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Get The Looks: Thrill Me Collection

Get The Looks: Thrill Me Collection

Everyone has been loving the new Thrill Me Collection and I must say, I have been using it almost daily! There are so many looks that you can achieve with it. Check out these looks that I think everyone can get inspired by! Bring out […]

12 Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change Your Life

12 Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Where would we be without eyeliner? The power of a perfectly lined eye can’t be beat. These eyeliner hacks are meant to make your life easier.

The Best 2019 Makeup Trends

The Best 2019 Makeup Trends

Just like fashion makeup goes through trends each season. I’ve covered quite a bit for you and I hope that it’s giving you some options of how you can spice up your every day makeup routine by incorporating some of these 2019 makeup trends!

Bold Eyeliner

2019 makeup trends

You have already seen this trend in my article 5 Unexpected Ways to Wear Blue Eyeliner, bold and vibrant eyeliner is in this spring! Rock this makeup trend with my two favorite new blue Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliners or shop for these classic eyeliners

Monochromatic Makeup

2019 makeup trends

Maintaining a makeup theme is a thing! Rather than figure out which shades will complement one another, simply stick with one or two tones that are similar. Go for pink or peach pastels that feel like spring, and work that color into your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Try this pink lip from the new Thrill Me Palette on your cheeks and lips.

Golden Glow

2019 makeup trends

Looking like a golden goddess is nothing new when it comes to spring, but still just as relevant as ever. The new Thrill Me Palette has a beautiful copper and rose gold shadow that will give you the first golden spring look.

Pretty In Pink

2019 makeup trends

Play up your pink lip or rosy pink cheeks this spring with this makeup trend. Follow the monogchromatic trend and even try a pink eye look.

Clean Skin

2019 makeup trends

The just got back from getting a facial look is in this spring. Keep your face makeup light and natural for a fresh spring look. Be sure you are regularly using your Lumière De Vie skincare routine for flaweless looking skin.

Airy Lashes

clean makeup

Don’t worry ladies lashes are still in, but put down the heavy strips of fake lashes and opt for a coat of mascara. Spring is all about airy flirty lashes which happens to one one of my favorite makeup trends this year!

My Secrets to The “No Makeup Look”

My Secrets to The “No Makeup Look”

One of the biggest trends that we are still seeing is the flawless “no makeup look”. It’s the perfect solution for those who love makeup, but are too busy to fit in a full face of makeup every day. And the best part is, this […]

YOU Can Get Paid To Be A Motives Cosmetics Ambassador!

YOU Can Get Paid To Be A Motives Cosmetics Ambassador!

Motives is looking for beauty influencers to join its Pro Artist Program! Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Why be like every other makeup artist?

THRILL ME This Season-2019 Spring/Summer Trend Alert

THRILL ME This Season-2019 Spring/Summer Trend Alert

The launch of our new Motives Thrill Me Campaign stole the show this weekend at the World Conference in Miami! We finally got to share the new Motives products with everyone. Get ready to add some of these flirty spring colors makeup routine with all of our amazing new products. I hope you are as excited as I am!

What thrills you? Classic? Sweet? Tough? Bold? Be your own kind of thrilling this season with Motives Spring/Summer collection! From the wings of your eyeliner to your rosy cheeks, bold hues and subtle shimmers, blend flawlessly to create a variety of looks from timeless to dramatic. Confidence is key, and whether that means staying true to you with a toned-down, everyday look, embracing your quirky high-drama style, or going all out and being bold, don’t hold back!

Motives® Thrill Me Palette

Motives Thrill Me Palette

Bring out a variety of looks this Spring using the new Thrill Me Palette. All new, chic eye shadows and a versatile lipstick/blush that can be added to any look to truly bring out yourself. Being you is thrilling enough, so utilize this palette to capture your true look. These six eye shadows are easily blended to go on as a wet or dry look or add a simple swipe to either your cheeks or your lips for the perfect highlight.

Motives® Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliner in Radical & Azure

An intensely pigmented liquid eyeliner that will add excitement to your everyday look. Formulated for extended wear that glides on with precision and lasts from morning into the night. The ultrafine brush allows for a precise application that is designed to last from morning to night. These vivid shades are perfect for adding a pop of color or creating a bold, dramatic look.

Motives® Liquid Metal Eye Shadow in Surge and Sassy

A liquid eye shadow that delivers lust-worthy, vibrant color with every swipe. This long-lasting formula pairs seamlessly with pressed eye shadow for a perfect blend of textures and finishes that is crease-resistant and lasts for hours. This lightweight, creamy eye innovation dries down in seconds, leaving a layer of high-intensity color in runway-ready shades.

