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I was recently approached by a company BootayBag asking if I’d be willing to try and review a few of their products. It was over a year ago when I wrote about my desire to review more clothing brands and then the pandemic hit. I had to shift my priorities a bit, so this review has been a long time coming! Here is my honest review of BootayBag.


I will get to my honest review, but first-a little bit about BootayBag. This was in their email to me: Founded by females, for females, BootayBag strives to make every woman feel empowered with a monthly treat that is sure to make you feel sexy!

Built by a strong team of girl bosses, BootayBag values the strong community of women behind the brand…and it’s easy to support this group of women while treating yourself! Just build your bag and make it yours – the next thing you know, you will have cute, new undies right at your doorstep! 

BootayBag is a monthly subscription service. Not sure if you watch Shark Tank? I do remember seeing the episode featuring BootayBag, so I was definitely intrigued. I do get approached by a lot of companies, and I am very choosey who I respond to.

Here’s a bit from their website:

A love letter from Elly

BootayBag is a passion project by real women (for real women) who hate digging through mall sale bins for their undies.

The idea behind the brand was to fix the lack of affordability and convenience in the underwear shopping process. You know, that ‘real life shit’ us women shouldn’t have to deal with. The point here is: We get you. We ARE you. We are building and growing a brand that is for YOU.

In addition to providing your monthly treat, we’ve built a safe space on social media where we hope you’ll engage with us and each other! We want to hear from you! Don’t be afraid to use this space to not only vote and give feedback on your favorite styles and more, but to lift each other up and feel empowered to ‘shake what your mama gave ya’! We have an ‘absolutely not’ policy towards hate or shaming in any way.

We’re so lucky to have such a strong community of women behind the brand! We’re talking about all you babes following and supporting us, and also our all (and small) female team!

We hope our monthly brown bag reminds you that WE SEE YOU and you deserve to treat yourself. Thank you for believing in us. We can’t wait to continue this journey together and show you what’s coming!

Here’s How It Works

Each month BootayBag designers produce 2 thongs, 2 coverage undies (cheeky/bikini), and 1 (or two!) bralette in that month’s collection. They post details of the monthly collection and bag types on their Instagram on the first of each month. They recommend following @bootaybag to stay up to date.

The 4 pack subscription ($28) offers all 4 pairs in that month’s collection! You can also select the 1 pair ($10) in Always Thong or Never Thong, or the 2 pair subscription ($18) in the Always Thong, Never Thong, or in the Mix it Up style. 

Here’s How You Get Started

The first step is to choose your size:

Then you choose your style:

Next you choose your subscription:

Next I was prompted to add on a bra. I was also able to continue without adding one. You can also see that this would be a one time purchase and not added on to the monthly subscription.

My BootayBag

I decide to “mix it up” for my first BootayBag and choose the 2 undies option. I choose size “small” US jean size 4-6. My order arrived in a super cute envelope.

#1 Undies

These were the first undies I wore. These cheeky undies are a print I wouldn’t normally choose, but I think they are cute! And I love the feel of the fabric. They are made of 90% nylon & 10% spandex. They are stretchy, very soft and lightweight, and what I really LOVED was the waistband. It’s not too tight and so comfortable. The elastic all around is very soft and they didn’t dig into my thighs at all. I think the nylon/spandex blend gives them the ability to stretch for the best comfort. Overall I feel like the quality is great and I do think they will hold up well.

I give these undies: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

#2 Undies

The second pair I was sent is a thong. The lace is a blend of 88% nylon and 12% spandex. The lining is a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. You can’t see it in this picture, but the lace is only in the front and the lining is the entire back.

For a thong, they are very comfortable. They stay put and surprisingly the lace isn’t itchy and soft. These didn’t have as much “give” as the other pair and I could’ve probably gotten a medium. I do think the sizing is true to size, but I have gained a little COVID-19 weight in the booty region 😉

After washing, I did see a little of the elastic fibers fraying. They do recommend washing in a garment bag using the delicate cycle using cold water, hang to dry or use low heat. I don’t recall if they got thrown in with all of my other clothes or not…

I give these undies: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Can I Customize My BootayBag?

From the BootayBag website:

Because our monthly stock is pre-ordered we cannot take style, color, or fabric requests. We pre-pick undies based on your style preference and send you the predetermined choice for the month. 

However, you can follow us on social media @bootaybag to see which undies will be in that month’s shipment and if you don’t like the options for the upcoming month, you can either “skip” the month or “switch” your style preference.

You can also see which undies are included each month in your bag under collections on your subscription page.

Can I Skip An Order?

From the BootayBag website:

Yes! We give you babes the flexibility to skip months as long as it’s done before the 14th.

You can also swap your style instead if you aren’t feeling the pairs you would be getting, or downgrade to a 1 pair if your drawers are getting a bit too full.

To skip, simply log into your Customer Portal and view your Subscription.

Select “Skip Month”

Returns or Exchanges

From the BootayBag website:

Due to the sensitive nature of our products, All sales are final and nonrefundable.

We want to get your order to you ASAP so once an order is placed it can not be cancelled.

However, did you know we have a Happiness Guarantee? Our products make us happy, and we want them to make you happy too! If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your order, we want to make it right. Whether that means a replacement or finding something new for you to love, we’ll always do our best to take care of our babes. 

Just reach out to us and we will get you taken care of.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am happy with my undies from BootayBag. I can’t speak about the quality of the bralettes, but I would think that they are the same quality as the undies. The price ends up being $10 for one and $9 a piece for two pairs and $7 a piece for four undies. I guess in the end you are also paying for the convenience of not having to search and shop for your underwear.

I also like that it’s not a total surprise as to what you’ll be getting in your BootayBag and that you can decide whether or not you want to skip or change your order for the month. The only downfall is that you have to remember to do so.

I love the community aspect and also that they listen to their subscribers. I think it’s a great concept and hope that they can keep it that way even as the company grows. When I checked out their Instagram account, they do interact with their community on all of their posts.

It seems like it is fairly easy to cancel your subscription at any time right on their website. Attention men-you also have the option of gifting a subscription which I think would be a great gift for your wife or girlfriend.

Ready to Try BootayBag?

If you would like to try out BootayBag, click here for 10% off your BootayBag order! You can also use coupon code BB10 at checkout.

Have you ever tried BootayBag? Is there anything else you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments!!

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