Get The Look: Euphoria Makeup

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Euphoria makeup is one of the HOTTEST makeup looks right now. It’s popping up all over social media. But some of the looks I’ve seen can be a bit complicated for the average makeup wearer (like me). You can still be on trend with your every day makeup looks. Here are Euphoria makeup looks that you can recreate.

You will need the right makeup to “Get The Look”, and I have the PERFECT palettes for you!

The Motives Euphoria Eye Shadow Palette is blissfully filled with eight, soft and alluring shades that blend together naturally for effortless looks.

Vibrant and subdued colors combine beautifully in this six well Motives Euphoria Blush Palette to give you endless options for the cheekiest of cheeks this spring.


Here are the swatches of the Motives Euphoria Eye Shadow Palette. I LOVE the variety of colors and even though they are extremely pigmented, you don’t have to be scared of the colors. Here’s how you can use them.

Get The Look-Calm Euphoria Makeup

1. Begin by applying “Calm” on to the first half of the lid and inner corner of the eyes.

2.Taking “Allure” blend onto the the very outer corner of the eyes and slightly extending the shadow upward and out. This will help create a cat eye shape.

3.Using a bit of “Bliss” blend into the crease 

4.Line the eyes with “Violet” khol eyeliner

Cheeks/Euphoria “Thrive” blush

Highlight/Euphoria “Exhilarate

Get The Look-Allure Euphoria Makeup

1.Begin by lining the eyes with “Angel” khol eyeliner (This will help the shadow stick and help the color pop)

2.Using the same eye pencil, line the crease following your own natural eye shape 

3.Taking “Bliss” shadow apply to the first part of the liner, followed by “Allure” to the second half. Make sure to slightly over lap where colors meet to have a smooth transition in color 

4.Taking “Essence” apply over top the line created in the crease

Get The Look-Bliss Euphoria Makeup

  1. Start by blending “Allure” with a blending brush as a transition color.
  2. Create depth with “Allure” in the outer corner.
  3. Using a flat eye shadow brush, pat on “Essence” to the mobile lid.

Get The Look-Serenity Euphoria Makeup

  1. Apply “Serenity” to the entire lid.

2. Using a crease brush, apply “Calm” to the inner corner.

Get The Look-Delight Euphoria Makeup

  1. Begin by applying “Serenity” to the transition area with a blender brush.
  2. Apply “Delight” to the crease, all the way down to the lower lid and sweeping underneath the eye.
  3. Spray an angled brush with “10 Years Younger” and use “Essence” as a liner along the upper lash line.
  4. Apply “essence” to the inner corner, followed by a touch of “Calm”.

Get The Look-Bliss Euphoria Makeup

  1. Apply “Serenity” to your entire lid.
  2. Using a flat brush, sweep “Essence” along your lower lash line.
  3. Apply “Bliss” to your inner corner, with a little “Calm” on top.

Get The Look-Intoxicating Euphoria Makeup

  1. Blend “Intoxicating” on the outer corner into the middle and along the lash line.
  2. Continue by applying “Calm” to the middle to the inner corner.
Get The Look: Euphoria MakeupGet The Look: Euphoria MakeupGet The Look: Euphoria Makeup

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