How to Sweat-Proof Your Makeup

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Summer is still here, and with the new normal of wearing masks, having your makeup last all day is even more important. There’s a difference between gorgeous, glowing dewy skin and makeup that’s running and smearing down your face. And if you have oily skin, it’s especially important to learn how to sweat-proof your makeup! These tips will ensure your makeup is sweat-proof from day to night-mask on or off!

1. Prep Your Skin

Taking time to prep your skin with the right products will payoff and really determine how your makeup will last throughout the day.

Start with a 3-step skin regimen so that your skin is balanced. Then apply a hydrating, but non-greasy product to help your makeup go on smoother but won’t make your skin oily.

My pick: Lumière de Vie Pore Minimizing Serum-It’s a lightweight serum that instantly blurs imperfections and reduces the appearance of pores. The innovative formula is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize and eliminate shine. Perfect for all skin tones this universal shade gives your complexion a semi-matte finish without the feel of makeup. Apply with a foundation brush, or with your fingers for a no-fuss application. 

2. Use a Lightweight Foundation

The more makeup you have on the skin, the more likely it is to smear or run with sweat or humidity. Ditch the full coverage and use a foundation with sheer coverage. If you need to cover imperfections, apply a little concealer where you need it and follow with your foundation.

3. Finish with Powder

Dust your face with a translucent powder to lock your foundation in place. The right powder won’t settle in any fine lines or look heavy on the skin and will help resist humidity and sweat.

My pick: Motives® Translucent Loose Powder

It’s a silky-sheer translucent loose powder formulated to create a satin-smooth finish. Use it to minimize the appearance of pores and uneven surface texture while maintaining skin’s natural moisture. It sets liquid and crème foundations with a flawless, translucent finish.

4. Don’t Forget to Set

Using a Setting Spray will be extra insurance that your makeup lasts all day and night! Not only will the right setting spray help keep your makeup in place, but it can also help improve the look and health of your skin. Some feature ingredients that help brighten and hydrate skin, while others help control oil and shine.

My pick: No More Shine is my go to in the summer. It is a setting spray that mists on weightlessly to control oil, deflect surface shine and keep skin looking beautifully matte. Keep your skin looking smooth — but never shiny — with this setting spray.

5. Choose Waterproof

Avoid makeup meltdown with long-wearing, water-proof makeup essentials like mascara, eyeliner & brow pencil. When it’s hot outside, the makeup around your eyes is prone to smudging. If you know it’s going to be hit and humid and don’t want raccoon eyes, invest in some great waterproof makeup products so you can get through your day worry free!

How to Sweat-Proof Your MakeupHow to Sweat-Proof Your MakeupHow to Sweat-Proof Your MakeupHow to Sweat-Proof Your Makeup

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