Introducing The Moments Campaign

BLOG, Makeup / Monday, May 9th, 2022

Calling all ladies!! I need at least 30 women to participate in my new M O M E N T S campaign.

It’s time to Live life to the fullest and enjoy every Moment. It’s been a long couple of years…

I am helping with this new & fun campaign and I will be not only be teaching new Summer Trends but will also help you by doing makeup lessons. Now is the time to learn all of those things you want to know…

I just need your beautiful faces and will also be accepting nominations, so if you know anyone that would love a lesson, spread the word!

I started campaigns as a way to provide my clients with one on one lessons & coaching and realized that it was as much about empowering them as it was giving them solutions. Each one was special and unique in their own way. 

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Beauty In All Ages
  • I am…
  • Inspired by you
  • Beyond Beauty
  • Visionaire
  • Super Power

The last couple years I was unable to offer my campaigns in the same capacity. It’s something that I have missed immensely…

If you weren’t able to participate in my last campaigns, now is the time! It doesn’t matter if you have participated before, ALL are welcome.

So spread the word by sharing the post!! I will also be having some events and have lots of fun things in store for those that participate!

If interested in participating, please email me

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