Free Webinar-The Business of Beauty

BLOG, Business / Monday, February 15th, 2021

Are you someone looking to reinvent yourself? Do you have a LOVE for beauty?

Are you currently working in the beauty world and looking to evolve personally & professionally?

Did you know over the next few years, the global beauty industry is expected to reach a value of $863 billion! Or that as the industry evolves, it’s become apparent that the consumer has become the retailer and the advertiser of the product?

Join us TONIGHT at 7PM CST for a fun and interactive session on the business of beauty! I’ll be joined by two beauty professionals from the Toronto area and we will be sharing some creative solutions on how to balance keeping the integrity of professional-quality products and services, paired with accessibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Learn how you, too, can have all of the access to exclusive branded products, professional marketing materials & a company whose mission is “People empowering people People Empowering People…“The ability to make people look and feel better while achieving the lifestyle they have always dreamed about.

Register and learn how you can make beauty YOUR business!

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