A Complete List of Pro Makeup Discounts

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If you have been following me, you probably know by now that I talk about the beauty industry NON STOP!  Especially in my “Evolution of the Beauty Industry” Series.

Today I’m going to hopefully help many pros out there because I see this question ALL of the time: “Does anyone know which brands offer pros discounts?” I’m going to give you a quick answer: YES, actually MOST brands out there do offer industry professionals discounts on their products and I have a pretty extensive list below.

BUT, yes there is a big BUT…MOST of these brands DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT allow you to retail their products.  In fact, when you apply for a discount, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that you will not sell these to your clients.

Now, I get that if you are a professional makeup artist, you are used to this, because it’s been the only way available.  But, if you are a cosmetologist like me, you are used to the profit from retailing.  It just happens organically!  You do your client’s makeup and the first thing they say is: “I LOVE it, where can I get all of this?”

Here’s the issue, and yes, I have talked about this many times…there aren’t many professional brands that are exclusive anymore.  When I am saying that, I am also including haircare in this statement.  Almost all brands are popping up all over the internet, especially on amazon.


The beauty industry is a billion-dollar industry

Why should you care?  The beauty industry is a gold mine.  The 2017 sales were $445 BILLION and this is expected to surpass $750 billion by 2024 according to FORBES.  These numbers aren’t including beauty services, they are retail sales.

Now I just want you to think about this for a minute.  Makeup companies give beauty professionals a discount so that they fill their kit up with all of their products and then when a client asks, and they will “I LOVE it, where can I get all of this”, you send them off to the store, or website and give all of that profit away.

But I’m not a salesman

This is what a lot of professionals say, and I AGREE 100%, BUT consumers are buying makeup somewhere, and if you really truly care about your clients, then you’ll want to help them by recommending things that they will benefit from.  There’s a difference between pushing products on someone vs. providing them with products that will be solutions for them.

I told you that I am passionate, and one of the things that I do is help other professionals become even more profitable by customizing systems and programs with the tools they need to do it.  These pros LOVE what they do, but with the evolution of the industry, it’s important to evolve with it.

Motives Cosmetics

Before I dive into a list of all of these brands offering discounts, I want to share with you one of THE best pro artist programs out there.  Motives Cosmetics Pro Artist Program is for makeup artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, nail technicians, costume designers, models, on-air talent/performers, and photographers. The Motives Pro Artist Program combines your skills with the Motives cosmetics and Its skincare lines—offering innovative, customized, and award-winning professional quality products to compliment your services. No one offers what they do with their program!

Here’s some of what they offer:

  • Personal motivescosmetics.com website where customers can order products from you 24/7
    • Skincare Analysis
    • Thousands of tutorials
    • Color Correcting Interactive tool
  • Purchase products at reduced prices and earn up to 40 percent retail profit on sales with NO LIMIT
  • Exclusive artist promotion
  • New customer referrals
  • Customer Referrals & Retention Program where your customers earn:
  • Marketing materials, including outlines for workshops
  • Access to global hands on & business trainings
  • A mentor

Honestly, the above is just some of the highlights of the Pro Artist Program, but I hope you can see why it is the best one out there because you get all of that for only $40/year. The best part is that you don’t have to carry around a stock of products because you have a website that is also mobile and once your customer creates an account they are always your customer.  You’ll never lose the sale.

If you haven’t heard about Motives Cosmetics, they actually use dozens of manufacturers to build the best collection and brand it under one brand.  And it’s NOT found in stores and ONLY online through a Motives Cosmetics website.

If you want to apply for a Pro Artist account, Click here and fill out the application, & email to motivesproartist@shop.com. Don’t forget to put my name down as the referrer so I can help guide you along the way!

Pro makeup Artist Discounts

Let’s dive into the others.  Below you will find a list of many that offers discounts.  Some are free programs, but if they do have a cost you will find that next to the name of the brand.  You can click on the brand name to go directly to the website to apply.

