How To Achieve The Perfect Lip Shape

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

The mouth is an immediate attention-getter and the effect lipstick can have on creating the right mood is amazing. From risqué to demure, the selection of the right shade can be a lot of fun.

While not everyone is born with perfectly shaped, balanced lips, makeup can help you create the illusion of a perfect pout. Use makeup to enhance thin or shapeless lips. With the right products, you can create the perfect lip shape that you have always wanted.

Lucious Lips

Lips that are in good condition can wear almost any shade of lip color. Keep lips looking luscious with any combination of treatments. Not sure which are best? Check out “MUAH My Secret to The Perfect Pout” for the best lip care tips.

Motives MUAH Lip Scrub

Prep Your Pout

Taking the time to properly prep your lips will make a HUGE difference! Sure, it takes a few more minutes, but it is completely worth it. Here are “5 Steps to The Perfect Pout”.

Lip Shapes

There are many common lip shapes and depending on which one you have, you can follow some simple steps to make them look their best.

Thin Lips

Use brighter, lighter colors. This will make your lips appear fuller. To increase the size of both the upper and lower lip, use a Lip Liner to outline lips with a soft curving line just outside your natural lip line. Then use a complimenting lipstick color.

Full Lips

Use darker, more muted colors to minimize the fullness of your lips. Use a lip liner to outline just inside your natural lip line. Then fill in with a complimentary lip stick.

Small Lips

To give the illusion that the lips are larger than they actually are, you will want to build up the outside edges of the upper and lower lips by lining outside your natural lip line. Then be sure to extend the corners of your mouth outward. Then use a complimentary lipstick to fill in the rest of your lips.

Uneven/Crooked Lips

You will want to balance the shape of the lips. Use a lip liner and outline the upper and lower lips to build up the area that is uneven. Then fill in with a complimenting lip color.

Downturned Lips

Line the top and bottom lips at the actual lip line, lifting the line up slightly at the corners, then fill in with a lipstick that compliments the lip liner.

What lip shape do you have? Now that you know how to enhance your lip shape, stay tuned for Lip Liner tips!!

How To Achieve The Perfect Lip Shape

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