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Achieve Great Lashes For National Lash Day!

Achieve Great Lashes For National Lash Day!

National Lash Day is on February 19th. Face it – the eyes have it, and long lashes make women and men take notice. Think about it, your eyes are the windows to your soul and if that’s the case, you’d surely want others to see […]

THRILL ME This Season-2019 Spring/Summer Trend Alert

THRILL ME This Season-2019 Spring/Summer Trend Alert

The launch of our new Motives Thrill Me Campaign stole the show this weekend at the World Conference in Miami! We finally got to share the new Motives products with everyone. Get ready to add some of these flirty spring colors makeup routine with all of […]

7 Tips for Date Night Skin

7 Tips for Date Night Skin

Whether you’ve been married for a long time like me, or if you are “dating”, date nights are so important! If you’re anything like me, when I look my best, I feel my best, and why not WOW your man. Take the time to easily prep your skin for a beautiful glow that will have your date enamored. Here are 7 great tips for healthy, smooth and clear skin for your next date night.

1. Start the night before

Consider using a sheet masque prior to bed. Incredible skin demands an incredible masque. Lumière de Vie Moisture Intense Sheet Masque is the definitive treatment that is formulated with aloe to intensely moisturize while reducing oxidative damage from the everyday elements. Utilizing the powerful hydrating effects of hyaluronic acid, this specialized sheet masque instantly revitalizes dry, aged skin on contact.  Allow 10-25 minutes for the masque to activate and then gently remove from skin. Lightly massage any remaining product into face, neck and décolleté. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. Your skin will be soft the next morning.

2. Remove your makeup

A blank canvas is the best way to begin a work of art. Leaving residual makeup on your face can block pores and cause breakouts. Don’t apply new makeup over old makeup, it’s important to begin your pre-date skincare routine with a clean face.

Try dabbing some Lumière de Vie® Micellar Cleanser on a cotton pad to remove your makeup. This is an all-in-one, waterless cleanser that gently removes makeup and purifies skin with no need to rinse or scrub. Scientifically designed with micelle molecules that lift dirt, makeup and impurities on contact, this advanced formula cleanses and conditions without clogging pores, making it the perfect choice for all skin types.

3. Wash your face

Double cleansing your face is important. This ensures you have removed any excess debris for a fully fresh and blemish-free face.

To avoid any last minute disturbances in your skin, use a soap-free product like Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser. This helps to moisturize while cleansing, refreshing and invigorating the skin. The appearance of rough, dry skin is visibly diminished, creating skin that is softer and smoother.

4. Tone your skin

Now, your face will be clean and product-free, which means it’s time tone and bring your skin back to its prime pH level.

Grab a gentle toner, like the Lumière de Vie Toner, and apply the toner to cleansed skin using a cotton pad, then gently massage into the face and neck in small, circular motions with your fingertips. Allow the toner to absorb into the skin before applying treatments or moisturizer. Follow with Lumière de Vie Serum Concentrate, Lumière de Vie Illuminating Fading Fluid and Lumière de Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème for best results.

5. Perfect your complexion

It’s common to skip this step, but we highly recommend against it! The protective properties of serums are absolutely worth it for gorgeous date night skin.

We like to use a hydrating serum, like Lumière de Vie Serum Concentrate, suitable for all skin types. Apply evenly to your face. This is the next generation skincare that utilizes nature and science with effective brighteners, powerful antioxidants and the power of the sea. Potent extracts that promote healthy skin collagen for firmer-looking skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, delivering extreme radiance, clarity and renewal.

6. Keep hydrated

This is key for that dewy glow beloved by all,

The best moisturizers are the ones that also protect you from the sun. Use a product like Lumière de Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème to hydrate and protect your face. Let your skin absorb a super-hydrating, intensive repair treatment developed for chronically-stressed skin and designed to work with the skin’s renewal process. An ultra rich, fast-absorbing formula specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots as it imparts skin with the look of improved radiance and newly-found firmness.

It’s stressful enough worrying about what to order at dinner, don’t let the threat of breakouts and dry skin rain on your romantic nights out.

7. Finish with a spritz

Don’t forget a little spritz of Lumière de Vie Rosé Refresher!  Aloe and Botanimoist effectively soothe and moisturize for skin that feels soft and smooth to the touch, while Phytic Acid brightens for a more refined, radiant complexion. This versatile mist is a pick-me-up for your skin that instantly refreshes makeup and provides long-lasting hydration. Revitalize, renew and reset skin with this calming rosewater toner. Plus, it smells good too!