Most reserve the right to cancel any order at any time, if they have any suspicion of their products being resold.  I did also list some maximums I saw in my research, however, if I didn’t list anything, they could still very well have one. Most also don’t give a discount on newly released items as well as sale items.

What will you need to qualify? Each company is different but overall here are some of the most common requirements:

Proof of Profession
-Copy of a government/state photo ID
– Makeup artist license
– Composite card
– Union card
– Professional website
– Reference letter from current employer
– Editorial page including name credit (highlight your name)
– Crew call list on production company letterhead (highlight your name)
– Program material with name (highlight your name)

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Artis Brush

Discount: 15%: makeup student

15%: industry – estheticians, cosmetologists, salon/spa professionals, and cosmetic retail employees who can provide a copy of any one proof of profession

30%: makeup artist

Bare Minerals
Discount 30%

Bdellium Tools

Discount: 40%: makeup artist

20%: industry pros + students


Discount: 40%

Beauty So Clean

Discount: 25%

Becca Cosmetics

currently unavailable

Benefit Cosmetics

Discount 40%: products

15%: services

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Discount: 40%
No more than 6 per item

Max limit $10,000/year

Brett Freedman Beauty

Discount: 40%

Camera Ready Cosmetics

Discount :20% 1 credential

40%: 2 credentials

Cao Cosmetics

Discount 30%: student

40%: industry

Charlotte Tillbury

Discount: 30%

Cinema Secrets
Discount : 25% – 15%

Discount: 40% Makeup Artists

30%: Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Makeup Students, Hairstylists, Fashion Stylists, Nail Technicians, Costume Designers, Models, On-air talent, Performers and Photographers


Discount: 30%

Dinair $35/year

Discount: 15% off kits (up to 3 kits a year)

Discount: 30% off nearly all of our makeup and accessories

Dr. Brandt

Discount: unknown

Dr. Dennis Gross

Discount: 40%


Discount: 20%

Eve Pearl
Discount: 30% – 40%

Eyelashes Unlimited

Discount: 15% (possibly more)

Facade Beauty

Discount: 30%

Face Atelier

Discount: 40% Preferred pro program

Discount: 30% Student program

Discount: 20% Industry program

Flutter Lashes

Discount: 30%

Discount: 10% Everyone that signs up

10%-40% Industry Professional (Brands dictate discount)

Gorgeous Cosmetics

Discount: unknown


Discount: 30%

House of Lashes

Discount: 30%

Discount: 20% Students

40% Industry

Discount: 20% Student, Cosmetologist, Blogger, Model

30% Makeup Artist, Esthetician, Performer, Nail Technician

IT Cosmetics

Discount: 20%: student

30% industry

Maximum: $4,000/year


Discount: 30%

Kat Von D

Discount: 30%

Kevyn Aucoin

Discount: 40%

Koh Gen Do

Discount: 30%


Discount: unknown

Lashes in a box: Coming Soon

Discount: 20%: makeup artists

10%: industry pro

Laura Mercier

Discount: 40%

Luxie Beauty

Discount: 35% brushes + exclusive products

15%: everything else

M•A•C Cosmetics $35/year, $65/2 years
Discount: 40% makeup artists

30% Hairstylists, cosmetologists, fashion stylists, models, performers/on-air talent, beauty press, manicurists (agency-represented), agents, aestheticians, fashion/costume designers, photographers

20% students

Makeup Atelier

Discount: 30%

Motives Splash into Summer Bundle

Make Up For Ever

Discount: Currently Unavailable

Mally Cosmetics
Discount Amount: 30%

Melanie Mills Hollywood

Discount: 30%

Menaji Skincare

Discount: 20%: makeup artists

40%: barbers + stylists

Muse Beauty

Discount: 20%: Kevyn Aucoin, Viseart, Lashes in a Box, Embryolisse, Lemonhead.LA

30%: ESUM brushes + accessories, Kett Cosmetics products (excludes kits)

20-30% Discount on MUSE PRO Makeup Kits


Discount: 30%


Discount: up to 40%

Naked Cosmetics Pro
Discount: Unknown

Discount: 25%: Industry students and assistants.

