Skincare Serving Size: How Much of Each Product Should You Use?

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I have come to realize that many of my clients have no idea how much of each skincare product they should use. I get it, it can be confusing! You may already be struggling with the correct order, or maybe even how long to wait in-between each product. If your skincare products don’t seem to absorb, or they seem to “roll off” the skin, chances are you are also using WAY TOO much! Especially if you are used to using lower grade skincare. I’m here to help, I will break it down for you and I think I the perfect visual to share!

Skincare Serving Size

I used to teach my clients how much to use by using coin sizes, but with all of the various products, I found something even more effective-food!


All you need is about a hazelnut size of cleanser to cleanse your entire face. It’s best to emulsify it in your hands a bit before using circular motions to remove all of the dirt from your skin. Using any more than that could potentially dry out your skin. You may think that if your skin feels “tight” that’s a good thing, but it could mean that you stripped too many of your natural oils out and your body may produce too much to try and make up for it. It’s also crucial to make sure you are using the right cleanser for your skin type.

Face Mask

Face masks is a difficult one, because it depends on the mask. How about this: You don’t need any more than the size of a small strawberry. If there’s too much on the skin, you won’t receive any more benefits. It will literally be a waste. Don’t wash your hard earned money down the drain!!


How much serum is enough? All you need is the size of a coffee bean. My clients are a bit fortunate because all of the pumps on my serums are properly measured to the correct amount. But I will admit that I have witnessed some using more than one pump! I get the thought that more serum you use the better, but your skin can only absorb so much of these targeted ingredients. Pump onto your finger tips and gently apply to desired areas.

Using more than one serum? A good rule of thumb is apply the thinnest up to the thickest. You just have to make sure you wait long enough in-between each serum. How long is that? When your face is dry, it has absorbed. For some it can take up to 7 minutes. I know that seems like a long time, but not when you multi-task! Throw in a load of laundry, etc. You’d be surprised how fast the time goes!

Eye Cream

All you need is a sunflower seed size of eye cream. Carefully apply with your ring finger all along your orbital bone. Do not tug on the skin, in fact your skin shouldn’t move. The skin around your eye is very fragile and the first area to show the signs of aging, so be GENTLE!


When applying retinol and other treatment creams, the size of a blueberry is perfect! I like to apply them just like I do serums. Use fingertips to apply to the desired areas and wait until fully absorbed.


Applying too much moisturizer doesn’t end up hydrating your skin any better. Again, your skin will absorb as much product as it can, but the excess will only lay on top of the skin not allowing it to breathe. This can lead to clogged pores and unnecessary breakouts. Using about a size of a raspberry of moisturizer should be all you need! 

Using your fingertips, apply in an upward motion. And don’t forget your neck (if you’re not using neck cream)!

Facial Oils

Face oils are great because they seal in the moisture. Some like to add them to their moisturizers, but I like to apply them after. The size of a pumpkin seed is all you need. If you are applying makeup after, you may even want to use less. I prefer to use the Lumiere de Vie Elixir, which has a dropper, and 3 drops is plenty during the day. You can definitely use a few more at night.


When it comes to sunscreen, you want to be sure apply enough. It’s the number one way to protect your skin from early signs of aging. I suggest starting with the size of a grape and begin layering it. Start in the areas where the sun will hit the most and work it in to the rest of your face. Don’t miss any areas, including your neck and décolleté.

Here is a guide that you can save until you get comfortable with how much skincare to use in your routine.

skincare serving size

Skincare Serving Size: How Much of Each Product Should You Use?

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