‘Can’t Count on Cupid’ Exclusive Online Beauty Series

‘Can’t Count on Cupid’ Exclusive Online Beauty Series

GUESS WHAT???? We are doing it AGAIN 💃🏽💃🏽💕You can’t count on Cupid, folks! 💕.If you loved our last worldwide Beauty Bash event, you’ll love our next one! I’ll be one of the live video contributors, too. LET ME KNOW if YOU want in!!!! .❤️Self Love is The […]

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen in the Winter

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen in the Winter

You might think you can skip applying sunscreen once the winter months begin. This is NOT a good idea. The sun’s harmful rays are still as active as they are during summer. Cool temperatures do not equal safe sun exposure. Here are four reasons why […]

Holiday Eyes: Get The Look

Holiday Eyes: Get The Look

One of the reasons that I LOVE the Holidays, is it’s an excuse to experiment with makeup a bit more than I normally would.  Especially the eyes!  Nothing says the holidays quite like glitter 😉

Here are a few of my favorite eye looks:

Holiday Eyes

See how @glamorousreflections created this dreamy glitter eye look with her favorite Motives products.

1. With a fluffy blending brush, start by blending “Caramel ” above the crease and use it as the transition eyeshadow.
2. With a smaller brush, Apply “chocolight” into the crease to add more depth.
3. With a precise blending brush blend it out with “Boudoir “.
4.With a flat brush Apply concealer to the center of the lid.
5.With a flat eyeshadow brush apply “Sunkissed” to the center of the lid.
6.Blend “Rock candy ” on the sides of the lid to create a spotlight effect and apply “Pot of Gold” glitter on the center of the lid.
7.Apply Fiber lush mascara & blend rock candy & Caramel along the Lower Lash Line, Apply “Pot of Gold” glitter on the lower Lash Line.
8. Add false lashes…and you’re done!

Ready to try this look?  You can Buy The Look Here

Holiday Eyes

 @rubina_muartisty created this stunning look with Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Caramel, Shimmer in Copper, and the Motives Glitter Pot in Pot of Gold.

Holiday Eyes

✨. Re-create @theamazingwroldofj’s eye look with Motives Glitter Pot in Pot Of Gold and Little Black Dress Gel Eyeliner. 

Which one will you try?

Friday Feature: Meet Jacqueline Menconi

Friday Feature: Meet Jacqueline Menconi

One of the best things I have had happened in my career is meeting other beauty professionals.  I am fortunate to have made friends all over the WORLD with some of THE most talented individuals out there. Aligning yourself with others in your profession is […]

Beauty Stocking Stuffers For The Holiday Season

Beauty Stocking Stuffers For The Holiday Season

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the little things, like stocking stuffers! (Especially beauty stocking stuffers!) Fortunately, beauty supplies come in small but mighty packages. I’ve put together a list of some trending products and trinkets for you to add to […]

Must Have Beauty Bundles For This Holiday

Must Have Beauty Bundles For This Holiday

This month I want to help you get the perfect gifts for those hard to buy women. I did all of the work for you with these must have beauty bundles for this Holliday, so you don’t have to wonder what to put together!

Holiday Beauty Bundle

The Motives Boxed Beauty is an essential palette featuring six eye shadows and two blushes with a convenient mirror and brush inside. It’s the perfect gift for any fashionista who wants access to hot cosmetics at any time — and it’s got most of her beautiful face covered!

But what about her lips? The Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub is gentle yet an effective scrub that will help lips reach their full pout potential. It utilizes sugar to buff away dry skin to reveal supple, smooth lips, and I suggest following up with the Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask. This is a leave-on lip treatment that seals in moisture and smooths for the perfect pout. She will also LOVE the Lumière de Vie Renewal Elixir! It’s a luxurious, superior facial oil that deeply moisturizes and reduces the appearance of aging for a youthful-looking, healthy glow. Who doesn’t want that?

You get her the entire bundle, and you can be sure this is a gift she’ll be sure to LOVE! And you may want to put a few of these products on your list. They sure make the prefect stocking stuffers!
I am also including a MOTIVES makeup bag with the purchase of each bundle


Here is how Motives Beauty Advisor Brittany Kimble used the new Holiday Beauty Bundle!

1. For the eye look, I started out using the Motives Eye Base over the entire lid.
2. Next I blended Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Cappuccino in my crease as a transition color followed by the shade Vino on the lower outer V crease for some added warmth and depth.
3. Using the Motives Boxed Beauty Palette I applied the pink shade in the center of my lid.
4. I popped the purple shade between the center pink shade and Vino.
5. For my inner corner, I used the champagne color to bring a little more brightness. I also sprayed my brush with Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray for a more foiled technique.
6. The blush was absolutely beautiful along with the golden highlight shade in the palette, I absolutely LOVED it!!!
7. I finished out the look by filling my brows in with the Motives Brow Kit.
8. For my lips, which were insanely soft and smooth from the Muah Vanilla Lip Scrub and Mask, I used Motives Kohl Eyeliner-Coffee to line and blend into my lips followed by Motives Metallic Paints Pink Latte.


Here is how Motives Beauty Advisor Beauty Advisor Clarissa Jones used the Holiday Beauty Bundle!

