Loren Ridinger Shares The Scoop About Her New Super Power Palette

BLOG, Makeup / Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege to be a part of a large convention where we launched some new and exciting products and technology. One of the new products is a beautiful Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette. Inspired by my very own Superhero, Creative Director and Founder of Motives®, Loren Ridinger, this palette packs a punch of powerful mattes to supercharge your look. Today I’m dishing the inside scoop from Loren herself about her inspiration in creating the palette along with a look at behind the scenes and reveal the inside of this versatile palette.

Introducing: Super Power Mattes

Loren Ridinger Super Power Palette

It’s time to level up your makeup game with your most essential superpower, the Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette. There isn’t anyone more fitting than Loren to launch a palette with such a powerful message. Loren has not only been a personal mentor of mine, but also inspires thousands all over the globe! What’s your superpower? Can you run in heels, climb Mount Everest, run your own company, keep a house full of loved ones from pure chaos on the daily? No matter what superpower you have, it’s uniquely yours and this palette is here to help enhance it.

Behind The Scenes

Let’s start with a quick look behind the scenes for a sneak peek of how Super Power Mattes came to life.

Level Up Your Makeup Game

Here’s what Loren had to say about the launch of her new palette: “I am so excited to finally share all about my new palette, Super Power Mattes! This secret was so hard to keep. I really wanted to create a palette filled with my go-to matte shades that anyone can enjoy. This palette has 10 of the most gorgeous silky and versatile eye shadows and even features a beautiful mirror inside surrounded by words of affirmation. The team and I wanted you all to look in the mirror everyday and feel good about yourself so this serves as that daily reminder.”

Enhance Your Superpower

Loren Ridinger Super Power Palette

Super Power Mattes is all about enhancing your superpower. When I say superpower, I mean real life super powers. You’ll notice each shade name feature a mix of unique super powers like “Grit”, “Bold” and “Fierce”. These all describe the powers within you. It takes Grit and hard work to go after your dreams. You must be Bold and choose to stand out by putting in the work that others simply don’t want to put in. And you should be Fierce in every sense of the word.” -Loren Ridinger

Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette

Loren Ridinger Super Power Mattes Palette

The Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette includes the following matte-nificent shades (from top left):

  • Grit: a rich caramel
  • Takeover: a pinky porcelain
  • Fly: a neutral cream
  • Bold: a deep onyx
  • Spirit: a bourbon red/brown
  • Soar: a smokey light gray
  • Level Up: a neutral honey
  • Fierce: a deep purple/brown
  • Brave: a purply mauve
  • Feisty: a lush berry

Here’s How To Get Loren’s look

Loren Ridinger Super Power Palette

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jackie Gomez used the following steps to create this fierce look for our very own Super Hero, Creative Director and Founder of Motives®, Loren Ridinger.

  1. Prep Skin with Lumiere de Vie
  2. Apply Motives Complexion Perfection Face Primer
  3. Apply the Motives Flawless Face Stick Foundation Bundle in Light to Medium
  4. Apply Motives Eye Base
  5. From the Super Power Mattes Palette, apply shade “Fly” all over the lid from lash line to brow bone
  6. Blend and mix shades “Feisty” and “Spirit” on crease leaving shade “Fly” on lid and brow bone.
  7. Line the top lash line with shade “Bold”
  8. Line the bottom waterline with Motives Kohl Eyeliner in Onyx
  9. Apply shade “Feisty” to the bottom lid and blend out with shade “Grit”
  10. Make lashes pop with Motives Fiber Lush Mascara
  11. Line lips with Motives Lip Crayon in Neutral and top with Motives Liquid Lip Glaze in Bashful
  12. Use Motives Pressed Bronzer in Hampton Socialite to contour the face
  13. Add a pop of color to the cheeks with Motives Get Cheeky Blush Palette in shade “Playful”

Try on The Super Power Mattes Palette

You can now try on Super Power Mattes with the new Virtual Try Me tool on my website www.BeautyByLeigh.com! Simply tap the “TRY ME” button at the bottom of a specific product, choose a model image, upload a selfie or even use the camera feature to try it on in real time.

What’s Your Super Power?

Discover your superpower with our new super fun and interactive Instagram filter! Visit the Motives Instagram profile, tap the small smiley face tab and then tap the Super Power Mattes filter to get started. Make sure you tag both me and Motives so we can see your results!

Find Your Super Power

Are you ready to find your super power? Stay tuned for details on my new campaign that I am launching!

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