How YOU Can Support Local Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

BLOG, Business / Friday, March 20th, 2020

We’re truly living through an unprecedented and challenging time as we navigate the uncertainty that the COVID-19 virus is causing across the world. Local restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, cleaning services, independent stores and other spots are suffering from a lack of customers with most being forced to close. I wanted to list ways how YOU can support your local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

No one knows how long our local businesses will be closed and for most, when they can’t work their income stops. Today, Senate Republicans unveiled a massive stimulus bill to blunt the economic crash caused by the coronavirus, including large direct payments to millions of Americans. But there’s so much WE can do right now to help these businesses…

Buy Gift Cards

Buy ahead! Many small businesses offer gift cards, and by you purchasing ahead, you are putting much needed cash in their pockets now. Some even offer the ability for you to purchase them online, so there may not be a need to leave your house.

Shop Online

Many small businesses offer products online. Use their websites to order your favorite things and they will be drop shipped right to your door.

Many of the salons I work with offer cosmetics, skincare, health & nutrition & even haircare online. Best part is, when you order from them, they still get the profit, which can really add up!

I have been ordering what I can online and choosing store pick up for other supplies that we need in our household.

Sign Up For Online Classes

Check to see if your local yoga or fitness studio is offering online classes. So many of my colleagues are offering online makeup and skincare classes. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to play piano, need financial advice, or want to take singing lessons.

And a lot of services are being provided over video conferencing apps like Zoom these days. There are so many ways we can utilize technology, Zoom University is open and ready for learning. The sky’s the limit!

Curbside Pickup

Many restaurants have been forced to close their dining rooms, but are offering curbside pickup. Ordering takeout on the days that you don’t feel like cooking are helping more now than ever!

And consider taking it a step further by buying local produce, and meat if possible. I payed in advance for my CSA farm share. Even though it’s still winter, I am supporting the early planting.

Plan Some Projects

You know all of those things you’ve been putting off? Now is the time to do them! Start a list of projects with a list of supplies needed. Try to buy the items on your list from local stores.

Send Flowers

One of my local florists is offering porch delivery. With everyone cooped up in their homes, why not take this opportunity to brighten someone’s day?

Tip Generously

If you have the opportunity to tip a service worker, tip more than usual. Instead of 20%, consider tipping 40%. Everything adds up!

Post, Like, Comment & Share

I understand that funds may be tight for many. You can support your favorite small business by posting a review or even a picture of something you bought in the past. I encourage you to “like” their posts or even better; comment to boost their posts. Consider “sharing” their posts to increase views for them.

Send a Thank You Note or “Happy Mail”

Send a thank you card, or even a letter to your local nursing home. I recently came across this in one of my local groups and thought it was a great idea! And honestly, don’t stop there. Take this time to let others know how loved they are!

Do you have any ideas that I missed? Please comment below. I’d love to add them to this post!

How YOU Can Support Local Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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