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Friday Feature: Meet Jacqueline Menconi

Friday Feature: Meet Jacqueline Menconi

One of the best things I have had happened in my career is meeting other beauty professionals.  I am fortunate to have made friends all over the WORLD with some of THE most talented individuals out there. Aligning yourself with others in your profession is […]

Exclusive Online Holiday Beauty Bash

Exclusive Online Holiday Beauty Bash

Who’s ready for our 🎁“Holiday Beauty Bash” 🎁? No need to leave your home, join in all the fun right from the comfort of your own home 💋 It’s an exclusive 4 day event for my VIPs happening Nov23-26! We will have professionals from all […]

MUAH-My Secret To The Perfect Pout

MUAH-My Secret To The Perfect Pout

Are you confused by what products you need for the perfect pout? Here are a couple things that you may be skipping that can make a big difference!

Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub

My favorite is the Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub. It’s a gentle yet effective scrub that will help your lips reach their full pout potential. This nourishing formula utilizes sugar to buff away dry skin to reveal supple, smooth lips that are prepped for an infusion of flawless color. It is also gentle enough to use everyday!

How do I use Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub?
Apply with fingertip and massage gently onto lips, buffing away dull skin. Wipe away excess scrub with a warm washcloth. Finish with Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask for the ultimate lip pampering experience.
How does Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub work?
Sugar crystals, a natural exfoliant, work to buff away dead skin cells easily and then dissolve leaving a sweet taste on your smoothed lips.
How often should I use Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub?
Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub is gentle enough for daily use and can be used as desired based on your lips needs.
Is Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub tested on animals?
Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product.

Lip Mask

Now that you exfoliated, it’s time for a lip mask! I think we’re all familiar with  face masks—whether you’re into exfoliating masks, hydrating masks, or maybe a combination of the two, masking is a vital step in any woman’s skin care routine. But there’s another crucial step that you might be missing: lip masks.

If you’re like most women, you’re probably wondering what is a lip mask? That’s completely understandable because lip masks are a newcomer to the beauty scene, but I assure you that they are something you don’t want to miss out on!


Yes, they sure are. And, WOW, I am grateful! Lip masks are a simple way to keep your lips soft and smooth-and doesn’t everyone want soft, Lucious lips?  Once you try them, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask

I am in LOVE with the Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask, it’s a leave on lip treatment that seals in moisture and smooths for the perfect pout. This silky lip mask is infused with shea butter for effortless nourishment while emollients smooth for ultimate suppleness, and the sweetly subtle taste of vanilla is the cherry on top. This versatile treatment can be applied under your favorite Motives lip color or as an overnight lip mask.

How do I use Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask?
Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask can be used as an overnight mask or as a daily treatment.
  • Overnight Mask: Apply the mask generously to cleansed, exfoliated lips before bed. We recommend exfoliating with Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub.
  • Daily Treatment: Apply to lips and gently massage until fully absorbed.
Can I wear lip color over Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask?
Yes! Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask can be used as an everyday lip treatment that is worn underneath your favorite lip color. Additional touch-ups to your lip color may be needed throughout the day, as the creamy base leaves your lips so smooth and moisturized!
How often should I apply Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask?
Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask can be applied as needed based on your lips. It can be used daily, especially in winter months when your lips need a little extra love, or several nights a week as an overnight mask.
Is Motives MUAH Vanilla Lip Mask tested on animals?
Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product.
MUAH! Now that you used this duo, you are ready for your lip color!
A Complete List of Pro Makeup Discounts

A Complete List of Pro Makeup Discounts

If you have been following me, you probably know by now that I talk about the beauty industry NON STOP!  Especially in my “Evolution of the Beauty Industry” Series. Today I’m going to hopefully help many pros out there, because I see this question ALL […]

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Motives Beauty & Business Academy made a stop at Richmond Virginia over the weekend Beauty professionals & professional consultants received firsthand experience with Motives products and skincare along with professional training from some of our top industry professionals. Among them were Lisa Martin-Director of […]

Are You Capitalizing on THE Biggest Trends This Year?

Are You Capitalizing on THE Biggest Trends This Year?

We are almost half way through the year, and so I have to ask: Are you capitalizing on one of the biggest trends this year?

In 2018 we have been seeing the customer taking a bigger role in the beauty products that make up their beauty routines.  It’s a shift that mirrors the industry’s move towards greater diversity.  And customized beauty trend IS the new luxury.  Are you capitalizing on this trend by offering personalized beauty products?

