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What’s That Brush For?  Here’s the Skinny

What’s That Brush For? Here’s the Skinny

Do you know which type of makeup brush is best for the makeup you use? My guide explains the difference between all of my professional brushes so you can apply your makeup flawlessly.     Brushes Brushes are one of the most common and traditional […]

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Motives Beauty & Business Academy made a stop at Richmond Virginia over the weekend Beauty professionals & professional consultants received firsthand experience with Motives products and skincare along with professional training from some of our top industry professionals. Among them were Lisa Martin-Director of […]

Toronto Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Toronto Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Motives Beauty & Business Academy (MBBA) stopped at Toronto Canada

Beauty professionals & support staff received firsthand experience with Motives products and skincare and received professional training from some of our top industry professionals.  Lisa Martin-Director of Field Development, Leigh Raeder-Master Cosmetologist & Global Educator, Dr. Terry White ND, & Cristina Enriquez Rivero-Medical Esthetician were focus speakers over the 4 day Motives Beauty & Business Academy.

Gifts at Motives Beauty Business Academy Toronto Canada

Lisa & Leigh kicked off the weekend with a session teaching the attendees on how to brand yourself on-line and in person. They shared not only tips for salons and spas, but also how independents can grow as a brand to set them up for maximum success.



Leigh started off the day with “Why” the beauty industry is in desperate need of our program and systems. She discussed the evolution of the industry and how the industry has been changing at a record pace. It is crucial that salons stay ahead of these changes to stay profitable.

Lisa joined in during the afternoon beauty & business academy session and taught how the attendees how they can help by implementing Motives and other divisions into salons and spas, along with other professional accounts.  Leigh explained how no one else has these programs and systems in place and this will be an industry changer. Dr. Terry then talked about different personality types and taught the class how to relate with them. Lisa wrapped up the evening with empowering everyone to “Fall in Love with the Process”.

Motives Beauty Business Academy Toronto Canada


Dr. Terry kicked of Sunday’s session with beauty From the Inside Out, teaching about digestive health and that beauty really does from within.  Cristina took over talking about advanced skincare and even performed a live facial demo using all Market America skincare.


The event was wrapped up on Monday with the art of makeup with live demos featuring makeup artists from Toronto, Toru Gallardo, Joyce Zhou, and Keisha Gregory.

All of the graduates left with tools and felt empowered to work with salons and spas and beauty professionals along with an action plan on how to achieve their own goals.

The MBBA’s next stop is this weekend in Richmond.  There’s still time to get you and your guests tickets at www.motivesacademy.com
Motives Beauty Business Academy Toronto Canada



The Evolution & the Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Evolution & the Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Motives Beauty & Business Academy (MBBA) If you have been following me, then you probably know how passionate I am about the beauty industry.  Through my “Evolution of the Beauty Industry” Series, I share all of the changes that the industry has faced and the […]

Reality Check-Who are You Really Paying for Your Makeup?

Reality Check-Who are You Really Paying for Your Makeup?

Who is REALLY profiting from your beauty care purchases?  I know that is an interesting question, but I guarantee if you read on, it will make sense in just a bit! If any of you know me, you know that I am on a mission […]

Global Social Media Stars Redefining the Beauty Industry

Global Social Media Stars Redefining the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has experienced a radical shift in the past five years, and I have been covering it all in my Evolution of the Beauty Industry Series.

I think we can all agree that celebrity influence has fallen to the wayside with the rise of beauty influencers, lifestyle bloggers, YouTube vloggers, and Instagram stars.  Consumers view them as being  independent, authentic, and trusted, therefore they are holding more power over consumer decisions and brands. And more and more brands are using allocating their advertising dollars to just that


The rise of social media stars

There’s no escaping the fact that the millennial generation’s coming of age has had a redefining effect on consumer habits as we once knew them

No industry was spared, and all businesses had to adjust the way they market to people. Traditional marketing became obsolete once social media invaded single facet of our lives. Millennials were leading the charge with fresh perspectives, ideas, values, and ambitions.

The beauty industry took a particularly huge hit, as the rise of influencers and digital mediums began encroaching on age-old ways. Social media’s sudden dominance threw a wrench in well-oiled engines, and famous beauty giants —beloved by this generation’s mothers— found themselves in a precarious position.  The category was shifting and adapting was vital to survival, but getting a colossal machine in gear can be challenging.

with the Motives Mavens @tenipanosian @auroramakeup @maryamnyc @ellarie

The Evolution

Switching directions is not an obvious task in corporate America. This resulted in giants losing ground to growing independents answering the call of millennial consumer demands. Tween consumers are buying from prestige department stores earlier, and this grants more access. The newbies were not only starting in a position that made more sense in today’s market, but they also proved effectively nimble and reactive — a major advantage in our fast-paced, ever evolving social environment

Visual social channels like YouTube and Instagram were the primary conduits for change by giving a voice to unlikely experts. For the first time ever, anyone could rise to stardom and become an authority on a specific topic with the mere click of a button. Which was the logical outcome considering the category’s entire focus revolves around aesthetics and peer recommendations.

Motives Mavens
with The Motives Mavens @makeupbydenise @maryamnyc & @ellarie

So here we were in the midst of a cultural transformation, with social media in the lead and visionaries in the front seat. The beliefs and values with which purchase decisions are made are changing the marketing MO. Traditional forms of advertising were beginning to be (rightfully) considered opaque and out of touch, and there was an increasing disconnect from the messaging.

Young people wanted something different they could relate to, and platforms like YouTube and Instagram provided a podium to be heard. These young consumers were able to take back some power from the companies thanks to having a new stage for communication and self-expression. By default, they changed how the world operates.


