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BLOG, Makeup / Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Last week Wisconsin got our shelter in place order. I have been talking so much about how important self-care is during this time, and I decided to start going LIVE on Facebook right on my personal timeline with helpful beauty tips during this pandemic. It’s been a reason to force me to focus on something other than all of the zoom and webinar sessions on my schedule.

I wanted to share what I have so far in case you missed them!

Is Your Makeup Brush Your Skin’s Worst Enemy?

22% of women admit they NEVER clean their makeup brushes
17% Claim they don’t know HOW to clean them
Let’s take a moment during this #pandemic and talk about the DO’S & DON’TS to taking care of your makeup brushes!!

You’ll also learn~

✔️How OFTEN you should clean your makeup brushes.

✔️How to properly DEEP clean your brushes .

✔️What to USE for the best cleanser.

Get all my tips here!

Here are the things I mentioned:

Snap Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Highly concentrated, versatile, multipurpose cleaner 
  • One bottle replaces a cabinet full of leading household cleaners 
  • Excellent for upholstery, walls, jewelry, ceramic tile, countertops and vinyl 
  • Perfect for spot-cleaning and removing pen ink, shoe polish, lipstick and auto grease 
  • Tough on dirt, gentle on hands 
  • Environmentally friendly* 
  • Safe for septic items 

*Made with phosphate-free, biodegradable, plant-based ingredients and bottled in recyclable plastic*

Makeup Brush Set

This brush set contains eight of the best beauty tools of the trade. Each brush is specially designed with firm bristles for high-definition makeup application of face, eye and lip cosmetics. Master the latest trends from naturally flawless to a smokey eye with brushes that deposit just the right amount of product.

How I Get My Shiny Curls

❓It’s ONE of the QUESTIONS I GET ASKED MOST: ❓How do you get your hair like that❓❓Well besides: Is that your REAL hair❓.

✔️ Which iron is my favorite?

✔️ What temperature is best for your hair?

✔️ Which products protect your hair form the heat?

✔️ What should you use to get the best shine?

Learn it all here!

Interested in the hair products I mentioned?

Duvolle Trinity 3 in 1 styling set

The Trinity 3-In-1 Styling Set™ is perfect for use both in the salon or at home. Utilizing our Fast Lock interchange system, you can quickly and easily change between 32mm, 25mm, and 19mm curling barrels to create beautiful, seductive curls in minutes! The tourmaline coated barrels reduce frizz, lock in moisture, eliminate static and create long-lasting curls. 

Use coupon code: LEIGH70 for 70% OFF!!

Fixx Control The Day Heat & Humidity Cream

Control The Day Heat & Humidity Cream

Rising temperatures are no match for Fixx Control the Day Heat and Humidity Cream. Formulated to protect your hairstyle, this innovative treatment utilizes Ama-Oil to reduce frizz caused by heat and humidity. Take charge and preserve your luscious strands.

  • Ama-Oil formulated cream reduces the effects of humidity
  • Smooths hair to combat frizz in humid environments
  • Apply to wet hair for weightless protection that maintains your style
  • Ideal for all hair types

No Frizz

Fixx No Frizz

Frizz is a major problem for both men and women, especially those with curly or full-bodied hair. Hot weather and humidity tend to be the main culprits but, with a little preparation, frizz can be managed and controlled with ease. 

Fixx Argan Oil No Frizz helps tame your frizz while making your hair smooth, and adding shine and body. While other products might stop the frizz temporarily, your hair will return to a mess of frizz once it wears off. Fixx Argan Oil No Frizz has been specially formulated with ingredients, such as argan oil and linseed seed oil to not only manage frizz, but provide nutrients for healthy hair growth. 

 Do YOU really know how LONG you should keep your products? 

🦠 With all of the talk about keeping your hands clean, 🦠 have you thought about what could be lurking in your own makeup bag? 🤢 
🥺Be honest, when is the last time you went through your makeup & beauty products?🥺
🙄And if you have, did your force yourself to part 🗑 with some of the things you know deep down inside you should?
👇🏻I’m here to not only ENCOURAGE 👏🏻you but I will answer ALL of your questions! 👍🏻
✔️How do you know when your skincare is expired?
✔️How long should you keep makeup products?
✔️What are the proper steps to clean and sanitize your makeup?
🌸 There’s no better TIME than NOW 🌺 to spring clean your makeup & skincare! 🌹 
🚨 🚨 I also have a BONUS for you!  🚨 🚨 
💄 You can download my FREE Ultimate Makeup Expiration Guide so you don’t have to remember EVERYTHING I said. You can print it off and take action today! 💄

Self-Care Sunday

🏠 Grab your #quarantini & come hangout with me!
💅🏼It’s #selfcaresunday! Time to take a moment to pamper yourself! ⏰  
👯‍♂️Share with a friend that you want to remind to pamper themselves!
🛌 I’m putting my face to BED 🛏 

Here’s what I used:

Timeless Prescription Advanced Hydroxy Face Peel and Neutralizer

Timeless Prescription Advanced Hydroxy Face Peel and Neutralizer is a two-step process that removes dead skin cells, and provides an antioxidant defense that leaves skin looking smoother, younger and healthier. The peel combines powerful alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids with vitamins A, C and E, and herbal extracts to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Green tea extract and chamomile soothe the skin after the peel in the antioxidant-packed neutralizer.

Lumière de Vie Moisture Intense Facial Masque

Incredible skin demands an incredible masque. Lumière de Vie Moisture Intense Facial Masque is the definitive treatment that is formulated with aloe to intensely moisturize while reducing oxidative damage from the everyday elements. Utilizing the powerful hydrating effects of hyaluronic acid, this specialized facial masque instantly revitalizes dry, aged skin on contact.

Lumiere de vie pink jade roller

This facial massager utilizes rose quartz, which promotes healing from the inside out, and the calming art of massage to relax the face. Utilize this tool to help aid in the absorption of treatments into the skin, reduce the appearance of puffiness, and signs of aging. This dual sided tool can be used throughout all areas of the face and neck to maximize your daily skincare regimen. Calm your skin with the Lumière de Vie Rose Quartz Roller.

Are your BROWS starting to get out of control?

I got you covered!! 👇🏻Here’s what you can do until you can go back to your brow specialist💋
👯‍♂️Tag a friend that may need this advice-We don’t want anyone to have a UNI-BROW

Waterproof Eye Brow Pencil

Waterproof Eye Brow Pencil

This creamy, retractable pencil is a must-have for achieving natural, sculpted-looking brows. Tame and shape your brows using the spoolie brush and fill in sparse areas to add definition, creating a natural, flawless look.

  • Retractable, self-sharpening tip allows for smooth application
  • Includes a brush for taming and shaping brows
  • Create natural to dramatic brows with ease
  • Waterproof for long-wear
Motives Eye Brow Kit

Eye Brow Kit

A complete kit for expertly shaping, grooming and defining your brows. The all-inclusive kit contains wax to sculpt the brows and two powder shades to create a natural look.

  • Astonishing powder/wax brow combination that is effortless to apply and provides striking gleam
  • Apply the smooth powder for striking color and the wax for brow-sculpting control with enhanced shine
  • Enjoy glamorous, shaped and sexy brows all day long

I hope my tips helped you! I would LOVE to know what else you would like me to do videos on!! Comment below and I will add them to my schedule.

Shelter in Place Facebook LIVE Beauty Tips

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