Customized Products

I have always believed in providing exceptional customer service through one to one marketing, and though we live in a technological world, people are wanting that human interaction.  I have already touched on the trend that websites are using chat bots in my article 10 Salon & Spa Trends in 2018 to give a more tailored customer service approach to give a more personalized recommendation. So the ability to offer personalized beauty care products has so many benefits and is a way to WOW your client and ensure 100% customer satisfaction, not to mention, it is FUN 🙂

Let’s look at some of the categories that you can offer that are customized just for the client.

  1. Foundation
    Shopping for the correct foundation can be a challenge for most people, and so many settle for the wrong one. Why not offer custom blend foundation that you are able to formulate & customize it to the exact match their skin? You combine the exact foundation pigment with the color of the skin tone to create the perfect custom blend foundation.Motives liquid foundation offers 11% pigmentation, while typical foundation has 6-7% pigment. And you have the ability to increase the coverage  with enhancers that have 28% pigment. Skin care additives are then added: toners, modifiers, moisturizers and skin serums.With Motives Custom Blend makeup solutions, you are able to formulate and mix the perfect texture, and even decide on cream or powder too. You can literally blend anything:  concealers, eye shadows and color correctors.  The possibilities are endless with even blushes, bronzers, shimmer powders, brow pomades and lip stains.

    Motives Custom Blend Foundation
    Some of the Motives Custom Blend Foundation Advantages are:
    *Pure mineral Bases
    *Oil Free
    *Talc free
    *Paraben Free
    *Gluten Free
    *Non- Comedogenic (will not clog your pores)
    *Various Serum Additives
    *Create any color

  2. Skincare
    While categorizing different skin types into dry, oily or combination has been the norm for years, consumers no longer want a one size fits all.  They want an expert to customize a regimen just for them.  And with the addition of new revolutionary ingredients on the market, it is so beneficial to find the best products for each individual.When a skin analysis can be done properly, various products can be prescribed for not only skin types but also concerns such as acne, anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation, eczema, etc.
    With an increased awareness in face mapping and beauty from the inside out approach, there is definitely a need for our next category.Skin mapping skin care customization
  3. Nutritional analysisClients are always asking us questions about the right vitamins for their hair skin & nails, and as beauty professionals, we are also the first to see the effects of various deficiencies.  And you have to admit, that identifying areas of nutrition where they need extra supplementation is a difficult task-we haven’t typically had the education. Harder still is looking through the endless assortment of vitamins and minerals that claim to improve their health and well-being, but in fact are making no difference at all.Consider offering a customized nutritional analysis. It is a tool that can help them chose the proper supplementation regimen based on their diet and lifestyle.
  4. Gene Analysis
    Genetic testing services are a major trend right now and over the last few decades, developments in the science of genetics and technology have transformed our understanding of disease.  This development in medicine has made early intervention and effective management a real possibility for everyone.Today we know the degree to which diet influences the balance between healthy and disease states may depend on an individual’s genetic makeup which can effect their hair, skin and nails. With a raise in the health conscious consumer, offering a powerful tool that like genetic analysis can help develop a practice and its wellness program by introducing patients to advantages of testing and improved health outcomes.Customized haircare
  5. Customized hair care products
    You should all be recommending the perfect hair are products to all of your clients, but let’s not skirt around the D word…diversion.  It’s time to take control of the sale back and offer products that can not and will not be found in stores or websites.  By offering customized shampoos and conditioners that they have to have you mix up, they have to come to you to get it.  You have the ability to mix in color toners and have them pick the perfect scent just for them. Clients LOVE it!!

Not only does offering personalized products ensure 100% customer satisfaction, it is also very profitable!!  Think of the possibilities, and the excitement it makes! Custom blend cosmetics yield a 200-300% profit alone, which is a plus!  And then by incorporating more personalization…It’s a win win situation for everyone 🙂


If you are interested in offering any of these personalized products, I can help!  Just fill this out this form completely and I will get in touch:



Spring Clean Your Makeup and Skincare

Spring Clean Your Makeup and Skincare

Ahh…Spring is in the air. Well not so much in Wisconsin, BUT it will come eventually, right?  Even though Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, I have seen the signs with the new spring trends in makeup & fashion. So it’s time to make room for the […]

Reality Check-Who are You Really Paying for Your Makeup?

Reality Check-Who are You Really Paying for Your Makeup?

Who is REALLY profiting from your beauty care purchases?  I know that is an interesting question, but I guarantee if you read on, it will make sense in just a bit! If any of you know me, you know that I am on a mission […]

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Salon

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Salon

Do you have a strong digital marketing strategy?  I compiled a list of my top, proven digital marketing strategies that you can start to implement and see rock solid results in no time!

