Life Hack: How to Organize Your Beauty Products

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

I’m always trying new things to organize my busy life, and as a cosmetologist, I sure do have my share of beauty products that I have to keep organized. Here’s some tips and storage ideas that I use. I hope it helps you organize your beauty products too.

Invest in a Vanity

A vanity is a great way to pamper yourself but it’s also a great way to organize your products. Quality vanities don’t have to take up that much space, either. Think of them as an extra place to keep your products. Many of them come with tons of drawers, which allow you to compartmentalize your products.

My pick:

Lighted white vanity with storage drawers. Available at this link. The best part is, it’s affordable at just $204.99 at Wayfair!

Use Makeup Organizers

Take things a step further and get makeup organizers to set your stuff up on top of your vanity. This will make finding that one lipstick or liner you’ve been looking for that much easier. Small and cute organizers will make your things look nicer.

My pick:

Rotating Makeup Organizer 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Carousel with Tray. Available at this link and the cost…just $34.99.

Use A Mirror with Shelf Space

Make your mirror work for you by being the prime spot to place your go-to hairspray or beauty products. Your favorite stuff will always be at arms reach and easy to grab behind your mirror. No searching for the right products when you’re getting ready.

My pick:

Elixir Lighted Medicine Cabinet. Available by clicking here. I LOVE the lights in it. It’s definitely worth it!

Try An Over-the-Door Rack

Nice over-the-door racks won’t all remind you of your college dorm room. Invest in a more upscale option to hold your products. Only the must-haves can go in these, though. You don’t want this to weigh your door down.

My pick:

3-Tier Over-The-Door Storage Basket. Get it here

Put Your Beauty Products on A Bookshelf

This bookshelf hack really works. Not all product packaging is created equal. Since these will be on display, pick your prettiest products to set on a bookshelf. Things like fragrances look divine on bookshelves. You’ll never run out of space with one of these.

My pick:

White four shelf book case. Buy it at this link.

Maximize the space under your sink

Don’t forget to use all of that space under your sink. It helps to use an under sink organizer so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

My pick:

Chrome under sink organizer. You can get it here.

Do you have tips on how you keep your beauty products organized? I’d love to hear them. Comment below!

Life Hack: How to Organize Your Beauty Products

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