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If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to find a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, you’re definitely not alone.

It’s when you find one you like – in terms of feel, application, ingredients – but you just can’t seem to find the right tone. Finding the perfect foundation is tough business and even more challenging to find the one that checks all the boxes when it comes to preferences for ingredients.

That’s why Motives Cosmetics developed the Motives Custom Blend Foundation – the perfect solution to that lifelong search. What sets us apart from any other foundations is we customize it not only to the exact match of your skin, but also to the desired coverage, texture, finish and even add skincare additives so it truly is the perfect formula for you!

We combine the exact foundation pigment with the color of your skin tone to create the perfect custom blend foundation. Motives liquid foundation starts with 11% pigmentation, while typical foundation has 6-7% pigment. Also, our coverage enhancers have 28% pigment. Additives are then added: toners, modifiers, coverage enhancers, moisturizers and skin serums.

You can only get this foundation with a trained motives consultant or a certified salon.  I am a certified Mixologist.

Some of the advantages are:

*Made exclusively from micronized minerals for exceptionally silky texture
*Give long-lasting coverage with a lightweight feel
*Micro-pulverized (cut in one-millionths then pulverized) minerals
*Apply smoothly and float across the skin without settling into fine lines and wrinkles
*Oil Free
*Talc free
*Bismuth Oxychloride Free
*Paraben Free
*Gluten Free
*Non- Comedogenic (will not clog your pores)
*Serum Skincare Additives
*Create Any Color
*Ideal for All Skin Types
*Choose from Liquid, Cream or Powder

Motives Custom Blend Powder

We can create any coverage from a tinted sheer moisturizer to full coverage. The additives are hydrators, oil control, mattifier, ultra firming botanicals and fringe benefit.

A mattifier is to control oil and unwanted shine giving the foundation a powder finish. Fringe Benefit locks in moisture, smooths and supports skin texture. It has vitamin E and Dimethicone work in harmony to plump skin, reduce appearance of fine lines and restore radiance for healthier looking skin.

Motives is an excellent cosmetic line focusing on Custom Blend Foundation , Custom Mineral Power, Custom Blend Concealers, Eye Shadows and Color Correctors.  The possabilities are endless with even Blushes, Bronzers, Shimmer Powders, and Lip Stains.

If you are looking at offering custom blend cosmetics as a service you can get more info by clicking here!

If you are interested in more information, please take the survey below & I will contact you to set up a virtual consultation:

Meet Your Match: Custom Blend Cosmetics

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