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How To Apply False Lashes in 8 Easy Steps

How To Apply False Lashes in 8 Easy Steps

Today is National Lash Day and I want to celebrate with my last article about lashes! I understand putting on false lashes can seem intimidating and suited only for the skillful beauty maven. So I’ve put together a super easy-to-follow guide on how to apply false lashes! Read on to get your lashes […]

5 Occasions To Wear Artificial Lashes

5 Occasions To Wear Artificial Lashes

Long, lush and thick false lashes can definitely be a gals best friend — brightening your eyes, and really adding a flawless, ready-to-tackle-the-world glow that’s tough to find any other way. After all, getting done up to the nines can be so much fun. But not every occasion calls […]

Achieve Great Lashes For National Lash Day!

Achieve Great Lashes For National Lash Day!

National Lash Day is on February 19th. Face it – the eyes have it, and long lashes make women and men take notice. Think about it, your eyes are the windows to your soul and if that’s the case, you’d surely want others to see beauty when they look into your eyes.

To celebrate, do some pre-spring cleaning and replace your old, dried up, crusty, and cakey mascaras that are taking up space at the bottom of your makeup drawer and replace with some fresh tubes. Your peepers are the focal point of your face that putting enough effort and time to enhance them is definitely worth it.

Don’t Forget to Curl!

A favorite of makeup artists everywhere, an eyelash curler is truly a girl’s best friend. It gently clamps around your lashes, making them reach for the sky and it only takes a few seconds!! Here’s my favorite: Precise engineering applies the perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes and will not pinch your eyelid. It instantly opens the appearance of the eye and prepares the lashes for mascara application.

Mascara Facts

The expiration date: Two to three months
Why it goes bad after that: While pumping the mascara wand into the tube helps to use more product, it also drags more air and potential germs into the products. This causes it to dry out or go bad.
Signs you need to replace it: If your mascara flakes, clumps, dries out, or smells, it’s time to toss it.
How to clean it: There is no way to clean or preserve your mascara, so your best bet to just replace it.

My Pick: Fiber Lush Mascara

Get the look of false lashes without the work. Fiber Lush Mascara is formulated with fibers that adhere to your lashes making them look longer, fuller and drop-dead luscious. This one-step formula has been perfectly paired with a brush designed for a flawless application that resists smudging, clumping, and flaking all day.

Lash Primer

Want even longer, fuller lashes? Consider lash primer!! My Pick: Motives Lash Primer. A conditioning base that makes every lash look fuller and longer. The moisturizing formula helps to mend dry lashes for full, extended wear. You can pair it with your favorite mascara.

Let’s Talk False Lashes

One way that guarantees to bring noticeable improvements to your eyes is the use of false eyelashes. If you’re still holding back from using falsies, there’s no time better than now to learn how easy they can be to throw into your routine.

How to apply artificial lashes:

  • Begin by measuring to ensure it fits your eyes. Do this by placing the strip of full lashes onto the line of your upper lashes. Then, using a small scissors cut the part on the outer edge that doesn’t fit.
  • Once the right measurement is achieved, apply eyelash glue to the strip then let dry until a tacky texture is achieved.
  • Apply the full false eyelashes to your natural lash line and put them as close as possible. Use mascara as finishing touch.

My pick: Motives False Eyelashes. I love them because they feature natural hair fibers so they not only look natural, but they are also light and comfortable. They can be worn day or night, are reusable and there are 5 styles to choose from. They will be sure to give you instant length and volume. Features natural hair fibers for higher quality lashes

Want to Grow Your Own Lashes?

I get it, maybe you just want your own lashes to grow long and thick…Well I have the solution! Fixx™ Lash Extend serum is not mascara or makeup. It is a serum that can help increase the look of volume of your lashes in just two weeks, versus six-week results promised by other products. This advanced formula contains a proprietary blend of SymPeptides™ that promote keratin to make lashes and brows look longer and thicker, strengthen your lashes and brows, and reduce breakage. Fixx™ Lash Extend naturally plumps, nourishes and fortifies each strand for healthier, thicker-looking lashes and brows.

Apply Fixx™ Lash Extend once daily on the lash line or on eyebrow to thin, sparse lashes and brows for stronger brows and lashes that look thicker and fuller! Safe and effective, Fixx™ Lash Extend is a hassle-free, great alternative. Fixx™ your lashes and get noticed.

Want even more tips? Check out: 7 Common Mascara Dos & Don’ts.

Do you have any lash tips? I’d love to hear them! Interested in the products I mentioned? You can find them all at www.BeautyByLeigh.com.

Must Have Beauty Bundles For This Holiday

Must Have Beauty Bundles For This Holiday

This month I want to help you get the perfect gifts for those hard to buy women. I did all of the work for you with these must have beauty bundles for this Holliday, so you don’t have to wonder what to put together! Holiday […]

Exclusive Online Holiday Beauty Bash

Exclusive Online Holiday Beauty Bash

Who’s ready for our 🎁“Holiday Beauty Bash” 🎁? No need to leave your home, join in all the fun right from the comfort of your own home 💋 It’s an exclusive 4 day event for my VIPs happening Nov23-26! We will have professionals from all […]

Get Ready For Fall With These 4 Trends!

