Give Mom The Gift of a Perfect Match

BLOG, Makeup / Friday, May 1st, 2020

Shopping for the correct foundation can be a challenge for most people, and so many settle for the wrong one.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. Makeup should enhance their natural beauty and empower them to express themselves, not cause stress and insecurities (as traditional approaches to makeup can often lead to).

Liquid foundation and powders are the hardest products for women to find. Not only is it impossible to find the perfect match in terms of feel, application, ingredients – but you just can’t seem to find the right tone. Finding the perfect foundation is tough business and even more challenging to find the one that checks all the boxes when it comes to preferences for ingredients.

Give the moms in your life the gift of a perfect match!

Custom Blend Cosmetics

This is where my revolutionary Custom Blend products come in. The Motives Custom Blend System is designed to capture the individuality and enhance uniqueness-the perfect solution to that lifelong search. What sets us apart from any other foundations is we customize it not only to the exact match of your skin, but also to the desired coverage, texture, finish and even add skincare additives so it truly is the perfect formula for you! When properly color-matched, foundation and powder should be invisible and should make our skin look flawless and smooth yet not feel heavy.

Here are just some of the advantages of custom blend foundation:

*Botanically Infused Bases
*Oil Free
*Talc free
*Paraben Free
*Gluten Free
*Non- Comedogenic (will not clog your pores)
*Custom Serum Additives
*Create ANY Color

Our foundation will cover flaws and imperfections while looking virtually invisible. We can create any coverage, from a tinted sheer moisturizer up to a full coverage.

The additives are hydrators, oil control, mattifier, ultra firming, ultra soothing botanicals and built in primers for all skin types.

Mattifier I can be added to control oil and unwanted shine giving the foundation a powder finish. But Pearl can be added for that youthful glow. Fringe Benefit locks in moisture, smooths and supports skin texture, it has vitamin E and Dimethicone work in harmony to plump skin, reduce appearance of fine lines and restore radiance for healthier looking skin. The  Sheer Porefection additive reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and small imperfections.

Motives Mineral Powders are:
*Pure Mineral Bases
*Oil free
*Fragrance free
*Dye Free
*Bismuth oxychloride free (white ingredient to add luster, can be skin irritant and white color adds chalky, pink tone)
*Contains micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide two minerals that provide sun protection without irritating chemical ingredients
*Completely Non- Comedogenic
*Minerals are all natural earth minerals
*Promotes healthy skin
*Recommended for skin that is sensitive and/ sensitive state

Custom blend products are healthy and even healing to the skin, and are ideal for the health conscious client.

Virtual Consultations

I am able to formulate the perfect match for you or the important women in your life through virtual consultations. I have a series of questions that I will ask to determine your preference for coverage, texture, finish and skin type. By connecting on zoom or FaceTime, I am able to determine the right color for you and can mix everything during the consultation.

The Possibilities are Endless

I can formulate and mix liquid, cream or powder foundations, but you are not limited to just foundation! I can make anything: Blushes, bronzers, sheer setting powder, eye shadow, brow pomades, lip products and so much more! I can make anything that you can dream up.

Packages Available

You can choose a Blend Your Beauty Package, or I can customize one for you. Each package includes a personalized consultation.

Contact me and I will send a gift certificate to the special women in your life! You can even join us for the consultation-the more the merrier! If you’d like to take advantage of this offer for yourself, we can arrange that too…

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