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16 Ways to Become an Eco-Friendly Salon

16 Ways to Become an Eco-Friendly Salon

Making small changes will not only help the environment but also reduce your overhead. Here are my tips to change your salon commit to “going green.”

Salon Retail Disruption-How are You Going to Compete with Amazon?

Salon Retail Disruption-How are You Going to Compete with Amazon?

Salon retail is one of the most talked about disruptions in the industry. If you have been following my “Evolution of the Beauty Industry”, or if you have been in the beauty industry for awhile, this probably isn’t news to you, but there’s been a […]

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Richmond Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Motives Beauty & Business Academy made a stop at Richmond Virginia over the weekend

Beauty professionals & professional consultants received firsthand experience with Motives products and skincare along with professional training from some of our top industry professionals. Among them were Lisa Martin-Director of Field Development, Leigh Raeder-Master Cosmetologist & Global Educator, Dr. Terry White ND, Certified Trainer Christina Lempesis & Professional Makeup Artist Emily Olson at the weekend long Motives Academy.

Leigh Raeder and Lisa Martin
Leigh Raeder and Lisa Martin


Lisa & Leigh kicked off the weekend with a session teaching the attendees on how to brand yourself on-line and in person. They shared not only tips for salons and spas, but also how individuals can grow as a brand to set them up for maximum success.


Leigh started off the day with “Why” the beauty industry is in desperate need of our program and systems. She shared how she has experienced the evolution of the industry and how it has been changing at a record pace.  It is crucial that the industry stays ahead of these changes and finds ways to stay profitable.

Lisa joined in during the afternoon session and taught the attendees how they can help by implementing Motives and other divisions into salons and spas, as well as other professional accounts.  Leigh explained how no other company has the education, programs and systems in place and this will be an industry changer. Dr. Terry talked about different personality types and taught the class how to relate with them.


Motives Beauty Business Academy

Dr. Terry kicked of Sunday’s session with beauty From the Inside Out, teaching about digestive health and that beauty really does start from within. Christina took over talking about advanced skincare and our guest esthetician, Kimberly Lang. She even performed a live facial demo using all Market America skincare products.  Emily Olson followed withsharing tips and tricks during a makeup application demonstration to close out the evening.

The event was wrapped up on Monday with the art of makeup with Emily and live demos featuring makeup artists Ash Mac & Kim Mareno. Lisa wrapped up the evening with empowering everyone to “Fall in Love with the Process”.

All of the graduates left with tools and felt empowered to work with salons and spas and beauty professionals along with an action plan on how to achieve their own goals.

Stay tuned at www.motivesacademy.com for information and news on the next MBBA weekend!
Motives Beauty Business Academy



The Evolution & the Motives Beauty & Business Academy

The Evolution & the Motives Beauty & Business Academy

Motives Beauty & Business Academy (MBBA) If you have been following me, then you probably know how passionate I am about the beauty industry.  Through my “Evolution of the Beauty Industry” Series, I share all of the changes that the industry has faced and the […]

Are You Capitalizing on THE Biggest Trends This Year?

Are You Capitalizing on THE Biggest Trends This Year?

We are almost half way through the year, and so I have to ask: Are you capitalizing on one of the biggest trends this year? In 2018 we have been seeing the customer taking a bigger role in the beauty products that make up their […]

20 Ways to Market Yourself OFFLINE

20 Ways to Market Yourself OFFLINE

Don’t let offline marketing fall by the wayside while you’re focusing on your online marketing!

There are so many things that you should be doing to market yourself offline. And I have to admit, it was really hard for me to narrow this down. In my live Facebook video below, I went over just 10, but then promised even more, so here are 20!!  I hope you find them useful!


If you have been following my series “Evolution of the Beauty Industry” you know that I have already covered quite a few topics. I have so much to share from my decades of experience. If you want to catch up, you can find them all here: Evolution of the Beauty Industry


I have already talked about Utilizing Social Media to market and grow your business and How Your Clients are Finding You, but I want to touch on something that I think is very important. DO NOT stop giving your clients that one on one interaction, trust me, they want it!!  Don’t let all of the traditional marketing methods go.


