Lip Kits-Your Secret Weapon For Perfectly, Contoured, Matte Lips

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

The mouth is an immediate attention-getter and the effect lipstick can have on creating the right mood is amazing. From risqué to demure, the selection of the right shade can be a lot of fun. While not everyone is born with perfectly shaped, balanced lips, makeup can help you create the illusion of a perfect pout. Using a lip liner can also enhance thin or shapeless lips. With the right products, you can create the perfect lip shape that you have always wanted. I will help you take all the guess work out with these perfectly curated pairings in my new lip kits!

Lip Liner Basics

Lip liner Basics

Lip liner is one of those beauty products that we always seem to have lying around or taking up prime real estate inside our makeup bags. We know that it works great as a barrier to keep lipstick from bleeding and that it can even be worn on its own as a lip color.

In my blog post: Lip Liner Basics, I taught you how to properly line your lips.

How To Achieve The Perfect Lip Shape

I also taught you HOW to liner your lips depending on your lip shape in my article: HOW TO ACHIEVE THE PERFECT LIP SHAPE. There are many common lip shapes and depending on which one you have, you can follow some simple steps to make them look their best.

Skip The Fillers, Contour Your Lips For A Fuller Pout

Lip contouring Tutorials

In my blog post: 7 LIP CONTOURING PICTORIALS TO MAKE YOUR LIPS LOOK FULLER, you learned ways that you can enhance your pout with a little lip contouring.

How To Choose The Right Lip Colors


Have you ever wondered what lipsticks would work best for your skin tone? With hundreds of lip colors to pick from, knowing which ones to try can seem daunting. I helped you choose the best lip colors with my post: HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT COLOR LIPSTICK FOR YOUR SKIN TONE.

Lip Kits

What if I told you that I can make choosing the right lip color and lip liner even easier? Let me introduce you to the Motives Lip Kits! They feature a creamy, ultra-pigmented, luxe matte lipstick and coordinating mini lip pencil. You can take all the guess work out with these perfectly curated pairings.

These dynamic duos make lifeless lips a thing of the past. Give your lips clear definition with the mini lip pencil and turn up the volume with the matching lipstick. You can use them individually or mix and match for a look that’s uniquely you.

  • Includes a creamy matte lipstick and a matching mini lip pencil
  • Four essential colors for everyday wear
  • The creamy matte formula goes on smoothly and lasts
  • Matching pencil & lipstick define and add volume to lips
  • Paraben-Free

The Colors

We have carefully selected 4 colors and created lip kits that look great on any skin tone!

  • Like Really Pretty
  • Dare to Bare
  • Berry Shady
  • Truth Hurts

Want to see what they really look like on? I tried each lip kit on for you, and I even have a few pictures of how they look on some of my friends so you can see them on different skin tones and hair colors!


Here’s what they look like on my friend Nicki!

lip kits


Here’s what they look like on my friend Ash!

lip kits


Check out my friend Kathleen rocking them with her fun hair!

lip kits

Which lip kit is your favorite? Or perhaps you’re like me and you LOVE them all? These lip kits are so affordable, so at least you won’t break the bank buying them all!!

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