Airbrush Makeup For Your Wedding

Wedding / Thursday, March 6th, 2014

At some point in the wedding planning process, every bride turns her attention to makeup. “Do I need to wear makeup?” “Should I do makeup myself” “Should I pay someone” and the ever important question, “Should I have my makeup airbrushed?”

While doing your research on airbrush makeup, keep in mind that each type of makeup has its own pros and cons. Every makeup artist will have their own opinion on what they prefer to use on brides. Sometimes the preference comes from experience, and other times it stems from lack of experience so make sure when you have a discussion with your makeup artist to ask them about their experience with the product first.

What is airbrush makeup?
A light-weight makeup that’s applied through an air gun machine that sprays a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very soft finish if applied correctly. Basically, a small amount of very thin makeup designed for airbrush use is put into a chamber of a gun. When the machine is turned on and the gun trigger pulled, a light spray of makeup comes out of the gun in a fine mist.


Why do I recommend airbrush makeup for brides?
A number of reasons! First, the fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. I can mix foundation colors for a perfect blend to custom match skin tones. Since it’s such a fine mist your true skin tone shows through which makes it look more natural and not caked on (if applied properly).
Another big benefit of airbrush makeup is the way it looks in photos. Hi-Definition cameras have really made makeup artists more aware of their application methods. Every line from a brush or sponge, if not blended well, can be seen in detail through HD. With airbrush, you don’t ever worry about streaks or brush strokes. Since it’s sprayed, the fine mist mirrors the pixels in a picture, making it flawless and requiring minimal edits. So not only do makeup artists love it, photographers do too!


I custom blend my own airbrush make up formula.  Most woman can’t believe how light it feels on their skin.  It is very important that your skin can breathe and you are comfortable on your wedding day.  The foundation I use is Noncomedogenic and mineral based, so you don’t have to worry about getting any weird break outs.

Is airbrush makeup for everyone?
No it is not. Make sure to have the discussion with your makeup artist about whether it would be a good option for your skin type. Airbrush makeup needs to be applied to smooth, moisturized, hair-free skin. Traditional makeup needs pores to adhere to, however airbrush makeup can adhere to smooth surfaces and if you have any facial hair, it will adhere to each individual hair and can make someone look like a fuzzy peach. The same is true for dry skin. So nair, wax, exfoliate, whatever you need to do, and if you aren’t comfortable with that then traditional makeup might be a better choice for you.

Is airbrush makeup worth the extra cost?
Absolutely! I have never had a bride regret the extra money spent. The benefits of airbrush makeup far outweigh traditional makeup. It’s streak-free, transfer resistant, and wears all day long, even through sweat and tears. Also, think about the amount of money spent on your dress, hair, photography, etc. – why wouldn’t you want to make sure that your makeup is on-point? There are a lot of areas of a wedding that can be DIY, but makeup is not one of them. Think about switching something around in your budget, maybe something that you can do yourself weeks before the wedding, and make room for the day-off necessities.

In the end, don’t stress too much! It all depends on your personal preference and if you can’t decide between the two, do a trial with both and see what’s right for you. If there are any other questions you have please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or Facebook message

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