Flawless Makeup in Less Than 5 Minutes

BLOG, Makeup / Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Where are my busy beauties at? Things haven’t slowed down for me at all, not one bit! I’m not complaining, I do like to be busy, and when I think about it, the way that everything has pivoted to this new way of life, it’s a different kind of busy. I am still connecting with my peeps through online trainings, and virtual appointments. I don’t know about you, but even though I have my yoga pants on (Shhh…;) ) I still like to do my makeup for my virtual meetings. It makes me feel good and I am actually more productive.

With that being said, I don’t want to take too much time getting ready. I don’t have time to devote to it. I am all about making things easy. Can anyone relate? If you can, this is the blog for YOU!

Stay Flawless All Day

I forgot to add something to my above statement. Not only do I want to look flawless for my appointments and meetings, I don’t have time to touch up throughout the day. Whatever I do has to be quick, look flawless and last. That’s not too much to wish for, is it? I can’t be alone on this…

Contour, Highlight & Conceal in Minutes…

Last month I introduced you to my NEW Motives Flawless Face Stick Foundation. I admit I was excited to finally get this formula that took 3 YEARS to be brought into fruition, but what I want you all to understand, is that when I tested them I had a tiny dollop of each shade in a sample container.

It was enough to test the formula and shades, and to fall in love with it, but it was seriously brilliant to have them made into sticks. I have realized that this is what makes it FAST & EASY! And then add in the fact that they are also available in bundles so you can contour, highlight & conceal to add dimension to your face is the real secret to a flawless look. And you can achieve it in less than 5 minutes! Don’t believe me? Let me show you HOW!

Ok, so yes I did speed it up a little, because I know you all, you are BUSY, you don’t have time to sit here and watch a long tutorial. We’re busy, remember? But I promise you before I sped it up, the video was like 3 minutes, and that was taking my time to video and such.

No Layering Necessary

I even took a still picture show you how I used my Motives Flawless Face Bundle-Medium to Tan. I see a lot of people use their foundation shade and apply it to the entire face first, then contour and highlight over it. You don’t have to do that with these, I prefer to use less product. The coverage is amazing, but don’t worry, it doesn’t feel heavy. I didn’t even have to use concealer under my eyes.

I applied the lightest color (Buff) to the bridge of my nose, the center of my forehead and under my eyes. I used the darkest shade (Sable) up by my hairline to help minimize the look of my large forehead, to contour my cheekbones and to chisel my jawline-this will help hide my jowls 😉 I used the second lightest (Latte) color between the dark and light on my forehead and above the sark on my cheeks. I used the medium (Toffee) color to fill in a little.

Using my flat top foundation brush from my Motives 8 piece Brush Set, I started by blending out the lightest colors first and worked up to blending out the darkest. I used the same brush and didn’t have to wipe off or anything in between. The brush was dry, this formulas blends effortlessly. I am barely even touching my face. Seriously, the easiest product I’ve used for this. They are so silky smooth.

Add A Touch of Blush

I like to add some color to my cheeks and the Lumi-Sticks are a perfect compliment to the Motives Flawless Face Stick Foundation. Not only are they great for your cheeks, they are beautiful on your lips and eyes. If I didn’t already have my eyes done with the Horizon Palette, I would’ve done this. They are truly multi-purpose.

Set and Go!

To set your look, you can dust on a little Translucent Powder and finish with Setting Spray and you will be ZOOM ready for the entire day! You can easily do this.

My First Time Using the Motives Flawless Face Stick Foundation

If you’d like to watch another video, you can check out this Facebook LIVE that I did using the Motives Flawless Face Bundle for the FIRST time! In this video, I used the Light to Medium Bundle.

You can watch it HERE!

Flawless Shade Match Quiz

Ready to find the right bundle for you? Check out my Flawless Shade Match Quiz. It will take ALL of the guess work OUT!

Flawless Makeup in Less Than 5 Minutes

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