65 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

BLOG, My Life / Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

It’s that time of year and the question has been asked quite a few times! “What do YOU want for Christmas?” Even my husband asked me. And I told him that honestly, NOTHING! I have everything I NEED. I am blessed, and trust me I do know that, but, is it corny that all I want for Christmas is you…baby? Wait, that’s a song, but it’s true. I have a beautiful healthy family. We live in warm house with food to eat. I mean, it’s crazy because I remember the days that I dreamed for all of this.

For those that really know me, I tend to be quite practical, and honestly the idea of just giving people IDEAS on what to buy me makes me cringe a bit. Can you relate? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to buy gifts for other’s but I guess I’m not much of a taker. I LOVE to give. The thing is I know that those that are asking do care about me and want to give me something, but I seriously have everything I need.

So after the conversation with my husband, I picked up a few things that he really does need. Once he saw the wrapped gifts under the tree he said: “Wait a minute, I THOUGHT you said we WEREN’T buying each other gifts!” Actually no, what I said was, I didn’t want YOU to buy ME anything because I have everything I need! And I do mean it. Can anyone else relate to these conversations?

My ideal scenario of gift giving, is giving something to someone that you know they’ll LOVE or that they need. I actually recently saw a list floating around, and it had so many great ideas that are CLUTTER-FREE. That inspired me to make my own list.

My husband should know me by now that if he happened to surprise me with most of the things from this list, I would be ok with it…and I swear, that’s NOT a hint 😉 But maybe this list can help you with ideas on what to get that special person in your life!

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas


Let’s start with experiences. Experiences create memories, and so many people will not treat themselves to them, so they are the perfect clutter-free gift. Some of these, you can include the family in too.

  1. Concert Tickets
  2. Sporting Tickets
  3. Movie Passes
  4. Theater Tickets
  5. Golf Passes
  6. Escape Room
  7. Symphony
  8. Community Theater
  9. Restaurant Gift Card
  10. Indoor Rock Climbing
  11. Bowling Passes
  12. Ski Passes
  13. Facial
  14. Float Pool
  15. Vacation
Clutter-Free Gift Ideas


People should keep learning new things! Learning affects our well-being in lots of positive ways. It exposes us to new ideas and helps us stay curious and engaged. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment and helps boost our self-confidence and resilience. Problem is, it usually gets put on the back burner because people won’t take time our for themselves, but if they’re GIFTED a lesson or class sessions, they will use it, and the best part is they are clutter-free gifts!

  1. Cooking
  2. Dance
  3. Sports
  4. Swimming
  5. Music
  6. Computer
  7. Painting/Art
  8. Home Brewing
  9. Scuba Diving
  10. Private Coaching
  11. Defense
  12. Mixology
  13. Yoga/Pilates
  14. Physical Trainer
  15. Makeup Lesson


What is the most precious resource in the universe? TIME! And time is something you can’t get more of, so make it a point to spend time with those that you love. Better yet, give them permission to as well. Make it a point to give people in your life your undivided attention. And for those of you that are married, you can make a coupon book with most of these in it. Your spouse can tear out the coupon when they’d like to redeem it.

  1. Babysitter
  2. House Cleaner
  3. Professional Organizer
  4. Car Wash
  5. Massage
  6. Manicure/Pedicure
  7. Yard Service
  8. Date Night Out
  9. Oil Change
  10. Dinner
  11. Picnic
  12. Hike


Memberships are great, because they may already have a membership, and you can take care of it for the year for them, or maybe it’s a push to get one. I personally LOVE the State Park Stickers so I can go snowshoeing in the winter & hiking in the summer. Check out these clutter-free gift ideas:

  1. Museums
  2. Zoo
  3. Theme Park
  4. Trampoline Park
  5. State Parks
  6. National Parks
  7. Spa
  8. Gym
  9. Clubs
  10. CSA-Local Farm Share


Who doesn’t like food? You know I live with three boys, right?!? But honestly, even more than food, these are things that people will use. You can get so creative with this. If you have out of town friends, send them a basket with things pertaining to your state. I personally LOVE putting my own baskets together, but even if you don’t there are so many services that have so many to choose from and you can even make some goodies, like cookies!

  1. Makeup
  2. Body Care
  3. Hair Care
  4. Fruit Basket
  5. Flowers
  6. Chocolates
  7. Coffee
  8. Local Food Baskets
  9. Wine
  10. Desserts
  11. Meats
  12. Cheeses
  13. Jelly, Jams & Mustards
  14. Popcorn Basket

Do you have any to add? I would love to add even more! Either way, tell me what you think in the comments below. AND Happy Holidays!

65 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

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