20 things you should do to market offline

  1. Ask for referrals from satisfied clients
    Word of mouth advertising is really the best way to build your clientele. In an industry like ours, it’s so much about the way we make our clients feel, and they will want all of their friends to experience that too.  But we have to ASK for referrals because so often our clients don’t know how valuable it is to us. Consider implementing a referral program to reward your clients too.Motives Custom Blend Liquid Foundation
  2. Offer customizable products
    Personalized beauty products are one of the biggest trends right now.  Clients LOVE the thought of something that is made just for them, not to mention the fact they HAVE to come back to you to have it mixed again, it keeps you exclusive.One if the items that I help pros implement is customized makeup.   Formulating the perfect coverage, texture, with the perfect ingredients, and mixing the perfect color to match any skin tone, is something that neatly mirrors the industry’s move towards greater diversity.  And think of all of the possibilities, custom color shampoos, custom skincare regimens, etc.  If you’re not capitalizing on this category, you should reconsider.
  3. Build a referral network
    Get to know other professionals so that you can refer business to each other.  If you don’t perform particular services, find other professionals that do.  I personally would rather send my clients to someone that I trust and that I know will do a great job, and they appreciate it too.  It’s really a win win situation for everyone.
  4. Get involved
    Choose national events that you are passionate about and contribute.  I believe that the more you give, the more that will come back to you.  Clients love to see you get involved, and when you participate in large scale events, many organizations will help promote them too.Some of my favorite are, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, CUT IT OUT-The Beauty Community Against Domestic Abuse, look good feel better, but honestly there are so many more that are out there!! Find something you are passionate about and make a difference by giving back.

    St Baldricks offline marketing tips

  5. Send out a mailer
    Doesn’t matter if you are a new salon, or even an established business.Send out a mailer with a coupon or a reduced price service for first time visitors. You can increase your client base easily with direct marketing (which is also cost effective). There are services that you can use, or you can get lists of certain demographics to narrow down who you can send them to.
  6. Be thoughtful
    Continue to build relationships with your clients by sending out cards or a hand written note for special occasions or to celebrate milestones.  Weddings, graduations, babies or maybe even a new job. It’s a way to really make them feel special and it shows that you care by going above and beyond.
  7. Educate
    Partner up with local colleges, or other businesses and provide some type of education to enhance their programs.  Whether it’s a quick workshop or a talk, they will appreciate it.  It can also be a way to build your name and brand yourself. Plus it can be a lot of fun!Leigh Raeder Offline Marketing Tips
  8. Get into mainstream media
    Reach out to local radio stations or even TV stations to see if they have a makeover series yet.  It’s a way to give back to someone deserving in the community while getting exposure. It will also be a great addition for the network, because let’s face it, everyone loves seeing a great makeover!
  9. Host a client appreciation event
    Have at least one big event a year. It’s a fabulous way to pamper your clients. When you stay consistent with it, your clients will look forward to it every year. Not only will it create a lot of buzz, but it will get bigger and better each and every year.
  10. Learn from the best
    Learn from others in the industry.  Find mentors, or anyone that you can be around or even follow to learn new things.  In this industry, there are ALWAYS things to learn. New trends, new techniques, there’s endless information out there!! It will keep things exciting for you and your clients.Professional offline marketing tips
  11. Generate local publicity
    Believe it or not, people still do read the news!! Get to know a writer or journalist from your local newspaper and have them write a compelling story about your salon. You can even send out a press release whenever you have something new to announce.
  12. Networking events
    Get out to your local chamber or another business networking group and talk your salon up. Build relationships with others. You never know when you can refer to business to them. And chances are you’ll pick up a few clients just by handing out your business card!
  13. Get involved with the community
    Being involved in your community can bring a sense of satisfaction to the work you do. How many people in your community know about your salon and what you do? Get the word out there by volunteering!! It also makes you feel amazing to give back.Offline marketing tips
  14. Hold a workshop
    Pick topics that will intrigue them. My clients love beauty boot camps, and any beauty workshops, such as All About Eyes, Perfect Pout, Flawless Finish, etc..  You can really creative here and have fun with it, trust me, clients will LOVE it!
  15. Reach out to former clients
    Did a past client stop coming in? If they have not been in to your salon for at least 6 months, call them or send them a card to try to get them to come back. You’re be surprised at how effective it is.
  16. Survey your clients
    You can have your clients fill out a survey or you could even ask your client for a few minutes of their time and interview them. Ask them what they would have liked better during their visit. This will help you keep them coming back and even refer you when they see how much you care!
  17. Send a tangible thank you
    This one may be over the top, but you can purchase a cake from a bakery, chocolates, flowers or something fun from a local business and send it to your client’s workplace. Put a few business cards in the box, I bet their co-workers will LOVE it!! It will make you stand out for sure!
  18. Devote a day to personally reaching out
    Reach out to all of the clients that opened your marketing email, commented on your blog, or interacted with you on social media…send them a personal message. They will appreciate the special attention. It shows that you are noticing.
  19. Hold a contest
    Get your clients excited and involved by having a contest.  There are so many things you could do, mix it up and try different things. Just get creative and have fun with it!!
  20. Have amazing customer service
    I almost think that this should be #1!  Ask yourself, how are you making your clients feel?  If you can master having amazing customer service, you will build a rock solid clientele.This really is another topic that I could do an entire segment on.  No matter how busy your day has been, no matter what crazy drama is going on in your life, you could be having the worst day in your life. You have to make your client feel like they are #1.

