Shiny Curls Hair Tutorial

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

I get asked all of the time: How do you get your hair so shiny? Is your hair real? How do you keep it so healthy? What hair products do you use? How do you style your hair? Look, I have been a hairstylist for a long time, which means I’ve tried just about everything! I recently posted a shiny curls hair tutorial on Instagram and the questions started pouring in, so I thought I’d share all of the deets here!

First Things First!

I know you want to get right to the tutorial, but I have to start with one of the most important things. Shampoo and conditioner 😉 I know this is a blog post about styling, but I do believe that your shampoo and conditioner are a big part of the health of your hair. And honestly the amount of shine.


I do color my hair (more often these days), so it’s even more crucial to use the right shampoo. I only shampoo my hair about twice a week so I do shampoo twice just to make sure everything is cleansed well.

I use the Fixx ColorShield Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It’s purifying and ultra-conditioning and is formulated to cleanse and extend the life of your color. Sulfate-free and fade-resistant, this nourishing blend helps you maintain hair vibrancy and color for the most luscious locks.

Sulfate-free shampoo is a must for color treated hair, but also great for those with sensitive scalps. They don’t suds up as much, so make sure you emulsify it in your hands first.


The first thing I do in the shower is shampoo my hair, the second thing I use, is conditioner. Make sure you wring as much water out of your hair after you shampoo.

Try to leave your conditioner in as long as you can so it has time to do its job. I usually wash my hair, wring out as much water as possible. I recommend starting by applying your conditioner to your ends and work up to the scalp. Usually your ends is a bit “thirstier”. You can use a wide tooth comb in the shower to make sure you’ve got everything covered. Clip your hair on top of your head. This will allow the steam from the shower to aid in the conditioner penetrating your hair shaft.

You also want to use cool water to rinse out your conditioner. This will help the cuticle lay down and almost form a seal.

I’m going to let you in on one of my secrets. I use Fixx Argan Oil Intensive Hair Mask on my ends and Fixx Colorshield Conditioner from my scalp to about midway down.

Consistent heat styling, products and washing damages the hair cuticle and fiber leaving strands dull, broken and weak. Utilizing Fancorsil® LIM-2 (can be absorbed into the hair cuticle and help repair damaged hair and is a shine enhancer) and Botanisil ME-14 (provides Over 50X protection in Luminosity), Fixx Argan Oil Intensive Hair Mask smoothes and repairs damaged hair for increased brilliance and strength. The reparative formula conditions and detangles hair for increased flexibility, texture and color.

Fixx ColorShield Conditioner is designed to nourish color-treated hair while adding softness and shine, this specialized formula helps resist fading and utilizes rice protein to boost hair volume, for the ultimate color protector.

Styling Products

The best way to keep your hair healthy and shiny, is to lock in moisture right after you shower by applying a leave-in treatment to your hair. Look for products that protect your hair from the heat, and build a barrier on the hair, helping to keep the moisture in the air from getting under the cuticle.

I like to mix my products to get the perfect ratio for my hair type.

The first product I use is the Fixx Control the Day Heat and Humidity Cream. Rising temperatures are no match for styling cream. Formulated to protect your hairstyle, this innovative treatment utilizes Ama-Oil to reduce frizz caused by heat and humidity. Take charge and preserve your luscious strands.

I then add the Fixx Argan Oil No Frizz. It helps tame your frizz while making your hair smooth, and adding shine and body. While other products might stop the frizz temporarily, your hair will return to a mess of frizz once it wears off. Fixx Argan Oil No Frizz has been specially formulated with ingredients, such as argan oil and linseed seed oil to not only manage frizz, but provide nutrients for healthy hair growth.

You can adjust the amount that you use of each product for your hair type. If you have finer hair you will use less, if you have corse hair you will use more.

Styling Tools

I suggest using an ionic infrared blow dryer and avoid high heat. This will keep your hair healthy and increase your shine. I also like to add a little more Fixx Argan Oil No Frizz to my dry hair. This will add a little more heat protection and give it even more shine.

For my curls, I use the Trinity 3-In-1 Styling Set™ . It is perfect for use both in the salon or at home. Utilizing our Fast Lock interchange system, you can quickly and easily change between 32mm, 25mm, and 19mm curling barrels to create beautiful, seductive curls in minutes! The tourmaline coated barrels reduce frizz, lock in moisture, eliminate static and create long-lasting curls. 

Do you want to know what the best part is? YOU can get 70% off not only this iron, but any tool on the site with this coupon code: LEIGH70

Shiny Curls Hair Tutorial

Now that I covered all of the important prep stuff, here’s what you really want to see-my shiny curls hair tutorial! I sped it up for you too 😉

I hope my shiny curls hair tutorial helps! I may even so more hair tutorials 😉

Shiny Curls Hair Tutorial

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