My Review: KISS Falscara Lash Extensions

BLOG, Makeup / Friday, January 12th, 2024

Ever since KISS launched their Falscara Lash Extensions, I wanted to try them. I’m not sure why it took me this long, but I finally took the plunge. I couldn’t wait to share my experience with all of you. The good, the bad, and my honest thoughts.

What is KISS Falscara?

According to the KISS website you can achieve Lash Extensions In Minutes! Falscara is THE #1 way to lash–with false eyelash wisps you wear under your natural lashes. Results are as beautiful, comfortable and realistic looking as lash extensions–at a fraction of the time and price! Super easy to apply, Falscara wisps are reusable up to 3 times, and wearable for a day or up to 10 days. They claim: No clumps, no smudges, no strips, no mistakes.

Who Is It For?

  • When mascara just isn’t enough.
  • You love the look of lash extensions.
  • You don’t want to deal with strip lashes.

Special Edition Kit-Lengthening

There are a few starter kits to choose from, along with all of the components and different lash packs sold separately. Being the first time I was using them, I decided to try the Special Edition Kit-Lengthening.

FALSCARA Special Edition Kit comes with everything you need for a DIY lash extensions look. Falscara wisps are tiny clusters of featherlight lash fibers that go under your lashes so the bands aren’t visible. Gentle formula is safe on natural lashes.

What’s Included

WISPS: WISPS are designed with a microband and featherlight fibers to be applied easily, seamlessly, and comfortably under the natural lashes.

APPLICATOR: Patented Non-Stick APPLICATOR has a unique angle tip and non-stick finish for optimal WISP placement.

SEAL: Formulated with nourishing Vitamin E, SEAL removes any tacky residue and locks the WISPS in place for all-day wear.

BOND: Infused with biotin, BOND is non-damaging and primes the natural lashes to prep them for the WISPS.

OVERNIGHTER: Reinforced formula for an extended wear with a stronger hold to maintain the WISPS in a fresh condition.

REMOVER: Melt away the BOND & SEAL and OVERNIGHTER with gentle and ultra-moisturizing formula.

Use & Tips

KISS claims: If you can mascara, you can Falscara.

The following is from their website:


  1. Do not apply mascara before or after Falscara.
  2. Brush a light coat of BOND on natural lashes.
  3. Use the included APPLICATOR to pluck a WISP from the tray. Pick up a WISP from the middle-outer end for optimal control.

APPLICATION-These application tips are from the website:

  1. Gently place the WISPS underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline.
  2. Apply wisps starting from the outer corner of lash line, working inwards.
  3. Dab a thin coat of SEAL under WISPS to eliminate any sticky residue and hold WISPS in place.
  4. After applying SEAL under WISPS, use the APPLICATOR or your fingers to squeeze the WISPS against your natural lashes.

On the box it states that you can watch a how-to-video at, but I didn’t see one. I would have liked to watch a video prior to application and I would expect one to be on the page of the kit. So I guess the instructions on the box will have to do!

Here are the directions on the box:

Step 1: Bonding Time-Brush a light coat of BOND on the natural lashes. A little goes a long way.
(It didn’t say HOW long to wait before applying the WISPS.)

Step 2: Wisp Under Lashes-Use the included FALSCARA APPLICATOR to pluck a WISP from the tray. (Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. The WISPS were stuck on there pretty good so I has to pull them off with my fingers.) Pick up the WISP from the middle-outer end for optimal control and application. One by one, gently place the WISPS underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from waterline.

Step 3: Seal The Deal-Dab a thin coat of SEAL under WISPS-this final touch eliminates any sticky residue and hold FALSCARA WISPS in place.

*OPTIONAL: When using the OVERNIGHTER for an extended wear, apply an additional thin line under WISPS, slightly away from WISPS bonds. Re-apply 2-3 additional coats for a maximized strength as needed.

My 1st Attempt Applying Falscara

Check out my video on TikTok of my first attempt applying KISS Falscara.

@leighraeder I finnally tried KISS Falscara lashes and thought id share it with you, so im up close and personal for this one 😆. Stay tuned for Part 2 where i will share how long they ended up lasting with a full honest review. #kissusa #falscara #lashes #beautyexpert #beautytips ♬ original sound – Beauty Expert Leigh Raeder

In my video you can see that I was actually pretty surprised at how easy they were to apply. I can honestly say that this was truly my first time using Falscara. I wanted to give you an honest, real video.

There were also “pro tips” offered on the packaging.

Pro Tip 1: Apply WISPS starting from the outer corner of the lash line, working inwards (or vice versa). Be sure to place WISPS right next to each other for a seamless look.

Pro Tip 2: If needed, use the NON-STICK APPLICATOR or your fingers to squeeze the WISPS against your natural lashes; this helps the WISPS adhere for a more secure hold.

Pro Tip 3: To prolong the life of your NON-STICK APPLICATOR and WISPS, after use, wipe off any BOND residue with makeup remover. With gentle care, WISPS are reusable.

How Long Did They Last?

Watch my TikTok video to find out my true experience along with how long they ended up lasting.

@leighraeder Part 2-my review after my KISS Falscara apication video: @Beauty Expert Leigh Raeder #falscara #kissusa #lashes #lash #lashreview #allthingsbeauty #honestreview ♬ original sound – Beauty Expert Leigh Raeder

My Honest Review: KISS Falscara Lash Extensions

Let’s start with the pros. I love the idea of everything that KISS claimed. They claim: No clumps, no smudges, no strips, no mistakes. I also liked the idea that they would look more on the natural side versus strip lashes. The price point was also appealing, especially for a 10 day wearability.

I am happy that everything that I needed came in the kit. I was surprised at how easy they were to apply. The were very comfortable to wear and I don’t think anyone would be able to tell by looking at me that they were falsies.

I like that the WISPS are reusable for a few times, if you don’t loose them while wearing 😉

Now, for the cons. Let’s start with application. I really feel a video would be helpful. If there is one on the website, it should be easier to find and listed on all of the pages of Falscara products. I wasn’t sure how much BOND to really use or how long I should wait after applying the BOND to apply the WISPS. I am used to applying strip lashes, but many of my clients are newbies and I think they would want all the info they can get. I appreciate a bit more details on the box, but would like to see the same details on the website to keep it consistent.

I would have likes to have gotten more longevity out of them. BUT I do think that maybe as I get the hang of it, I could get them to last longer.

The first time I applied them, when I applied the SEAL, it loosened one of the WISPS, so the 2nd time I applied them, I used less SEAL and my lashes were sticking to my lid as well as under my eye when I would close my eye. I honestly was unsure of exactly where to apply and how much of OVERNIGHTER to use. OVERNIGHTER is essentially what increases the wearability.

I do toss and turn, and tried to be very careful when the WISPS were on. I never skip cleansing my face and while I tried to avoid getting cleanser on my lashes, it was almost impossible, and I do think this loosened the BOND.

Removal was fairly easy.

To Remove:

  1. Take a cotton pad and saturate with remover.
  2. Place over eyes, hold for 10 seconds and gently wipe away to remove WISPS, BOND & OVERNIGHTER.
    Tip: Repeat as necessary until there are no more residues left.

I appreciate that FALSCARA didn’t damage my natural lashes. I did have a little irritation from the adhesive, but I do with most lash adhesives, so that didn’t surprise me. I am severely sensitive to many products.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s worth a try. Especially for the cost. I will likely wear them instead of strip lashes at times and will figure on them only lasting a day or two. I will practice and see if I CAN get them to last longer!

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