Get Ready For Fall With These 4 Trends!

So, tell me! What do you look forward to with the season’s change? Here are a few of my favorite things: Pumpkin everything, colorful leaves, cozy oversized sweaters, and boots…and it wouldn’t be right not to mention new makeup trends!




This season is all about fusing bold patterns with vibrant colors and textured finishes for a look that is perfectly mismatched. We are seeing quite a bit leopard print this year.

The Motives In The Mix Palette create the perfect building blocks for your look, and layer with Motives Liquid Metal Eye Shadow to add dimension for a stunning effect. Spice up your lips this fall with this lipstick duo in Pumpkin Spice. The bold pairing of burnt pumpkin and brick red gives your lips dimension that leaves an impact. Wear them together or separately, the choice is yours. Don’t forget that your skin needs some TLC! Rejuvenate it with just one spritz of Lumière de Vie Rosé Refresher.


4 Different Looks

I asked some of my friends to help me out and try my latest fall must have beauty products, then I put together some trendy outfits for them. I LOVE that all of these looks use the same products, yet they all look so different!


Clarissa Jones

So, tell me! What do you look forward to with the season’s change? Here are a few of my favorite things: Pumpkin everything, colorful leaves, cozy oversized sweaters, and boots…and it wouldn’t be right not to mention new makeup trends!


I found this cute leopard print sweater and added these comfortable, and versatile black boots. I saw these earrings and knew they were perfect for this outfit!!
Here is how Clarissa created this makeup look:
1. Begin by using Motives Eye Base.
2. Apply Dark Purple (color on the left) from Motives In The Mix Palette in the crease blending out with the Motives Blending Brush.
3. Apply Motives Liquid Metal Eye Shadow-Mystic on the mobile lid.

4. Blend the Black color from In the Mix Palette in outer V with Motives Blending Brush.

5. Apply Motives Liquid Metal Eye Shadow-Nirvana on lower lash line about 1/2 way across.
6. Finish lower lash line with Motives Liquid Metal Eye Shadow-Renegade.
7. Create winged eyeliner using Motives Angled Brush with Motives Gel Eyeliner-Little Black Dress.
8. Apply Motives Fiberlush mascara on top and bottom lashes.
9. Mix both colors from Motives Pumpkin Spice Lipstick and apply to lips.

Brittany Kimble

I decided to put Brittany in this comfy sweater, jeans and these neutral boots.  I dressed her up a little with a larger earring, but kept the necklace simple.
Here’s what she used to create her look:
Foundation: custom blend
Under eye setting powder: Motives banana powder
Blush: ginger
Eyes: little black dress for dramatic liner, Nefertiti, Aphrodite from dynasty palette on the wing with the two liquid shadow colors and demure palette for the crease.
Lips: pumpkin spice lipstick duo
Face: Miami glow and sculpting duo

Kimberly Mareno

I dressed Kim up in this warm sweater dress.  I love that it has long sleeves.  I choose these high suede boots and larger purse.  She can definitely rock these earrings and bold bracelet.

Here’s how she created her look:

1. Begin by applying Motives Eye Base with a concealer brush all over the eye, from lash to brow.
2. Press Vanilla Motives Pressed Eye Shadow all over the lid with the Motives All Over Shadow Brush in order to set the eye base .
3. Using the eye blender brush, place Cappuccino Motives Pressed Eye Shadow into the crease of the eye.
4. Apply Mystic Motives Liquid Metal Eye Shadow all over the lid with a blending brush.
5. Blend the edges with a blending brush so they are soft.
6. Apply the center color in the Motives In The Mix Palette into the crease to create more depth.
7. Line the eye with Motives Gel Eye Liner-Little Black Dress on the top of the upper lash line and between the lashes.
8. Using a Detail Brush soften the top edge of the eye liner with the center color from the In The Mix Palette, causing it to look double lined. The black liner should fade into the brown shadow, which then fades into the Mystic Motives Liquid Metal Eye Shadow.
9. Using a smudge brush, line the bottom lash line with the center color from the In The Mix Palette.
10. Apply another coat of Mystic Liquid Metal Eye Shadow all over the lid with a blending brush to make the color pop.
8. Finish off the look with Motives Fiber Lush Mascara.
11. Apply Red Currant Motives Lip Crayon to the outer line of the lip. Fill in softly so the lipstick stays in longer.
12. Apply the red color of the Motives Pumpkin Spice Lipstick all over the lip.
13. Apply the lighter color in the center of the lip.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t participate too!!


