What is a Natural Konjac Sponge?

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If you haven’t heard about konjac sponges yet, you will soon! 

The konjac sponge have been taking the world by storm, the skincare world that is. These increasingly popular, but definitely rather strange looking sponges, aren’t the type of sponge you’d imagine.

They are actually made out of a porous root vegetable.

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Konjac sponges are made from the dried and ground root of the konjac, or elephant yam, that’s native to Asia.  Asian cultures have used konjac root for over 2,000 years, and konjac sponges have been a popular item there for about 100 years.

While it doesn’t rotate, oscillate, or vibrate, it does promise more radiant, beautiful skin, simply by washing your face. They can be paired with your favorite cleanser. Konjac sponges act as a gentle exfoliator to help buff dry and dead skin away, revealing a softer, smoother and more radiant complexion. You may compare it to a loofah, only it works a whole lot better than that and much more gentle on the skin. Plus, there’s no need to worry about chemicals or other potentially harmful toxins, because they are 100% natural too.

The konjac sponge is rich in vitamins, including A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E, as well as proteins, lipids, fatty acids and minerals like copper, zinc, iron and magnesium. It is a naturally alkaline plant with a neutral pH, which means that it can help balance the skin, and it won’t damage the epidermis (first layer of the skin) either.

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You may notice that there are different colored sponges, but it’s not just for show

*Dark grey konjac sponges are infused with charcoal for acne-prone skin.
*Natural konjac sponges work well to improve overall skin health.

Konjac sponges feel finer than washcloths, and they’re softer than loofahs and most face exfoliators. A water barrier forms over the surface of the sponge which makes it feel very slick, but in a good way.  They can be used twice a day and not just on your face.

Here are 5 reasons you need a konjac sponge? 

1. You want to clear up acne and other breakouts
Anyone with acne or clogged pores can benefit from the konjac sponge, because its fibers help to unclog pores that are plugged up in a way that a washcloth or your hands simply cannot. They are antibacterial, which helps to kill acne-causing bacteria as well as deep clean the skin’s pores to eliminate dirt, blackheads, and oil. When the pores become clogged with dead skin cells and other impurities, oils from the skin tend to get trapped beneath the surface, causing pimples and blackheads.

2. You want a glowing, more radiant complexion Konjac sponges are an exfoliator, so using it will make your skin more radiant. Using anything on the skin that exfoliates is known to give the complexion a more “glowing” look, and the more often you use it, the more pronounced those effects will be. Regular use will likely result in skin that’s as smooth and silky as a baby’s bottom!

3. You’d like your makeup to stay on longer
The konjac sponge can help your makeup stay on longer and look better too. That’s because it helps to remove flaky skin that can interfere with application and as it also helps to moisturize the skin, your skin will absorb your other skincare products that are used as well, creating the ideal surface for your makeup.

When you’re ready to remove your makeup, the konjac sponge is great for that too. It’s able to remove even the most stubborn traces of makeup. Used with cleanser and water, it will remove more makeup than washing with your hands alone. You can even use around your eyes so that your mascara comes off easier and faster.

4. You want something that cleanses without drying
Drying out your skin can actually worsen problems like oily skin and breakouts, because the skin responds by producing more oil. One of the most significant benefits of a konjac sponge is to deep clean the skin without drying it out, which tends to result in dull-looking skin that’s more prone to pimples.

5. You want something gentle for bathing your baby or sensitive skin
The konjac sponge is not only ideal for adults with sensitive skin because it won’t damage skin cells, but it’s perfect for baby’s sensitive skin too. The sponges are soft, palm-sized and are the ultimate product for baby’s bath time. Use it to massage the skin gently, working in circular motions.

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If that’s enough to convince you that you need to get the konjac sponge, and it really should be, once you’ve got one, you probably want to know how you should use it, right?

While you might think, “It’s just a sponge…” there are a few things you need to know.

*When you first get a konjac sponge you’ll notice it’s small and rather hard. Soak the sponge in warm water for 15 minutes before the first use. Once you’ve used it, it will only need soaking for a minute or two before it softens and expands to about one and a half times its size.

*Gently squeeze the excess water out by pressing the konjac sponge between your palms. Don’t be rough with it. Apply a small amount of cleanser (if desired), or just use the sponge plain.

*Rub the konjac sponge on the face in upward, circular motions. Concentrate on dry or blackhead-prone areas. It’s a mild exfoliator, so it may feel like you need to scrub hard to get it to work, but that isn’t necessary. These sponges will remove dirt, sunscreen, and even makeup.

*Rinse the konjac sponge well with cool water and gently squeeze the excess water out by pressing the sponge between your palms. Don’t twist, wring, or pull on it.

Hang it to dry, or put it on a rack so there’s airflow. Make sure to store it away from light and humidity. Right next to your steamy shower isn’t the best option.

Taking Care of a Konjac Sponge

Every 2 weeks, place your konjac sponge in very hot water for about 5 minutes to disinfect it.
After 4-6 weeks, pitch the sponge and get a new one. It’s time to replace the sponge when it no longer expands properly and starts to disintegrate.
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