1. I treated my lips with Motives Vanilla Scrub and Vanilla Mask after my skincare routine.
2. Fill in brows with dark brown in Motives Essential Brow Kit.
3. Clean under brows with Motives Liquid Concealer in medium light
4. Apply Motives Eye Base over mobile lid and crease of the eye.
5. Start with Golden Blush from Boxed Beauty Palette on blend above the crease for a transition color
6. Blend Dark Brown eyeshadow from Boxed Beauty in outer V and inner eye.
7. Place Blue eyeshadow from Boxed Beauty in middle of the lid up to the crease.
8. Blend Dark Brown and Blue eyeshadow from Boxed Beauty on the lower lid.
9. After foundation, contouring, and highlighting, use Golden Blush from Boxed Beauty to highlight cheek and Pink Blush on cheeks
10. Winged eyeliner created with Motives liquid eyeliner and topped off with bold lashes


Need more ideas? Don’t worry, I have you covered!


No one wants to find yourself under the mistletoe with dry, cracked, flakey lips!! PUCKER UP!!

Get plush and hydrated lips with this dynamic duo 💋💋

Step 1: Buff away dry skin & help your lips reach their full pout potential with Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub-This nourishing formula utilizes sugar to to reveal supple, smooth lips that are prepped for an infusion of flawless color.

Step 2: Apply Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask. This silky lip mask is infused with shea butter for effortless nourishment while emollients smooth for ultimate suppleness, and the sweetly subtle taste of vanilla is the cherry on top. This leave on lip treatment that seals in moisture and smooths for the perfect pout. This versatile treatment can be applied under your favorite Motives lip color or as an overnight lip mask.

Who doesn’t want SOFT lips this season?!? Get this duo here! MUAH

Holiday Classics

One thing I love about the holiday season is the fact that we can look forward to traditions.

Whether it’s shopping with friends, a romantic date, or coffee and cookie backing… it all looks and feels better with a bright & cheery red lip and some extra glow to match the twinkle in your eye

Adding a bold liner to your top lid is the perfect pair to a bold red lip (think Marilyn Monroe signature look)

Here is your guide for working with this combo of product:

😚 Our Pressed Highlighters are sure to please, as they offer Gold, Neutral or Rose tones!
(Goddess / Bombshell / Starshine / Rose Diamond)

👌 Liquid Gold Shimmer has no rules & offers a creamy, soft glow wherever it lands. Try on cheekbones, you cupids bow, brow bone, collarbones, eye lids, etc.!

💋 Choose ‘Sorry not Sorry’ or Scandalous for a bold, matte lip and keep your holiday cheer from spreading to your coffee cup or lover’s lips!

👁️ Our Luxe Precision liner offers incredible staying power, while being effortless to apply. More pressure means a thicker line, so sweet gently for a subtle line or apply some pressure if you like the drama


Sexy & Sophisticated

Sexy & Sophisticated, these sultry shades make the naughty list look nice!💋💋
In the Nude is the dreamiest mistake-proof palette of barely-there colors that features six incredible eye shadows, a sizzling bronzer and a lip shine to sweeten the pot. A must for every woman, this beauty essential also comes with two easy-to-follow tutorials so you can achieve your favorite looks.
Pair it with Motives® Ultra Matte Lipstick-Seduced and Motives® Fiber Lush Mascara and you may just find yourself under the mistletoe even after the Holidays. Get the bundle here!




Glitz & Glam

Swipe on something shimmery & bright with the Glitz & Glam Bundle!

Put on a set of false eyelashes made with natural hair fibers for an alluring, natural look. Create the look of bigger, fuller, more inviting eyes with our collection of false eyelashes. Using our easy to apply glitter adhesive, you’ll have the perfect clear base to hold your favorite glitter on all day & night!

Metallic Paint Liquid Lip in Delight is the perfect color to complement this look. This lip stain is full of long-lasting coverage. Flaunt fiercely bold lips with these vibrant, metallic hues.

Finish off your look with adding the right amount of glow with the Halo Pressed Blush.  You can get the Glam & Glitz Bundle here!






Under The Mistletoe

Who ACTUALLY hangs mistletoe in their home?  Comment below!

Whether it’s just in theory, or you spend time locking lips under this festive bundle… we can all appreciate the concept!

We wanted to offer up a product collection that offers you a romantic look for a dreamy date night (or moment under the mistletoe 😘)

MIX IT UP with our freshly launched shadow palette offering creamy, earthy hues and add to the drama by lining those lashes with our Little Black Dress Gel Liner.
Sweep on a little color to your cheeks with your favorite pressed blush (Peach Beige is one of our favs!)
And pucker up those lips with your favorite red lipstick and or complete your pout with Kiss Me mineral lip shine. Get this bundle here!

Exclusive Online Holiday Beauty Bash

Exclusive Online Holiday Beauty Bash

Who’s ready for our 🎁“Holiday Beauty Bash” 🎁? No need to leave your home, join in all the fun right from the comfort of your own home 💋 It’s an exclusive 4 day event for my VIPs happening Nov23-26! We will have professionals from all […]