Last week I talked about the importance of social media, but don’t think that because you have a rich, social media presence that it means a website is not important or relevant to your consumer. Social media is great way to engage with people that like, follow, and engage with you on these channels. But what about the people that are searching for your products and or services that do not know you? How will they find you?

People are still searching for local services through search engines like Google, so if you are not here, or have a strong website, it’s as though you don’t exist to the audience that is unaware. Therefore, a website is still a necessary component to an online marketing strategy.  Your website becomes important for search, but also to display key products and services, your unique proposition, to display your core values and mission, as well as to have an online e-commerce and scheduling opportunity.

If you don’t have a website yet, you’re not alone!  Many salons and independent stylists don’t either, but are realizing that they should.  Hopefully by the end of this article, you will be convinced that you need a website too.

Beauty Industry Website Must Haves

Top Pages: About, Our Services, Gallery, Scheduling, and Contact

  • Adding a page for any press coverage, news, media, etc. is a great bonus to feature.
  • Your portfolio galleries should be segmented, so your audience can filter out what they truly want to see.
    Here are some ideas: Bridal, Before/After, Senior Portraits, Cut/Color, Fashion Shots, Family & Children (make sure to get written permission before posting any photos of under 18 year old clients)
    digital marketing
    MOST IMPORTANTLY, your website must be mobile/tablet responsive! The majority of your clients will be searching for services and products on their phones, so make it user-friendly.
  • Update your website once a month with new photos, features or tweaks to your bio, which will keep your site fresh, relevant, and SEO friendly.
  • Online Video has become more popular, as well. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a million.  From a quick featured video on your home page, to tutorials embedded from a YouTube Channel, video content has become an important digital marketing component.
  • Have you considered online scheduling and reservations? Today’s consumer is more focused on convenience than ever. Make it easy for them to book appointments online. Access to a calendar and/or availability is extremely useful.
  • Lastly, use your website to drive more revenue.  Offer products for sale through an ecommerce enabled shopping cart.  There are also affiliate sites, where your customers and clients can purchase products via a 3rd party vendor through your website, and you can earn a percentage of that sale for the referral. You should also sell gift certificates or gift cards online.


    People don’t search to search, they search to FIND!  When consumers are searching, they are researching products and services.  However, when they are searching a local service, they are a motivated buyer, which means there is a higher chance for customer/client acquisition. In order to be a top choice for your prospective client, you must show up in search.  Whether you appear in the organic listing, paid advertisements, or the listings, it is vitally important to have a strong search strategy in place.

    digital marketingSearch engine optimization is the process of having your website rank higher, organically, in search engines like Google. When people type in “nail salon, Boston, MA” you want to show up! It’s not good enough that you appear in results when searching for your business name.  It is important to rank for key services you provide in the geography you service, and not all websites come with a SEO strategy.

    Paid advertising on search engines like Google is called Search Engine Marketing and is a great way to get good positioning on search engine results. When someone searches for “day spa” in your area, you can pay Google to list you and pay for them to click on your ad. Qualified leads driven to your website based on the audience searching for a product or service you can provide!

    You can also appear in the listings section of search engines or on review sites across the Internet.  Why is this important? At least 70% of potential clients search for online reviews before trying out a new salon!

    But one of the concerns then becomes, what if I have negative reviews? What can I do? First, determine what the real concern is or was.  Don’t react immediately, however, determine some responses that disarm the review, and offer a considerate reply.  In some cases, a negative review that has been handled positively by a business owner will win over more clients than an actual positive review. However, you can also boost positive reviews and your online reputation by asking your satisfied clients to post a review on your site, on google, or any of the other listing or review sites they’d like.

    Improving your online reputation is also important in your overall marketing strategy.  After all, word of mouth advertising is the #1 form of marketing you depend on!

    Now that I covered websites, what about other marketing stratagies?  These are at the top of my list!

    Email Marketing

    Staying in touch with your clients other than social media is important too. Long form content is making a comeback, and email marketing must be part of your marketing strategy. Ask yourself how many times a day that you check your email?

  • Statistics say that only 20% of your clients know all the services you offer. Therefore, email is a great way to showcase all the services your salon offers. It also offers upsell or cross-sell opportunities.
  • Send thank you e-mails. Set up your salon software to send out a thank you e-mail at the end of the day or the end of the week, or even immediately following a client’s visit to the salon.
  • Event based e-mails. Is it someone’s birthday? Maybe an anniversary? Use your salon software to send a specialized ‘happy’ e-mail.
  • Send appointment confirmations. Sending a confirmation to your client as a reminder can avoid several missed appointments.
  • Last minute appointments. Is your schedule not completely full for some AM spots? Fill in the gaps by sending out e-mails for discounted appointments.
  • Timed reminders. Is your client due back in to book their next color treatment after 5 weeks? Send them a reminder. What about clients who haven’t been in to your salons in 3 months? Send them a ‘we miss you’ incentive.

