Battle of the Brushes-Leigh VS. Vershanté

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

You’re invited! Esthetician & Makeup Artist, Vershanté White & Master Cosmetologist Leigh Raeder will be “Battling” it out during our first Battle of the Brushes on Thursday October 15th, at 2:00 pm CDT LIVE on the Motives Cosmetics Instagram-@MotivesCosmetics.

Both professionals will be using the new Limited-Edition Horizon Eye Shadow Palette creating their own unique looks. 

New beginnings are on the Horizon. It’s a great time to check in on our self-love and get back to our roots, focusing on things we cherish and that make us feel happy, whole and at peace. The Motives Horizon Eye Shadow Palette was created with love and filled with shades that give you a feeling of hope. With natural and jeweled tones, this palette is something we can look forward to. We can use it to create art, and to create looks that make us feel beautiful, inside and out. Experience your new Horizon with the Motives Horizon Eye Shadow Palette.

Meet Vershanté

Vershanté White is the owner of Vershanté Lynn Artistry Brow + Beauty Studio, a Certified Makeup Artist, Licensed Advanced Esthetician, and Esthetic Educator.  She is a Clinical Health professional with over 15 years experience in Health & Beauty Industry.

Vershanté has a passion for helping other professionals as a Motives Cosmetics Professional Beauty Advisor & Salon Consultant. She is also a Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Adult Cosmetology & Esthetic Advisory Board Member.

Follow Vershanté on Instagram @vershantelynnartistry & Facebook @VershanteLynnArtistry 

Meet Leigh

Leigh Raeder is a highly skilled Licensed Master Cosmetologist with over 2 decades experience. She is a Certified Skin Specialist, Health Coach & Makeup Artist and has been described as a “Beauty Expert” by her clients who trust her with all of their beauty needs and inspired her to start a blog “All Things Beauty” to share all of her beauty tips.

Leigh’s success as a salon owner in Wisconsin has spurred her passion in helping others and giving back to the Beauty Industry as a whole. Understanding the needs of professionals and impacting the industry has led her to becoming a top Global Educator. She has a strong passion for helping other beauty professionals become successful beauty entrepreneurs helping them gain modern cutting-edge exclusiveness financial security and setting the next trends for our every changing industry.

Follow Leigh on Instagram @leighraeder and Facebook @leigh.e.raeder

Who will win this battle? Tune in to watch this friendly competition and vote for your favorite look!

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