30%: Industry professionals and bridal/special event makeup artists

40%: Celebrity, Editorial, Film, and Television Makeup Artists.

Natasha Denona

Discount: 30%

Nigel’s Beauty Emporium

Discount: 10-40%: industry professionals (brands dictate discount amount)


Discount: 40%


Discount: 30%

Maximum: $2,000/year

Paula Dorf

Discount: 40%

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Discount: 20%

Red Cherry lashes

Discount: 20%: students

40%: makeup artists

Rituel de Fille

Discount: unknown

Royal & Langnickel

Discount: 40%

Sian Richards $20/year, $30/year

Discount: 20%: students, newbies (under 5 years) – $20/year

30%: artists 5+ years – $30/year

Scott Barnes– $19/month, $27/bimonthly, $69/6 months

Discount: 30% products

Senna Cosmetics

Discount: 40%: Celebrity, editorial, film, TV, or union artists

20%: Performers, actors, models. Students enrolled in or recent graduates of an educational makeup program. Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Nail Technician License, Salon and Spa professionals


Discount: 35%: makeup artist

20%: students, models, actors, performers, stylists, photographers, on-air talent


Discount: unknown

Discount: 40%: VIP

30%: freelancer

20%: student

Maximum: $500/order and no more than 3 per item

Smith Cosmetics

Discount: unknown

Stila Cosmetics
Discount Amount: 20%: Students enrolled in cosmetology school, cosmetic retail and salon employees, cosmetologists, estheticians, hairstylists

40%: Makeup Professionals — bridal, agency, film/TV/theater

Maximum: $4,000/year and no more than 3 per item

Suva Beauty

Discount: 30%

Temptu Cost: $30 annual fee
Discount Amount: 30%: artists

15%: students

Terri Tomlinson

Discount: 30%

The Makeup Light

Discount: 20%

Three Custom Color

Discount: 30%

Tina Earnshaw

Discount: 30%

Urban Decay

Discount: 40%


Discount: 20%

Yaby Cosmetics

Discount: 20%

Motives Eyeshadows

Here is a list of additional cosmetic companies, skin care lines, and beauty supply stores that offer discounts. Each one has different requirements and discount percentages, click on the link to find out more.

All About Mee Beauty
Alter Ego Lashes
Auraline Beauty
Bare Escentuals
Bella Pierre
Brow Benefits Card
Black Up Cosmetics
CARA Cosmetics
Carol’s Daughter
China Glaze Nail Polish
City Cosmetics
Cliche Cosmetics
Coastal  Scents
Cocktail Cosmetics
Coco Beau
Crown Brush
Daniel Sandler
Dr. Hauschka
Element Two
Emani Vegan Cosmetics
FACE atelier
Ferro Cosmetics
Fortunate Face Mineral Cosmetics
Fusion of Color Cosmetics
Gabriel Cosmetics
Gleam by Melanie Mills
Gorgeous Cosmetics
Honey XO
KETT Cosmetics
Les Cosmetiques
Lime Crime (Offers Discount via Naimie’s)
London Brush Company
LORAC (Offered through Naime’s beauty supply)
Madame Madeline
Makeup Artist Magazine Pro Card (IMATS)
Mally Beauty
Masquerade Cosmetics
Mehron (Only 10% You can get 20% @Nigels)
Morphe Brushes
Napoleon Perdis
OPI Nailpolish
Paint & Powder
Pari Pro
Roque Cozzette
Skull Sugar Cosmetics
Whip Hand Cosmetics

If you missed my Monday LIVE video about pro discounts with my special guest Jacqueline Menconi, you can catch it here:


A Complete List of Pro Makeup Discounts

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  1. This was so helpful! I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 10 years and i am almost crying now lol because i could’ve saved myself literally thousands of dollars!! And that is not an exaggeration ..! I mean i knew about like CosmoProf, Salon Centril and Marlo etc but now i am so excited because I’m about to check out all these other places and spend a whole bunch more lol

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