Motives® Lip Illusion Polish

Motives® Lip Illusion Polish adds the perfect amount of shimmer and shine to any look. This iridescent lip gloss boldly intensifies the finishing touch on top of any Motives Lip product or gives a nude lip a little attitude. The lightweight, smooth gloss glides on effortlessly and is the perfect size to take with you on the go.

All of these new products are right on trend for the Spring/Summer Trends and you can get yours here: www.BeautyByLeigh.com

I’m going to need some faces for the new campaign to freshen up!! 🌺
🌺Who’s in?

An Inside Look with Amber Lopez

An Inside Look with Amber Lopez

I get to interview another amazing woman!! I am thankful that I get to meet successful beauty professionals. Here’s your chance to learn too!

Holiday Eyes: Get The Look

Holiday Eyes: Get The Look

One of the reasons that I LOVE the Holidays, is it’s an excuse to experiment with makeup a bit more than I normally would. Especially the eyes! Nothing says the holidays quite like glitter 😉

Friday Feature: Meet Jacqueline Menconi

Friday Feature: Meet Jacqueline Menconi

One of the best things I have had happened in my career is meeting other beauty professionals.  I am fortunate to have made friends all over the WORLD with some of THE most talented individuals out there. Aligning yourself with others in your profession is powerful. It’s nice to be able to share each others ideas and success with one another.  I thought it would be helpful to all of you to introduce you to some of these wonderful people right here on my Blog.  After all, they are all about beauty too!!


Who is Jacqueline Menconi?

“Hi there! I’m Jaxx and I’m a traveling Makeup Artist & Wellness Consultant based in northern New Jersey, about 15 minutes from Manhattan.

My two areas of passion are makeup artistry and health & wellness. My father owned one of New Jersey’s largest fitness facilities, which (since I practically grew up there) fostered a keen understanding of the impact that fitness & nutrition have on one’s health and one’s looks. My mother owned her own cosmetics line and, when I was old enough to start creating my very own “signature” look, insisted that I learn proper makeup application — and boy am I glad she did.

Fast forward to today, I’m fortunate to have built a strong and flourishing business that allows me to work with a variety of clients including TV production companies, celebrities, major corporations, bridal & personal clients, magazines, photographers, etc.

What you may not know about me is that after graduating from Rider University with a BA in Communications, I didn’t immediately enter the beauty industry. I went to college to be a television producer and that is what I did for several years. During that time, I worked with some truly phenomenal makeup artists on set, and became savvy as to how they modified makeup application to suit different lighting (as well as different client specifications). Their ability to turn plain and pretty actors and models into the exquisite icons we know and love fueled the urge for me to do the same.

And so I did.

I left the producing life to attend The Makeup Designory in New York City, along with numerous other pro workshops & classes at other reputable studios.

Here’s the thing… I love makeup and always will, but I still know that it should never be used in an attempt to correct bad health habits. This is why after years of attending health lectures & seminars, I help my clients learn how to create beauty from the inside out by teaching the importance of exercise, diet, and proper supplementation. I’m also certified to help physicians and health care professionals of all kinds implement a variety of customizable wellness programs, and I extend my teachings one-on-one with select clients.


What made you want to learn more and eventually partner with Motives Cosmetics?

I grew up in a very entrepreneurial-minded family and not only went to college for TV Broadcasting, but minored in General Business. Being a Video Producer after college, I worked heavily in the professional/corporate world. I had to be business savvy & needed to network efficiently to be good at my job. Once I decided to switch careers to makeup artistry, I carried those same values and skill sets I had learned with me. If you are a freelance anything, whether you realize it or not, you own a business and you need to treat it as such.

As a Makeup Artist, having a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY product line to retail to my clients was a no brainer. Clients always asked me what I was using on them and before Motives, I would instruct them to go to the appropriate stores where they would buy $50-$300+ worth of cosmetics. I was making the stores richer and totally missing the boat as a business woman! Also, the fact that Motives allows me to retail completely customized makeup that I create for my clients was an INSANELY BRILLIANT concept to me! I had wanted to make a name for myself as a luxury on-location Makeup Artist and being able to blend a high end custom foundation and/or powder was the exclusivity I was looking for. Even more, it’s exactly what my CLIENTS were looking for! So many have trouble finding the right foundation. The color could be ok, but the formula is too drying. The formula is good but the color is way too yellow or pink, so they buy 2 different shades to mix at home. That’s expensive and time consuming, especially if you’re not a makeup artist!

The only thing that I had reservations about before partnering was whether Motives/Market America was considered “one of those things.” I did my due diligence, truly studying the Motives/MA business model and compensation plan, and then comparing it to other direct sales companies out there. This was when I finally appreciated the immense difference between MLM direct sales companies and Market America (MA, the parent company of Motives). MA was so clearly not MLM and that fact coupled with the quality of the products had me chomping at the bit to register my business. MA is the real deal and unlike any other company I’ve ever researched.


