How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

BLOG, Makeup / Monday, June 10th, 2019

Now that you learned what color blush is the right one for you, let’s dive into how to apply blush for your face shape.

Blush seems fairly straightforward, right?!? All you have to do is dab some blush onto your cheeks, blend it out, and you’re good to go, right? Wrong. It’s way more than just a swipe and a swirl. Blush can be incredibly flattering to your bone structure if you use it more strategically.

There are different makeup application techniques in regards to how to apply blush, depending on the shape of your face—and they can make a world of difference. And as it turns out, blush can do more than give your cheeks a nice, rosy glow. 

Once you know your perfect blush color and technique combo, you’ll never go back to that typical application again. Unsure about what face shape you have? Check out my How To Determine Your Face Shape Article!


First things first, You’re going to need a good blush brush. When it comes to brushes, the more bristles, the more color you’ll apply to the skin. I recommend choosing a brush that has synthetic bristles.

My picks:

Sonia Kashuk Blush Makeup Brush: With soft synthetic bristles, this brush is gentle on your skin while applying your rosy tint or dash of red with a natural finish. A dome shape is perfectly designed to focus the blush on the apples of your cheeks, and a sturdy handle makes for easy application and control. 

Motives Retractable Powder Brush: It’s a retractable powder brush made from synthetic hair that you can use for powder or blush application


Oval faces are long with somewhat prominent cheeks, a narrower chin, and a narrow forehead. Start at the apple of your cheeks and sweep up towards your temples. Add the slightest bit just above the temple, too.

DON’T: Apply blush under your cheekbones—that’s actually where you should contour.


Your goal, when you have a round face, should be to make your cheekbones pop. Make your face look more angular by applying blush slightly lower down and towards the outside of your cheeks almost, but not quite, under your cheekbones.

DON’T: Apply blush in circles to the apples of your cheeks, it can make your face look even rounder. Also, remember to avoid blending towards your nose since that can make your face look rounder.


If you have a square face shape, you should stick to the basics. Soften your jawline by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks swirling in small circles.

DON’T: Make sure not to blend too far out horizontally because this may cause the opposite effect and give the illusion of a wider-looking face.


Having an oblong face means you have more room for blush. Make an oblong face look wider by keeping blush more horizontal and don’t forget to blend well. Start under the pupils and blend to the middle of your cheeks.

DON’T: Go to high on the cheekbone.


If your face is long with prominent cheekbones and a pointy chin, you likely have a heart-shaped face. The goal is to soften your pointy features.

Swirl your blush brush in your blush, knock off the excess, then apply it in “C” shapes from the top of your cheeks to the end of your eye brows. Use more product along the cheekbone, then diffuse it up towards the temple, pushing it in and upwards.

DON’T: Go overboard with your application. Create t a blended look since it’s on more than just the cheeks.

Here’s a guide that I hope you find helpful 🙂

Blush Application Guide
How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

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