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Shopping for the perfect foundation can be a challenge for most people, and so many settle for the wrong one. It’s when you find one you like – in terms of feel, application, ingredients – but you just can’t seem to find the right tone. Finding the perfect foundation is tough business and even more challenging to find the one that checks all the boxes when it comes to preferences for ingredients.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. Makeup should enhance their natural beauty and empower them to express themselves, not cause stress and insecurities (as traditional approaches to makeup can often lead to). I’m here to put an end to all of this so you can meet your match!

Determine Your Needs

Before we get started, there’s a few things that you’ll need to know to help narrow down all of options available online, try to first identify exactly what you need.

Think about what finish (like matte, natural or luminous) you like and what level of coverage you want (light, medium, or full). It’s also crucial to know your what your skin type is. Is your face an oil slick by the afternoon? Is your skin prone to dryness? Do you have sensitive skin? This can be more difficult than it seems, so don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you need help!

What is Your Undertone?

Knowing whether your skin is cool, warm, or neutral-toned is key to finding your perfect color match. Not sure? Check out my post: 8 Steps to Determine Your Skin Tone. Many foundations on the market are labeled “neutral,” “warm,” or “cool,” so once you’ve figured out your undertone it’ll be a lot easier to pick the right color.

When in doubt, test them out

Once you have a good understanding of your wants, desires, and needs, it’s time to shop for the perfect foundation! And BTW, the inner wrist or the hand is not actually be the best place to color-match your foundations!! To get your closest match, you should swatch your foundations on your neck or jawline, which delivers a more precise match. Better yet, have the foundation applied to your entire face and try it out. Wear it for as long as you can to get a good feel for it. This is WHY it is important to find someone like me to assist you in the process 😉

Foundation Formulas

Normal to Dry Skin

Let’s start with the beauties with normal or even dry skin. Because your skin is lacking moisture, creme foundations can be a perfect match.

For Medium to Full (Buildable) Coverage

Supreme Creme Foundation

Supreme Crème Foundation is a cream foundation infused with antioxidants. It works with your skin to create a luminous complexion and blends easily so you are able to layer as much or as little needed to create the perfect coverage for a flawless skin tone.


• Offers the lightness of a liquid foundation in an easy-to-blend crème formula

• Provides buildable, even coverage that stays true-to-color

• Crease-resistant formula that moisturizes and conditions the skin

• Portable compact includes a sponge applicator for convenient touch-ups

Click here to find your perfect match with the Supreme Crème Foundation!

Normal/Combination/Oily Skin Types

If you have combination or even oily skin, you most likely will want more of a powder foundation. Usually those with this skin type also prefer more of a matte finish, because they will get a natural glow throughout the day 😉

Medium to Full (Buildable) Coverage

Mineral Dual Foundation

Mineral Dual Foundation-Get the ease of a powder with the performance of a foundation for a polished complexion. This lightweight mineral foundation provides full, moisture-rich coverage, wet or dry. The silky powder applies evenly for a smooth finish, creating the perfect natural look.


• Mineral-based formula applies evenly for a flawless full-coverage look

• Provides gorgeous, silky, buildable coverage 

• Oil-free, water-resistant powder provides a smooth, matte finish 

• Can be applied dry for medium coverage or wet for a more intense pigment

• Suitable for women with normal and combination skin

• Gentle and safe for sensitive skin

With 7 shades available, you’ll be sure to find a match! Click here to find your perfect match with the Mineral Dual Foundation.

All Skin Types

There are quite a few options that are suitable for all skin types. I will break them down by formula and coverage.

Medium to Full (Buildable) Coverage

Illuminating Liquid Foundation

You will love this if: If you are looking for a creamy, long-wear formula that builds and blends effortlessly, leaving your skin with light-weight, natural coverage.

An illuminating foundation that melts into skin leaving you with a radiant, flawless-looking complexion. The creamy, long-wear formula builds and blends effortlessly, leaving your skin with light-weight, natural coverage. Optically diffuses light to smooth the appearance of skin, hiding imperfections for an instantly lit-from-within glow. Reignite youthful radiance in just one drop with this breakthrough foundation.