In what way have you maximized your existing business as a Pro-Artist?

I partnered with Motives in 2012 when I had recently quit my job as the Laura Mercier counter manager in Saks 5th Avenue. I was still in the slow beginning stages of building my freelance business and finally getting some traction. When I partnered with Motives and started retailing their ready-made products and mixing up custom blends, that was when I noticed a HUGE burst in how busy I was getting. Word started to spread and I kept getting referral after referral from all industries- bridal, tv, commercial, independent film, corporate shoots, fashion photo shoots, etc.

Looking back, I can be certain that not only was it my hustling, “go get ‘em” nature, but it was my entrepreneurialism and posture as a business owner that made this boost in business possible. Motives helped me with that because of the exclusive luxury services I had added to my repertoire as well as the personal & professional development I gained by attending all of the company trainings and big corporate conventions.

Over the next few years my business grew in every aspect. Today, I am busier than I can handle with commercial, tv, and corporate video shoots. I recently tallied up the amount of jobs I had given away to other Makeup Artists (around the world) within a 6 month period… it was about $20,000 worth. That was money I did not make because I was ALREADY booked on other jobs and I attribute a good portion of this success to what I have with & what I have learned from, Motives.

When I am already booked and asked my availability to work for another production, I refer fellow qualified artists to fill in for me. The artists who partner with me in my Motives business are the ones that will always get first dibs on a job. I am becoming much more strict with this ordinance because I want to build a team with cohesive branding. When one of “my artists” fills in for me, I want the producer or photographer to notice the same branding throughout our kits. I want to know that artist is using quality products on my excellent clients and that whatever they are using will translate seamlessly on camera.

And can I mention the discount we get as distributors on all of these products? Jeez! That alone should be reason enough to look into partnering with the company.


How do you feel is the best way to build a team of professionals?

The best way for me to expand my team is to simply keep spreading the word and leading by example. I started two pro-centric campaigns involving beauty professionals who have already partnered with our great company.

The first campaign started back in 2016 with 7 Makeup Artists coming together and creating monthly looks for every day women on my blog. The looks are created with all Motives Cosmetics and are achievable to the average makeup wearer, as opposed to the majority of what we see promoted on social media platforms, such as Instagram. That stuff is intimidating to replicate and down right impossible because of all of the filter and Photoshop use. The goal of our collaborative blog posts are to give people fun and easy makeup inspiration. The first series of collaborations were such a hit that we decided to open the group up again to add more Makeup Artists! We had 12 in total and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished. Love all of you, ladies! I’m so grateful for your efforts!

The second campaign I started with the ever so talented and beautiful, Master Cosmetologist, you, aka: Leigh Raeder. We had a webinar series called The Business Savvy Makeup Artist. We interviewed beauty pro’s varying in not only years of experience, but also in beauty specialties (ie commercial, salon, bridal, etc). These webinars recordings can be found at my youtube channel http://bit.ly/2fQWSHZ.

I would also like to mention that I train aspiring Makeup Artists in the NY Metro area, as well as offer business consulting video conferences globally.



What are you most excited about in regard to your long term goals?

I’m most excited about having a Plan B with Motives Cosmetics. As a freelance Makeup Artist, you are only as good as your last job. Sure you can have a busy spell, but sooner or later you will have a couple weeks off and will be sweating bullets not knowing when your next paycheck is coming. If you don’t have a Plan B in place to supplement your income during the slow periods, you’re not going to be successful. You’ll never be able to catch up on your bills and SURELY will never be able to save money for the future. Plain and simple!

I’ll add that as a freelancer, you do not get a pension or retirement plan that is being matched by an employer. If you can’t save money now doing what you’ve been doing, how do you expect to retire comfortably (or at all)? Do you want to be working this hard when you’re 60 years old? At what point will your pattern of having no time and no money change? What happens if you get in an accident, fall ill, or have to take care of a relative for a span of time? Can you still work with a broken arm or ankle? Can you still work when you’re taking a relative to five doctor’s visits a week for 4 months straight? This is all real life! It happens every day to someone new!

We all like to hope that none of that bad stuff could happen to us, but I invite you to take a look at the people in your life. Have any of them been through a hardship? How would you navigate through their hardship with your freelance career & income? Stop trading your time for money. Start thinking about working smarter and not harder. Do you research, study, ask questions, and get it moving. Only you can change your life! You can do it!”


Want to hear more from Jaxx & I?  Listen to an interview I did with Jacqueline HERE!!


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