I decided to embrace the leopard print, and have to admit, I normally wouldn’t choose these bold boots!  I loved this handbag and thought they should go together. This jacket will keep me warm during the cold Wisconsin “Fall” and it too have a touch of animal print.


Which look is your favorite? Are you ready to add these must have fall beauty products?  You can find them all by clicking here!

I knew that everyone would be wondering where I found all of these clothes, and you can find them all at Express!! 

Click here if you’d like to earn 2% CashBack on your entire purchase at Express, and if you act fast they are having a HUGE sale, which is even better!!

This season, I will not only be teaching new Fall & Winter trends, will also help you by doing “Makeup Bag Remixers.” If you are in my area-contact me to set up a lesson! You can bring your makeup bag  along to your consultation and I’ll go through it with you to make sure you know how to use everything in it. I’ll even help you part with the not so good stuff. 😉
#inthemix #pumpkinspice #mixitup



What’s That Brush For?  Here’s the Skinny

What’s That Brush For? Here’s the Skinny

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Summer Makeup Secrets Revealed

Summer Makeup Secrets Revealed

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Spring Clean Your Makeup and Skincare

Spring Clean Your Makeup and Skincare

Ahh…Spring is in the air.

Well not so much in Wisconsin, BUT it will come eventually, right?  Even though Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, I have seen the signs with the new spring trends in makeup & fashion. So it’s time to make room for the new. Spring is the perfect time to spring clean your house.  Especially when you live in a climate like mine.  It’s also a perfect time to spring clean your makeup!!

Motives BLOOM Palette

Now if you are anything like me, I tend to have a difficult time throwing anything away.  But when you are using things on your face, it is very important to keep expiration dates in mind. A product’s “shelf life” generally means the length of time you can expect a product to look and act as expected and to stay safe for use. This length of time varies, depending on the type of product, how it is used, and how it is stored.

How long should you keep makeup?

Some products like skin care actually have an expiration date on it.  But what about makeup?  How long should you keep different types of cosmetics?

Over time, cosmetics start to degrade or break down for a number of reasons. Here are some common ones:

*Dipping fingers into a product adds microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi (mold and yeast), which need to be controlled, for example, by preservatives.
*Over time, however, preservatives can break down, allowing bacteria and fungi to grow.
*Applicators, especially mascara wands, are exposed to bacteria and fungi each time you use them.
*Emulsions, which are mixtures of water and oil, can separate.
*Exposure to moisture, such as in a bathroom, may make it easier for bacteria and fungi to grow.
*Products can dry out, causing them to harden and crack.
*Temperature changes and exposure to sunlight and air can cause changes in color and texture and may cause the products to smell.

Shelf like of makeup

Some makeup actually has a recommended shelf life too listed right on the package, so be on the look out for this symbol. It has the number of months of the shelf life of the product.

It’s suggested that you don’t use this foundation after 12 months.  But if it doesn’t have this symbol on your product, then you’ll want to try to either remember the date you opened it, or write it on the product.

Cosmetics that you use around your eye are tend to have shorter shelf lives than other products. Bacteria is more likely to grow which may cause eye infections that can be serious.

Manufacturers usually recommend discarding mascara two to four months after purchase. That’s because each time a person uses mascara, it’s exposed to bacteria and fungi.


What about other cosmetics?  How long should you keep them?

You will find a lot of different information out there, but here is a guideline that I created:

makeup expiration dates


Remember, this is a guideline only. How long you can use a cosmetic safely also depends on you.

Here are tips to help keep your cosmetics safe:

*If mascara becomes dry, throw it away. Do not add water or, even worse, saliva to moisten it, because that will introduce bacteria into the product. If you have an eye infection, talk with your health care provider, stop using all eye-area cosmetics, and throw away those you were using when the infection occurred.

*Don’t share makeup. You may be sharing an infection. “Testers” at cosmetic counters in stores are even more likely to become contaminated than products in your home. If you feel you must test a cosmetic before you buy it, apply it with a new, unused applicator, such as a fresh cotton swab.

*Keep containers and applicators clean. Use can use 70% alcohol to keep everything clean

*Store cosmetics properly. For example, don’t leave them where they are exposed to heat, such as in a hot car. Heat can make preservatives break down and cause bacteria and fungi to grow faster.

*Be wary of products offered for sale in flea markets or re-sold over the Internet. Some may be past their shelf life, already used, diluted, or tampered with in other ways. They may even be counterfeit, “fake” versions of the product you think you’re buying.

You’re not done yet!

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag
Now that you threw out your old makeup, don’t stop there! What about those things that may not be expired yet?  Take this opportunity to spring clean your makeup. And while you’re at it, grab some of your tools that you never think to clean.

Here are some guides to help you along the way.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine
Congratulations!!  You did it! Don’t you feel so much better now?  Time for some new products 😉 You deserve it! To reward you for all of your hard work, I have a 20% OFF coupon code just for you.  Just fill out this form to redeem it!




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What is a Natural Konjac Sponge?

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