The roll of the customer

In fact, the customer’s role today is dramatically different from what it was before Instagram came into our lives. The platform has been instrumental in breaking the boundaries between brands and people, allowing for outside voices to be heard. It created a dialogue and empowered young entrepreneurs to fill newly discovered voids in what had previously seemed like an oversaturated segment.


Loren Ridinger-Marketing Genius

Innovative, modern-day cosmetics brands have sprouted in the past few years to fill the previously untapped gap. One where transparency rules, authenticity is a core principle, and communities are not only formed, but are also highly valued and constantly interacted with. This new media era has essentially forced older companies to reevaluate their center of gravity while allowing new ones to blaze a trail with relevant messaging that resonates with this generation.

Loren Ridinger


A perfect example of this is when Loren Ridinger-Creative Director & Founder of Motives Cosmetics decided to ask a handful of Instagram artists to try her products and share their thoughts.  She really was one of the first companies to recognize the value of this decision and it grew their followers so quickly that they became one of the fastest growing social media brands.





It’s a Social World After All

In a social media world, consumers are savvy, demanding, and have a lot of leverage. Brands are conscious, honest, serving, clever, and innovative. The beauty industry has developed an ecosystem where a social campaign and the best content marketing strategy can elevate a business to cult status. This once unorthodox way of operating has become the only course of action for today’s top makeup brands and skincare super players.

A sector that was once deemed overcrowded has now been invaded by a new crop of independent brands that isn’t adhering to the defunct rules of yore. Rebelling has driven their success, with social as a primary propaganda platform. New beauty businesses are using Instagram as a launching pad as well as an ongoing brand vehicle — a strategy that has proven to be quite effective for growth and hype. It’s a channel on which they can share their values and story, build a brand world, create a journey, and, more importantly, establish a dialogue with their community.

Naomi Giannopoulos aka Vegas_Nay

Vegas_Nay was named the most popular makeup artist and fashion entrepreneur on Instagram in 2015.  Giannopolos discovered her talent back in high school. She became the go-to glamour girl for her classmates around prom and homecoming seasons. Soon after, she began booking clients, like bridal parties and models.

Giannopoulos mastered the art when she became one of 10 students selected to train under high-end fashion mogul Roberto Cavalli’s design team in Florence, Italy. However, it wasn’t until Giannopolos began blogging and posting on Instagram that she gained social media success.

“Makeup artists don’t really share their techniques because it’s kind of like a taboo thing, and I’m like, ‘You know, this is what I love to do,'” Giannopoulos said. “I love to teach. So I started to share more and more.”

She now has over 7.5 million followers and her own eyelash and makeup line.

with @Vegas_Nay

Huda Kattan-Huda Beauty

She began producing online beauty content in 2010 began producing on-line beauty content with a modest goal: to become the biggest beauty blogger in the Middle East & launch a namesake brand there.  And dreams do come true…since launching Huda Beauty, the once finance exec has become one of the most popular global beauty influencers, with more than 20 million followers on Instagram. She is ranked #1 on the “2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List”, earning $18,000 for each post of sponsored content. She was also declare one of the “Ten Most Powerful Influencers In the World of Beauty” by Forbes Magazine.

You are going to see more companies investing in becoming a direct to consumer platform and in partnerships to drive conversations that are happening on social media and developing technology to go ecommerce to retail while keeping customer information.

Our new Motives Beauty & Business Academy capitalizes on all of this and other industry changes for Salons & Spas!! Don’t wait to start capitalizing on these evolutions.  Let me help!!

MBBA Motives Academy



Are You Really Capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR Industry?

Are You Really Capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR Industry?

Cosmetics-Are you really capitalizing on this BILLION DOLLAR market? The United States Cosmetic Industry is the largest in the world, estimating a total revenue of $54.89 BILLION! This industry is projected to grow 3-4% each year over the next 5 years in the United States […]

Fall Trend Alert-Metallic Lips

Fall Trend Alert-Metallic Lips

So far I am loving the fall trends that I have been seeing.  From cold shoulder sweaters to ruffle sleeves & distressed jeans. One of the makeup trends that I’ve been getting a lot of requests for is metallic lips.  What I love about it, […]

Let's Show Texas How Much We Care

Let's Show Texas How Much We Care

So many are wondering how they can help after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Yes, there are many organizations collecting donations and I have MANY friends and colleagues in the area helping and doing great things and I want to help more. Instead of having a Labor Day Sale, I have decided that 100% of the proceeds of any of my exclusive brands from my websites this weekend (through Monday September 4th, 2017 @midnight) will be donated to Project 828. I chose this non-profit because I trust where my money is going.  I learned about it from my amazing friend Quimby Franovich, who has been collecting necessary items for those in need but monetary donations are crucial!

If you live near the drop off and have items to donate listed, please consider donating. The Texas Division of Emergency Management so far estimates a total of 185,149 homes in the Lone Star state have been damaged or destroyed by Harvey. Harris County officials estimate 30,000 to 40,000 homes have been destroyed in the Houston area alone. People need to understand this is not going to be a short-term project. This is going to be a multiyear project for Texas to be able to dig out of this catastrophe.
If you need cosmetics or skincare: http://bit.ly/1urOJXt
for Isotonix: http://bit.ly/2x07LPD
for TLS Products: http://bit.ly/2wvOF0x
for SNAP natural cleaning solutions: http://bit.ly/2xFDKkW
for a list of all exclusive brands: http://bit.ly/2x0Ug1R
If you’d like to donate to Project 828 directly: http://www.project828.org/donate.html
All donations are tax deductible
Coming Soon-Motives Iconic Palette

Coming Soon-Motives Iconic Palette

I got a sneak peek at a new palette that will be launched right in time for the Holidays, and trust me when I say, it will be a favorite! Loren Ridinger has been an amazing mentor and role model to not only me, but […]