your natural lip line.

My pick: Motives Lip Crayon

Why I love it: It’s a soft and creamy lip liner (unlike most lip pencils) that effortlessly glides on as a precise line for controlled application. An infusion of antioxidants pampers lips for a healthy-looking pout while maintaining an all-day stay.

How: First, choose a color that closely matches your lipstick. Next, simply line the outer edges of your lips from top to bottom. Pay close attention when you line the right and left corners of your lips to ensure you do not line too far outside your lip line.

5. Lipstick

Perfect Pout

Time for the last step to the perfect pout! Fill in the entire mouth with lipstick up to the same edge as the lip pencil. You can also use a lip brush, which will ensure application accuracy.

My pick: Motives Moisture Rich Lipstick

Why I love it: Its unique blend of moisturizing ingredients enhances the lips, leaving a smoother, healthier appearance. One swipe of color provides hydration and prevents moisture loss, ensuring fresh and flawless lips. Motives Moisture Rich Lipstick delivers ultra-rich color in an irresistibly lightweight formula.

5 Steps To The Perfect Pout

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