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BLOG, Business / Monday, March 23rd, 2020

I’m NOT going to lie.  It’s a scary time for the beauty industry.

Most of my friends have been FORCED to close the doors to their salons due to this pandemic. 

Beauty pros this FREE webinar is for you…

⏰ Are you waiting for things to turn back around before you start working on your business again?

🤷‍♀️ Are you considering pulling out tactics like discount services, free haircuts, or special offers?

💇🏻‍♀️Have you even thought about making house calls even though you should be practicing social distancing/self isolation?

What if I told you there are things you can do right NOW to make your business 100% stable when everyone else is freaking out over uncharted territory, but your business don’t miss a beat?

The good news? 👇

✨ The beauty industry is one of the most recession-proof industries on the planet! ✨

That’s right: people always want to look gorgeous and feel good about themselves, even when things aren’t going right.

And it’s totally possible to build a business that holds steady when everything else is caught up in chaos.

✔️ A business where money keeps coming in so you can put dinner on the table for your family.

✔️ A business that GROWS even through during uncertain financial times.

✔️ A business that keeps you, your family, your team, and your career financially, physically, and emotionally safe through times of uncertainty.

Let us introduce you to someone who has done just that. Maleeva was able to turn her love of makeup into a full time income and took control of her time. She went job hunting, hired herself and never looked back, and she will share how you can do it too!

Isn’t that the kind of business YOU want?

You have two options:

🅰️ You can totally freak out, worry about what’s going to happen but not take any steps to fix it, and then be struggling as you watch the days pass.


🅱️ You can be proactive and focus on the THINGS YOU CAN DO, maximize your time, and build a fully recession-proof business that can weather anything life throws at you.

Option 🅱️ is looking *pretty* good, right?

We will talk about things you can do to build a business with an unshakeable foundation, that can take anything life throws at you, and can totally get you through uncertain financial times



Join us TONIGHT at 6PM PT | 8PM CST | 9PM EST-to talk about owning a thriving beauty business, which offers the flexibility to pursue your passions, and earn an ongoing income while living life on your own terms.

We think that there’s no time better than NOW. No need to leave your house…join us virtually-Register now:

Meet Maleeva

“Maleeva F. Epperson is a Freelance Makeup Artist for Film & Television and has been working in the beauty industry for over 10 years. While her passion lies in being on set, she also excels in bridal, boudoir, competition makeup application, and personal beauty consulting.

She firmly believes that every woman should have access to quality cosmetics and a routine that suits their lifestyle, and she’s become extremely passionate about working one-on-one with women to ensure just that! This ideal lead her down the path to become a “beautypreneur” and National Certified Trainer. “I believe in educating my customers and clients on beauty from the inside out. ‘Beauty’ encompasses so much more than lipstick and lashes! By incorporating skincare, nutrition, and supplementation,

I feel CONFIDENT in equipping women with a beauty arsenal that meets their needs!” Maleeva also loves empowering other industry professionals to become beauty entrepreneurs. Helping them expand their reach by providing services and continuing education to meet their clients’ needs.”

See you TONIGHT!!! Register now:

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