Motives Beauty & Business Virtual Summit

BLOG, Business / Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

I am beyond EXCITED about our upcoming virtual summit! Join us this Sunday & Monday evening! 

Beauty Pros are back to business and we are throwing in some updated content on what they can do during this next phase of life / business. Things are in a constant state of evolution and we can help! 

There is no better time to gain the knowledge and information your business needs to move forward…

Don’t be caught off guard in the future (or let a friend feel helpless) because there are things we can do NOW to give us options and residual income forever.

Just look at this lineup!!

Introduction to Educators

With a background in marketing and advertising, Lisa Martin approaches the business behind beauty with a unique and fresh perspective. In launching the Motives Beauty & Business Academy, she surrounded herself with industry professionals who can truly relate to the daily struggles and successes of an average business owner. Leigh Raeder was among the first to be sought out in brining the MBBA into fruition, as she ran a successful salon with many ‘outside the box’ ideas and experiences. She has a passion for staying on top of industry trends and is always ahead of the curve with strategies that serve as solutions.

Vena Hudgins sought out our company during her search for nutraceuticals that she could offer her clients, because of her desire to provide them with a total transformation from the inside out. As she evaluated the business behind the products, she became a huge advocate for our skincare systems due to their active ingredients and powerful formulas. In her professional network was Becky Abinales, who has been in the education field for decades and currently runs 2 successful Beauty Colleges out of California.

Song Lopez found Motives during a search for a professional quality, truly exclusive cosmetic line that she could both use in her kit as a Celebrity Makeup Artist, as well as offer her clients for personal use at home. She is a passionate advocate for other beauty industry professionals and a wealth of information and expertise! Maleeva Lengel has a similar story, as a Makeup Artist who wanted to fill her kit with professional quality cosmetics that held up on set for both film and corporate productions. Her passion has evolved into empowering the average woman to look and feel their best and she’s been immensely successful in expanding her business as a result.

Amber Lopez is a widely successful beauty entrepreneur, with experience not only as a stylist and salon owner, but founder of a distribution company for organic hair care products and an advocate for salon sustainability. She’s constantly evolving and making an impact in the industry. Shondell Thomas is a woman on a mission to make other individuals to be fearless in their pursuit of beauty and happiness as it pertains to them. As a licensed esthetician, she’s helping people to love the skin they’re in – but also making a difference in the lives of others as she empowers them through entrepreneurism.


We will open the first evening of the 2 part series with a thoughtful conversation on the evolution of the beauty industry and WHY business owners (and staff members) should proceed with healthy skepticism paired with bold optimism.

The businesses who have made it through the past few months are facing unprecedented territory and navigating some truly unique situations. It’s critical to celebrate their tenacity and offer them peace of mind moving forward by generating an additional stream of income. We want to offer a safe space and a neutral sounding board to help them gain efficiency through a refreshed approach to their service menu . There are systems in place and tools available to not only streamline a variety of client consultations, but offer long-term sustainability.


We offer a true partnership with people who are educated on proven solutions, with all of the tools and technology to support the process, and are backed by a company that is full of integrity and has a proven track record for nearly 30 years! We will be the force behind the scenes, helping each individual business owner’s vision come into fruition.


One of the most important skills to learn (and help bring into fruition with those you partner with) is how to customize the approach and implementation process with a beauty industry professional to make the entire experience an enjoyable success! We will shed some light on what the new reality is looking like for these businesses that are in the process of opening back up, so that you are not only empathetic, but empowering in the process. We will focus on how we can help the transition seem safe, intentional and organic (not awkward and uncomfortable!)


Our ability to offer truly exclusive, best in class products that will not be undersold on the internet is a freedom anyone can appreciate! Cutting edge products that include ingredients with clinical studies, backed by an internet brokerage company, means that there is freedom to custom design product packages that can be integrated as part of the experience during a professional service or even curated as beauty bundles for at home use. During this summit, you’ll hear from industry professionals who are doing both and they’re sharing all their secrets!


What a unique and powerful opportunity we have to make our clients look and feel beautiful, while leveraging the time and talent of a uniquely diversified team. Together, we can all do and be better! We are a community centered around uplifting and encouraging one another, who all share a common thread of focusing on working toward a brighter future, full of choices because of financial and time freedom!

All of this for only $100! You will be happy you attended, so register today!! See you on Sunday…

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