Meet The THALIA X Motives Besos Palette

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

The first ever THALIA X Motives VIVA collaboration with the Queen of Latin pop made quite the splash this summer! Now it’s time to really turn things up with the new release of the THALIA x Motives Besos Palette! 

I have a confession. to make, UPS literally just dropped off mine and I haven’t even been able to play around with it, but I didn’t want to wait another minute to share all of the details for YOU! Read on for an inside look!

All-in-one Palette

I am obsessing over this game-changing palette, packed with more of Thalia’s most beloved colors for eyes, lips and cheeks. This all-in-one, take-with-you EVERYWHERE palette is filled with eight silky matte and shimmer shades for eyes, two blushing shades for cheeks and two universal glosses for lips. It folds up into the cutest cube and the magnets hold it shut. It will definitely be the palette that I travel with.

Inside The Thalia X Motives Palette

The THALIA X Motives Besos Palette includes the following shades:

  • Wink 1: a dark steel gray matte 
  • Wink 2: a neutral taupe matte 
  • Wink 3: a yellow gold shimmer 
  • Wink 4: a rich brick red shimmer 
  • Wink 5: a dusty lavender matte 
  • Wink 6: A royal shimmer purple
  • Wink 7: a deep auburn shimmer 
  • Wink 8: a dark plum matte 
  • Blushed 1: a soft coral  
  • Blushed 2: a flirty baby pink  
  • Pucker 1: a natural latte brown  
  • Pucker 2: a dusty light pink  

Besos Swatches


  • All-in-one palette of essential shades to create legendary looks
  • Features eight silky eye shadows, two blushes and two lip glosses
  • Matte & shimmer finishes create natural & bold looks
  • High color payoff and creamy texture applies smoothly
  • Shadows can be worn wet or dry
  • Compact size perfect for travel
  • Paraben-free

The looks are endless with the THALIA X Motives Besos Palette. Here are a few to get you started!

Besos Glam

  1. Begin by applying Motives Khol liner in “Onyx” and smudge all over the lid, staying underneath the crease 
  2. Pat “Wink 7” over top the base with a flat brush 
  3. On a fluffy brush take a bit more “Wink 7” and blend into the crease and slightly above 
  4. Using a pencil brush and “Wink 1” apply to the outer portion of the lower lash line followed by “Wink 7”. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with “Wink 3”
  5. Take “Precisely The Point Eye Line” and apply your winged liner.


1.Begin by applying “Wink 5” slightly above the crease 

2.Taking “Wink 8” blend in the crease 

3.Using a flat brush and “Wink 7” apply on both the inner and outer corners of the lid

4.Pat “Wink 3” to the center of the lid 

5.Blend “Wink 6” underneath the lower lash line and highlight the inner corner with “Wink 3”

Besos Full Face

  1. Apply Motives Eye Base to start your look.
  2. Blend Wink 2 subtly into the crease of the eye.
  3. Using an angled eyeliner brush swipe on a thick line using Wink 8 ending the line in a sharp cateye. *Hint: Spray the brush with Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray for a more fluid swipe.
  4. Dust Blushed 2 on the apples of the cheek.
  5. Finish the look by applying Pucker 1 to lips. Top with Pucker 2 for a more shimmer/gloss look.

A Few Looks From My Friends

I promise that I will create and share some looks with you, but in. the meantime, look at these beautiful BESOS BABES!!

Make sure you order your Thalia X Motives BESOS Palette TODAY! I can’t wait to see the looks you create too!

Meet The THALIA X Motives Besos Palette

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