    Text Messaging

    Set up your salon software send clients a text message with your daily or weekly promotion. This is underrated and can be really effective. Just collect the client’s phone number with their permission and send a special offer. If your salon software doesn’t offer text messaging, there are other services that you can check into.

    Loyalty Program

    Develop a loyalty program. You can give clients points purchasing retail, or even for trying out a new service or referring another guest. The points can be converted to cash. It’ll keep the clients coming back!

    Survey Says

    Do you want an easy way to get some feedback? Send out all your guests you had for the day or the week a survey request to see how your salon is doing and if they have any ideas for improvements.  Clients love to give their opinion and it can be very helpful to hear their perspective. You can use tools like Survey Monkey which is very user friendly.
    digital marketing

    Daily Deals

    71% of skin care customers have reportedly used daily deal websites, like Groupon or Living Social, and I get asked all of the time if they are a worthwhile investment.

    While these sites may ask you to discount your services more than you’re comfortable with. Groupon, which was once one of the hottest startups in the world, was an online to offline commerce company: connecting online offers to consumers for offline purchasing. But Groupon’s model could not deliver enough value for participating businesses, causing them to lose money and break ties with Groupon. Only about 1% of Groupon users become regular customers.

    I now what you are thinking-It’s easily the most effective way to get hundreds or even thousands of people through the door of a salon with one day’s advertising. The problem is that the cost of sale doesn’t really add up for the salon owner. Generally a salon would only need to convert about 10% of Groupon buyers into regular clients for it to make financial sense but statistics show only seeing conversion rates of about 1%. Think about that for a second. A salon with three staff sells a thousand deals and only ten of these come back again and pay normal prices. That’s over a thousand man hours (at least two months) of loss-making treatments to gain seven new clients.

    In a blog posted by Jon Carder, CEO of Empyr, an Online to Offline Commerce network with over $40 million in funding, titled “The Formula to Create a Trillion Dollar Industry”, Carder explained, “Daily deal sites frequently used a 50% off offer. That motivated online consumers by the truckload but wasn’t sustainable for the offline businesses. The offer has to walk a fine line of motivational for consumers and sustainable for businesses. Daily deals were like a “steroid” pumping up businesses fast but then leaving them with a small number of returning customers. What actually works is an “exercise program”, like a 10-20% offer that won’t drive in as many consumers but will ensure the business has a sustainable marketing source.”

    SHOP Local

    SHOP Local Program

    SHOP Local–is an online loyalty reward program that gives online shoppers an opportunity to find services in their local area and earn a cashback incentive for using the business’s services.  The business simply pays a small percentage to ShopLocal after the transaction. No set-up fee and the “pay for performance” model enables businesses to work within their profit margin and budget their marketing dollars efficiently.

    SHOP Local is your simple solution!
      You can save out of pocket marketing and advertising expenses by partnering with SHOP Local.  Business who join the SHOP Local program are connected to millions of customers who are motivated to make purchases at participating businesses.

    No risk marketing = no upfront costs or monthly fees!  There’s no software to install, no training for employees – just more customers and revenue.  The tracking of purchases is handled for you, while you simply enjoy the perks of an established customer loyalty program.  SHOP Local will help you build loyalty and grow your business locally with ease.


    It would be false to say that 100% of your success will depend on your digital marketing and social media strategies.  And while they are important, nothing is better than delivering a great product or service with quality customer engagement.  Being genuinely interested in your clients, building a strong relationship will be the most important thing you can do as a beauty professional! You want your clients feeling better about themselves in your presence.  Let them relax, enjoy their service, and provide them the best environment to be their best self.

    If you are looking to attract, engage, and communicate effectively and efficiently using a strong digital marketing strategy to build up and interact with your clientele, so that you can provide that quality service, increase revenue, decrease expenses, and streamline business practices, we invite you to a free consultation to determine your needs and propose solutions best-suited for you.

    Email me at leigh@LEIGHRAEDER.com to learn more about anything mentioned in this article and how I may be able to help your beauty business!






Are You Really Capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR Industry?

Are You Really Capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR Industry?

Cosmetics-Are you really capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR market? The United States Cosmetic Industry is the largest in the world, estimating a total revenue of $54.89 BILLION! This industry is projected to grow 3-4% each year over the next 5 years in the United States […]