Summer Makeup Secrets Revealed

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Summer is finally here in Wisconsin!!

I LOVE summer!  I love everything about it.  The sunshine, the hot weather, the long days.  I love it all!  And if you’ve never been to Wisconsin in the summer, it is beautiful.  Everything is green and colorful.

This year I have been all about summer makeup looks.  I have been experimenting with all of the summer makeup trends: glow, monochromatic and multifunctional makeup.


Summer Means Bronze!

Here is a monochromatic, multifunctional look I created by using the same product on my eyes, lips and cheeks. Can you guess which product?


summer makeup


I shared how easy this look was to create during a LIVE video in my All Things Beauty Tribe, so if you’d like to catch the replay, join the tribe here.


Fun in the sun…and water

I try to spend as much time as I possibly can outside.  After all, summer is all about having fun at the beach or pool.  And this year, I even bought a paddle board!

If you are anything like me, you want your makeup to last all summer long.  Water resistant makeup is a must for sure, along with convenience.  Here are some of my favorite things that I use to ensure I don’t have any summer makeup mishaps 😉


All of these products are dedicated to having fun near the water! Lustrafy Waterproof Mascara and Mineral Gel Eyeliner-Little Black Dress got you covered as you splash into Summer and the all in one waterless Lumière de Vie Micellar Cleanser is a perfect addition to your beach bag. Don’t forget to pair Little Black Dress with the versatile Angled Eyeliner Brush. You can expect polished, professional results every time!

Here are ALL the details:

Motives Lustrfy Waterproof Mascara is a rich, hypoallergenic, waterproof formula that volumizes your lashes. The waterproof formula extends its wear to last all day and night, while resisting smudging and flaking.


summer makeup


Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner-Little Black Dress is unique, mineral-based formulation that allows the precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a gel-based formula. This eyeliner glides on smoothly and precisely, then quickly dries down to a silky-soft finish.

summer makeup


Motives Angled Eyeliner Brush has short, angled bristles to ensure a precise, firm, and even stroke when lining and defining eyes. Expect polished, professional results every time.


summer makeup


Lumière de Vie Micellar Cleanser is an all-in-one, waterless cleanser that gently removes makeup and purifies skin with no need to rinse or scrub. Scientifically designed with micelle molecules that lift dirt, makeup and impurities on contact, this advanced formula cleanses and conditions without clogging pores, making it the perfect choice for all skin types.

Just for you

I put together a “Splash into Summer” product bundle with everything in one spot just for you!

Check out these pictures of my beautiful friends, rocking their perfect summertime looks with the Splash into summer bundle. To get your own “Splash into Summer Bundle click here.  

Contact me to book a consult with yours truly to duplicate one of these looks or customize your own!

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share your favorite beauty tips and tricks for the summer in the comments below. xoxo





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