5 Tips to Declutter Your Makeup in the New Year

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Around this time of year, we start to see if New Year’s resolutions are sticking or long forgotten. It can be a challenge to reprogram habits and commit to your goals. Many will also start deep cleaning or organize clutter, whether it be inside pantries, closets or even makeup vanities!

Organizing makeup is always an ongoing task. Especially when you use a lot of the products you own. Now is a good time to declutter your makeup collection and get rid of any products not being used. Follow these simple tips and have a fresh, clean start in 2020!

1. Decide what to keep and what to toss

If you can’t remember the last time you used a product, it might be a sign that you don’t really need it. Get rid of it!  You may realize you haven’t used a lipstick shade in months but still really like it and just forgot you had it. Or it could even be expired. Check out my guide on wether or not you should toss. It’s a great feeling to toss that makeup that you have been avoiding when you knew you probably should. You’ll feel refreshed after you declutter your makeup. Trust me…

2. Ask yourself, “Do I have duplicates of this item?”

It’s easy to be mesmerized by gorgeous makeup products, and you may not even realize that you have several shades that look basically the same. This is why it’s important to gather everything together in one place and take inventory. You may notice that you have five million nude lipsticks, or a stack of warm pink blushes. You probably only use a handful regularily. Keeping just your favorites and ditching the rest will save you space and ensure that you use your favorites more often. Ideally, after this you will also be more mindful of what you already own, keeping you from “accidentally” repurchasing dupes in the future.

3. Use Storage Solutions

If you love a product but don’t have a place to store it, it’s time to make a decision. Either you toss it or create a storage solution for it. Luckily, there are tons of makeup storage solutions that will help keep you organized. Offering 4% Cashback and free shipping on orders over $49, I love these stackable storage bins found at The Container Store!

Declutter your makeup with storage solutions

4. Cleanliness IS Important

Makeup products can get pretty messy with powders and foundations getting all over other products. Makeup brushes also carry a lot of bacteria and it’s important to wash them out regularly. I love using mild soaps. My favorite is SNAP All Purpose Natural Concentrate because it’s gentle to use on brushes and won’t cause damage to the hairs and fibers. We all know that quality brushes can get costly so it’s important to use proper care when cleaning them.

Snap Makeup Brush Cleaner

How often should you clean your makeup brushes? For concealer and foundation brushes, I would consider washing them after each use, if that’s not feasible, consider at least once a week to prevent a buildup of product. Think of it like this; if it’s a cream or liquid product, they tend to harbor more bacteria. And because these brushes are used on your face, the cleaner, the better. I also suggest washing brushes used for contour and face powders at least once a week, especially if you have oily skin.

Makeup brushes that are used around the eyes to apply eye liner at least once a week, if not every day. Brushes used to apply eye shadow should be cleaned at least twice a month, while all others can be washed once a month.

5. Beautify Your Space

Another great tip in keeping your vanity pleasant is to beautify it! Try adding fresh flowers, elegant trays, fancy perfume bottles or candles and even fashion books add a chic touch! Decorating your space will inspire you to keep it visual appealing and a space that you’ll want to return to regularly! I love these trays from UnbeatableSale with 8% Cashback and Blomus natural soy candles for their amazing fragrances- try the scent in Sandalwood & Myrrh. It’s one of my favorites!

Once you follow these helpful tips, your beauty space will be decluttered, organized and beautiful. It’s a wonderful way to start your 2020! Are you making moves on organizing your makeup for the new year? If so, I want to know what steps your making to declutter your makeup in the comments below!


5 Tips to Declutter Your Makeup in the New Year

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