6 Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks Anyone Can Wear

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If you are subscribed to my blog, you know that I love sharing things that everyone can benefit from and everyday women are my jam. I mean, after all that’s what I am too! There’s no doubt that Christmas will most likely look different for you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try some new looks. But why is Holiday makeup often times over the top? I want to see more Holiday makeup looks that anyone can wear and achieve for that matter.

I just happen to know some amazingly talented and gorgeous boss babes that helped me create some Holiday makeup looks that are perfect for the every day babes like you and I. They even wrote step by step what they did to get each makeup look to make it even easier for you to follow along! Each of these looks uses a different palette so you can get an idea of what to do with the palette you perhaps already have, or maybe you’ll have to add one to your list 😉

Keep on reading to learn how you can each of these gorgeous Holiday looks! These are truly looks that anyone can wear…


Leigh Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks

I’ll kick things off! Here are the steps to get the look.

Eyes-Goal Digger Palette

  1. First, apply Motives Eye Base to the entire lid.
  2. Start by applying “Dreamer” to the transition area with the Motives Blender Brush.
  3. Using the Motives Crease Brush, apply “Go Getter” to the outer corner in a sideways “V” blending into the crease.
  4. Pat on “Slay” with the Motives Eye Shadow Brush to the mobile lid.
  5. Apply “Strong” along the lower lash line using the Motives Eye Shadow Brush.
  6. Line upper eye lid with Luxe Precision Eye Line in Carbon.
  7. Apply Motives Fiber Lush Mascara to lashes.


  1. Now that your eyes are done, move on to applying Motives Instasmooth to fill in any large pores or fine lines.
  2. Apply Motives Custom Blend Foundation & Powder to desired coverage.
  3. Using a blush brush, apply “Elated” from the Euphoria Blush Palette.


  1. Finish by applying Motives Liquid Lipstick “Weekender” to your lips.

This everyday makeup look can be worn for any of your Holiday plans!

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Shondell Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks

Here are the steps to get Shondell’s look.

For your eyes you’ll need the Boss Babe Palette 

  1. Start by applying Eye Base on the entire lid
  2. Apply “Profit” as a transition shade using a Blender Brush.
  3. Using a crease brush apply “Leader” to the outside corner, blending into the crease.
  4. Using an eye shadow brush, pat “Fierce” onto the middle of the lower lid.
  5. Blend “Superior” on the outer half of the lower lid and “Payday” on the inner corner.
  6. Apply Little black dress Gel Eyeliner to achieve the desired eyeliner style
  7. Apply Fiber lush Mascara to curled eyelashes
  8. Shape brows with the Essential Brow kit


  1. Move onto your face, by applying Complexion Perfection Face Primer
  2. Shondell used The Foundation Stick Bundle Dark to Deep
  3. Apply Centerfold blush to your cheeks
  4. Use LaLa Bronzer Shimmer Powder as a highlight
  5. Set with Banana powder


  1. Her Lipstick- Darkside and Sorry not Sorry mixed together

I love this glowy Holiday makeup look!

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Rebecca Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with this makeup look. Here’s how Rebecca achieved this look.

For her eyes she used the Horizon Palette

  1. Apply Eye Base to the entire lid
  2. Lightly apply “Shallow” from lash line to brow.
  3. Apply “Secrets” in crease and blend with “Shallow”.
  4. Blend “Untold” in the outer corner a little heavier.
  5. Blend “Secrets” with “Untold”.
  6. Apply “Shallow” on inner corners, and blended it in the middle where it meets the other two colors.
  7. For the bottom lash line, start on the outer corner by applying “Untold”.
  8. Apply “Shallow” to the inner corners.
  9. Blend the two together with “Secrets” in the middle.
  10. Apply lashes if desired


  1. Apply Motives Custom Blend
  2. Euphoria Blush Palette


  1. Dare to Bare Lip Kit, then apply “Shallow” in the center of lips and tip of nose.

This everyday Holiday makeup look is perfect!

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Nicki Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks

Check out this fresh face look!

For the eyes, you’ll need the Static Palette

  1. Start by applying eye base
  2. Use “Spell” as a transition color.
  3. Blend “Fever” in the outer corner into the crease with a crease brush.
  4. Apply “Attitude” in the crease with the same brush.
  5. Using a shadow brush, pat “Hard Wired” onto lower lid.
  6. Apply Fiber lush Mascara, follows with Motives #113 Lashes if desired


  1. Nicki used the Foundation sticks in Toffee (face), Latte (highlight), Sable (contour)
  2. Set with the Banana Powder and HD Powder.
  3. Blush-Euphoria Blush Palette Static   
  4. Set your look with No more Shine Setting Spray 


  1. Savage lipstick

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Martha Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks

You will need the Boss Babe Palette to Get Martha’s gorgeous Holiday Look.

  1. Apply Eye Base to entire eye are
  2. Apply “Common” allover from lashline to lid
  3. Using the Motives Crease Brush, apply “Profit” using a windshield wiper motion in crease
  4. With a crease brush, apply “Leader” creating an outer v
  5. Spray eye shadow brush with 10 Years Younger and pat “Superior” onto lid
  6. Apply Little Black Dress-Gel Eyeliner
  7. Shape brows with the Essential Brow Kit


  1. Apply Complexion Perfection Primer to entire face
  2. Add InstaSmooth to the areas you have larger pores or fine lines
  3. Martha used the Medium to Tan Foundation Stick Bundle
  4. Set with Banana Powder, and 3 in 1 Contour, Bronze & Highlight Kit
  5. Apply “Thrive” from the Euphoria Blush Palette to cheeks


  1. Mavens Liquid Matte-She’s a Doll mixed with Darkside

Make sure to follow Martha on IG: @JelloTelloMUA


If you want more of a gorgeous Holiday vintage look, you can Get Lina’s Makeup Look with the Thalia Viva Palette.

Lina Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks
  1. Apply Motives Eye Base to the lid
  2. Using a blending brush, contour the lid with the contour shade
  3. Using a smaller blending brush, apply shade “Hottie” to the outer corner of the eye
  4. Clean up the eyelid using Motives Eye Base
  5. Pat in shade “Sass” onto the eyelid
  6. Apply a wing using Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress
  7. Apply Motives Fiber Lush Mascara to top lashes generously
  8. Finish the look by using the “Contour shade to contour, apply shade “Blush” to cheeks and apply “highlight” shade to cheek bones.
  9. Top the look off with a classic red lip using the THALIA X Motives Liquid Lipstick in Red Velvet

Which Holiday look is your favorite? Which of these gorgeous makeup looks do you think is the most achievable for anyone to replicate?

6 Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks Anyone Can Wear

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