Illuminating Liquid Foundation Swatches


  • Gives skin a luminous finish
  • Blendable, long-wear formula
  • Medium to full, buildable coverage
  • Smooths the look of skin and hides imperfections
  • Light-weight texture floats across skin

With 10 shades available, you’ll be sure to find a match! Click here to find your perfect match with the Illuminating Liquid Foundation.

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15

You will love this if: You are looking for a natural-looking, everyday foundation that hydrates and protects your skin. A 3-in-1 foundation that provides the superior, buildable coverage of a crème foundation while offering SPF and primer, with the natural-looking, sheer finish of a powder foundation. This foundation hides discolorations and covers skin with a fine, light-diffusing layer to minimize pores and imperfections for clear, satiny-smooth skin under any lighting. 

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation Swatches


• Created using the newest technology with a built-in invisible shield, rich polymers and silicone that protect the skin while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles

• Exclusive multi-mineral complex helps protect skin and complements many complexions

• One step process with primers, silicone and SPF 15 all in one formula

• Micro diffusers keep skin looking flawless

• Free of oil, wax, dye, talc and parabens

There’s 7 shades available, and you can find the best color of the Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15 here.

Liquid Foundation

La La Liquid Foundation Swatches

You will love this if: You are looking for a foundation that provides comfortable, all day wear in a silky, easy-to-blend formula.

A silky-smooth foundation formulated to provide buildable, sheer-to-full coverage for comfortable, all-day wear. It moisturizes and conceals while staying true to color for a flawless complexion.


• Blends easily and leaves skin looking flawless

• Hydrates the skin for a smoother looking complexion

• Three different shades with buildable coverage that will not run or rub off

• Doesn’t turn chalky on medium to dark skin tones

If you think this could be your formula, find your perfect match here!

Full Coverage

Full Coverage Photo-Finish Powder

Full Coverage Photo-Finish Powder

Full Coverage Photo-Finish Powder is a velvety-smooth powder that blurs fine lines for a soft and even look. This powder protects skin and absorbs shine while setting makeup to create a flawless finish. Perfect for all skin types and shades.


  • Ultra-luxurious feel with outstanding full coverage and radiance
  • Powder floats across the skin for a photo finish that lasts all day
  • Designed to be worn as a foundation
  • Can be used over foundation for those who require special extra coverage due to scarring, hyper-pigmentation or discoloration
  • Creates satin-soft skin with a radiant glow
  • For women with all skin types and of all skin colors
  • Paraben and fragrance free

Looking for a match? Find one here!

All Skin Types/Any Coverage/Any Color/Any Finish

Custom Blend Foundation – the perfect solution to that lifelong search. What sets it apart from any other foundations is that I customize it not only to the exact match of your skin, but also to the desired coverage, texture, finish and even add skincare additives, so it truly is the perfect formula for you!

Custom Blend Makeup

I combine the exact foundation pigment with the color of your skin tone to create the perfect custom blend foundation. The liquid foundation starts with 11% pigmentation, while typical foundation has 6-7% pigment. Also, the coverage enhancers have 28% pigment. Which means you can get the coverage without the heavy feeling.

I can create any coverage from a tinted sheer moisturizer to full coverage. The additives are hydrators, oil control, mattifier, ultra firming botanicals and fringe benefit

Some of the advantages are:

*Made exclusively from micronized minerals for exceptionally silky texture
*Give long-lasting coverage with a lightweight feel
*Micro-pulverized (cut in one-millionths then pulverized) minerals
*Apply smoothly and float across the skin without settling into fine lines and wrinkles
*Oil Free
*Talc free
*Bismuth Oxychloride Free
*Paraben Free
*Gluten Free
*Non- Comedogenic (will not clog your pores)
*Serum Skincare Additives
*Create Any Color
*Ideal for All Skin Types
*Choose from Liquid, Cream or Powder

If you want to start the Custom Blend process, click here to fill out my Custom Blend Survey.

I hope that you are able to find your perfect match-life’s too short NOT to! Need help? I’m here, it’s what I LOVE to do!

Meet Your Match-Find Your Perfect Foundation

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