Sand Dunes Ocean Overlook Makeover

BLOG, Business / Thursday, January 5th, 2023

By now you are likely used to seeing skin and makeup makeovers here, but I have a different type of transformation to share with you today; our NEW short term vacation rental reveal! It’s been quite the year and I’m super excited with the results and can’t wait to show it to all of you!!

A New Investment

I have been getting so many questions about how this all came about, so I thought I’d start by sharing a bit about this new venture. I have learned a lot and if there’s any way I can help others with things, I’m all for it!! You can also scroll past to see the transformation pictures.

It has been a goal of my husband and I to own a beach property. It was always a “someday” sort of thought until it started to all fall into place. I have been fortunate to be able to travel all over, and I fell in love with the South Carolina coast. We thought it would be a good investment. I started browsing at properties here and there and in 2019 we decided to take the next step and work with a Realtor.

First lesson, I realized that the real estate agent I was working with was not a fit for us. He wasn’t as responsive as I would have liked and did not have enough knowledge about short term rentals in the area. I reached out to one of my friends that is an agent in South Carolina, but she was not familiar with the market we were looking at, Myrtle Beach. She helped me find someone that was a fit.

We had wasted a lot of time, and it was now 2021 and the market was starting to change. Properties were going QUICK!! My Realtor, Chris helped guide me with location, etc. and would give me his honest opinions on the property inquires I had. In October 2021, he shared a property not on my radar. It was missing a couple things on my list, but had some pretty great positives. I was traveling at the time, and had another trip set up shortly after that. My husband and I talked about it, and agreed that IF it was still available when we got back from our trip maybe we will consider it.

Sunset on the beach in front of our resort.

Well, it was!! My mom and I flew to Myrtle Beach on November 2021 and looked at 6 properties. I just had to see them in person. The property that Chris was steering me to, well it was the one. I just knew when I was there. Many people looked at it, but for some reason deals were falling through, etc. It was in great shape and move in ready. When I asked him when it was listed, he told me September 20th. That date is very significant to me as it was my late little brother’s birthday that I had just lost the year prior. It was also built the year we got married. It all felt right and meant to be! That night, I made an all cash offer. The seller took the maximum amount of time he could to respond, but we were able to make a deal.

We closed on our condo December 2, 2021!! We were excited because the resort had an on-site management company that would take care of renting our property for us. It would allow us to have a hands off approach, besides we didn’t know anything about the short-term rental business.

Sunrise from our balcony

Second lesson: We quickly realized that there were many disadvantages to having someone else manage your property. The fees were so much more than we anticipated, and every month we were charged for all sorts of different things. They truly didn’t care for our property like we’d expected. I was able to connect with other owners at the resort who self mange their units who were so willing to answer my questions and guide me. I learned that it’s very possible to mange from afar with the right cleaning crew and maintenance team.

Being the entrepreneur that I am, I became excited and eager to learn. I started to learn everything I could and took a crash course in the short-term rental industry. We gave the on-site management company notice which booked through peak season and decided we to do a refresh in early September 2022.

The Plan

I knew I had to have everything planned to a “T” prior to our refresh start date. Our “refresh” was going to involve all new flooring throughout, new bathroom vanities, light fixtures and paint with new furniture throughout. Our goal was to get everything done in a week. The hope was to get a few bookings before the real slow season. I started to search and interview flooring guys, and figured on my husband and I doing the rest. I was not able to have ANYTHING shipped there, which meant I had to have it all shipped to Wisconsin and we planned on driving down with a trailer. I planned my designs using Pinterest and Canva.

Early, September 10th, with the trailer all packed, my husband started with long drive to Myrtle Beach. We arrived just after midnight after a long 19 hour drive. After a few attempts at trying to get our key from the front desk, we finally got in. (I’ll save that story for another day…)

Third lesson: Things NEVER work as planned. I grew up a carpenter’s daughter. I know this lesson well, but always one that I hope I will be exempt from. We ran into hurdle after hurdle while we were there and for 3 months following. I guess thinking it’d be done in a week was hopeful but not in the cards. I will also save you from the stress of all of it because I just want to get to the good stuff!!

The Space

A bit more about the space: “Sand Dunes Ocean Overlook” is the perfect setting for a family vacation or quick golf getaway with friends. The 1200 sq/ft spacious 3 bedroom 2 bath condo with ocean views is just steps away from the beach located at the Sand Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. This high floor ocean view condo has everything you need and can accommodate up to 10 guests!

*Full size, equipped kitchen
*Newly renovated & new furniture throughout
*High-speed WIFI
*Free Parking
*Stackable Washer & Dryer

Fourth lesson: Learning about all of the tools available to help streamline our short term rental has been interesting. I also learned a lot about the proper licensing needed and all of the lodging and accommodation taxes that need to be collected.

The Reveal

Entrance: Before
Entrance: After

We put in new floors throughout the entire condo. It feels much more inviting right when you walk in.

Fun fact: Guests will find blue agate throughout the condo. Some believe it brings calmness, stability, and balance to life.

Before & After: Living Room

I was able to keep the couch and loveseat and just add new end tables and coffee tables. I wanted it to be a bit different from the normal beachy look.

Master Bedroom: After

I will not miss that carpet! We also decided to take out the two double beds and replace with a king. We also added a desk equipped with a ring light so that our guests can work remotely.

Master Bathroom: Before
Master Bathroom: After

The master bathroom just feels more fresh!!

Before & After: Kitchen

We also added knobs to the cabinets in the kitchen.

Kitchen & Dining Room: Before
Kitchen & Dining Room: After

I was going for a fresh boho look with pops of color along with wood and metal elements.

Guest Bathroom: Before & After

It’s amazing what a new vanity & light fixtures can do!! We also removed the wallpaper, which was a first for me!!

Before & After: The Flamingo Room

The “circus”curtains had to go! And the paint, seemed almost like the original from when it was built in 2001.

Before & After: Parrot Room

Fun Fact: The parrot in the window survived the update and now lives in the corner. He was the inspiration for the parrot theme.

Before: Patio
After: Patio

We added some comfy seating on the large balcony.

Fifth lesson: I have had to travel there more often than I thought I would to work on things. We can’t wait to go there more and enjoy all of our hard work!

The Resort

Located in the exclusive Dunes neighborhood in the northern section of Myrtle Beach, Sand Dunes Resort provides a relaxing environment and a wide variety of amenities.
-Convenience Store
-Numerous Indoor and Outdoor Pools
-Hot Tubs 
-Onsite Restaurants
-Game Room
and even more amenities for you and your family to enjoy. Sand Dunes resort features top of the line family friendly entertainment, there is something for the whole family to enjoy.

The Listing

You can read more and check out more in our listing on airbnb, VRBO, or Houfy (below) where you can book direct and save! We would love to have you as one of our first guests!

Sixth lesson: Everything happens and unfolds like it should. There have been many blessings in disguise and property values have climbed since we bought. Our property value has already gone up almost 75%, and that’s without our updates!!

I would LOVE to know what you think of our new Sand Dunes Ocean Overlook. I am continuing to learn new lessons and will continue to share our journey. Hope you continue to come along with me…

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