Bronzer-The Do’s And Don’ts

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Summer is winding down here in Wisconsin, but I’m not quite ready to give up on that sun kissed glow I have. Thankfully I have bronzer to get me through the long winters.

Bronzer is one of those makeup products that can be a godsend, but it can also become a tragedy real fast if not applied properly! Don’t worry, I am going to help clear the air once and for all and teach you how to apply bronzer.

Motives Miami Glow Bronzer in Elle Magazine

Do-Choose The Right Color

There are so many bronzers on the market that it can get overwhelming on what formula or color to choose. Generally you’ll want to choose a color that is a couple shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Don’t-Use The Wrong Tone

The purpose of applying bronzer is to add a bit of a sun kissed look. If you have a warm undertone, you get more golden when you tan so you may want to choose a toner with a warm undertone.

If you have a cool undertone, you may want to choose a bronzer with a cooler undertone.

Pro Recommendation: Motives® Pressed Bronzer

With a soft and silky feel, Motives Pressed Bronzer provides a radiant summer glow during any season or can be used to provide definition to enhance facial features.

And THIS…This excellent formula allows for flawless application that will benefit all skin types and colors.

  • Creates a natural, healthy glow so skin looks renewed and flawless
  • Blends well; layers exquisitely
  • Soft and luxurious texture in a satin-smooth, non-irritant formula
  • Delivers skin conditioning and antioxidant benefits
  • Works well on women of all skin types and all skin colors
Motives Bronzer Swatches

I do think that any skin tone can wear any of the 3 colors. Hampton Socialite and California Girl are both matte bronzers. The Hampton Socialite is a cool color and the California Glow is a warm color. Miami Glow has a slight natural shimmer and LOOKS absolutely stunning an anyone 🙂

Do-Apply In The Correct Order

Apply bronzer to well-hydrated skin as a finishing touch to your regular makeup. Apply foundation, concealer, and powder first, brushing the bronzer over the top. You can set your bronzer with a translucent powder after it’s applied. If you choose to wear blush, apply it last, on top of your bronzer.

Pro Recommendation: Blush Bronzer Duo

Motives Blush Bronzer Duo

This duo features a matte satin blush to make cheeks pop, and a matte satin bronzer to contour and define.

This two-in-one formula is made of ultra-light, micronized pigments that effortlessly blend to enhance skin tone and give you a flawless, no-makeup look and feel. Use both for seamless, natural-looking radiance. 

It’s PERFECT for jet setters, or those on the go. I love it because it’s just convenient.

Motives Blush Bronzer Duo

Don’t-Contour With A Shimmery Bronzer

I see a lot of women use bronzer to contour, but if you should only use a matte bronzer and not one with a shimmer or even pearl finish.

How to Apply Bronzer the correct way

Do-Apply Properly

If you are wanting a sun kissed look, apply your bronzer where the sun would normally “kiss” your face. Along the top of the forehead, on the top of your cheeks and down the bridge of your nose.

You can even use the rule of 3s. Start above your temple and sweep the bronzer onto your cheekbone, then out and along your jaw line in the shape of a 3. These points of your face catch the most sunlight, so applying bronzer here will give you that fresh, sun kissed look.

I also like to blend the bronzer down into the neck and onto the chest to make sure everything is blending in well.

Pro Recommendation: Bronzing Shimmer Powder

Motives for Lala Bronzing Shimmer Powder

This illuminating bronzer gives your complexion a boost with a rich, gorgeous tan. It buffs on soft and smooth to give any complexion even, natural-looking warmth. Simply sweep it on for a healthy sunlit shade year-round.

This is the PERFECT bronzer for your body. It even mixes well with your favorite lotion to make the best bronzing lotion you’ll ever use!!

Don’t-Use It as a Tool To Darken Your Skin

Don’t apply bronzer to your entire face! Use foundation to even out your skin tone, and bronzer to put some dimension back in so you don’t look to monotone.

Do-Use The Correct Brush

So many women choose kabuki brushes to use with their bronzer, but brushes with dense bristles like these can cause you to overapply the product. For a lighter application, choose a fluffy blush or powder brush, or an angled blush brush, which have more loosely-packed bristles.


Don’t-Use Too Much

Caking your brush with bronzer and then swiping it on directly onto skin is a recipe for disaster. The bronzer’s pigment can go on too heavily concentrated in one area. The best technique: Swirl, tap, apply. 

Swirl your brush in the bronzer using circular motions to cover the whole brush head, then tap it to get rid of excess and prevent over-application. Make sure to gradually layer on product by dusting a single layer at a time, blending and building until you get the pretty, sun-kissed color you desire.

Bronzer-The Do\'s And Don\'ts

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