Are You Really Capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR Industry?

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Cosmetics-Are you really capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR market? The United States Cosmetic Industry is the largest in the world, estimating a total revenue of $54.89 BILLION! This industry is projected to grow 3-4% each year over the next 5 years in the United States Why?  Look at the statistics: Emotional Attachment *Nearly half of […]

February 20, 2018

The Evolution of the Beauty Industry-Booth Rental vs. Employee

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In week 1 I touched on Diversion, week 2 was about Distribution and another shift that has transformed our industry-INDEPENDENT STYLISTS. From a stylists point: Hairstylists are often faced with two options when they start their career: renting a booth or chair from a salon owner, or working for an employer on a salary or […]

January 23, 2018