    Take a deep breath and provide an outstanding appointment for them. You have to listen to what they need from you, and you need to figure out how to provide it.  You need to “wow” them, pamper them, and put them on a pedestal.  You have to generally care about them, because they will feel it, and if they feel amazing every time they leave, they will be back.

    If you haven’t caught any of my Facebook Live sessions, you can tune in every Monday morning at 10am CST to learn even more tips about how to can grow in the beauty industry.

    You can watch my video on this topic right here.  I hope you like it!!


I hope that you will use some of these tips.  If you liked this post, you may want to check out 10 Tips to Help You Grow Your Clientele.
I’s love to hear from you too, do you have any tips?  Which one did you like best? Comment below 🙂



10 Salon & Spa Trends in 2018

10 Salon & Spa Trends in 2018

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Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Salon

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Salon

Do you have a strong digital marketing strategy?  I compiled a list of my top, proven digital marketing strategies that you can start to implement and see rock solid results in no time! Last week I talked about the importance of social media, but don’t think […]

Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Salon Business

Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Salon Business

Are you leveraging social media to grow your business?

The way that we advertise to bring in new clients and traffic has changed.  Print ads, phone books, and billboards are less effective as everything has moved to digital.  So what are your options to drive in new traffic?

It’s important to have a responsive website design, email marketing and loyalty programs, as well as a big social media marketing plan, which I talk about in Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Salon, and it’s also important for beauty professionals to be where their audience is.

There are many tools and resources available to assist you in improving your online presence.  It’s getting attention in this scroll world that becomes the challenge.



While the center point and hub of all of your digital marketing efforts should be your website and blog, it is imperative to focus on the importance of your social media reach, relevance, and engagement. Salons are by nature social environments (the neighborhood beauty parlor is the Facebook news feed of yesteryear), and salons have a visual story to tell.

digital marketing

Pictures Tell Stories

One of the best strategies, is posting pictures of your work to your salon’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages. But it is so important to engage with fans and provide exclusive deals to those who follow you on social media avenues. And don’t forget to actually engage with people online, don’t just announce things – interact and be social.

Social sites are predominantly a female audience with 64% Twitter, 58% Facebook, 82% Pinterest, 68% Instagram being women. The great news for beauty service professionals: 92% of women share experiences, reviews, and deals with others online!

Social media is just one of the many tools you have to market your business, and its value comes in its real-time nature. No other marketing tool gives you the ability to truly engage back-and-forth with your clients when they are away from the salon.

Here are some best practices across 2 platforms, Facebook and Instagram.


Make sure you use a custom profile image, a clear image of you, your location, your logo, something that resembles your brand and core values.

Create a custom cover photo or a collage of your work. Make sure it’s sized to fit Facebook’s cover photo dimensions so it isn’t blurry. I like to use Canva.

Complete the “About” section as possible. The more information, the better —include all of the services you provide — from cut & color, to mani/pedi, to bridal packages, or makeup lessons  — and phone/email.

Including your personal bio also helps make clients feel confident in who you are and why they should choose you. Be sure to also link to your other social channels and your website. Give your clients more outlets to interact with you.

Social Media Salon

Post at least once per day, make sure you do it on the same day and time. Consistency is critical to develop engagement. You may have to play around with the day/time that works best for your followers, but eventually you’ll find a time that generates the most engagement. Stick with it. Use the schedule tool if you have to just to stay consistent.

Keep in mind, you don’t always have to share images of your own work. You can share helpful beauty-related articles or others’ work that you admire.

Ask questions-people LOVE to give their opinion. Plus, this helps build community and keeps your page seen on other’s newsfeeds.

Take about 15 minutes per day to comment, reply, message, and engage on other relevant pages-this is crucial.

Go Live!  Take a daily or weekly time where you can go live on Facebook to create the ultimate engagement. You can do live tutorials, live Q & A, or even a live educating about a product or service that you offer.  Be creative and have fun.

Run contests, share news, survey your clients, or just post a happy client offering a video testimonial.

Consider Facebook Ads. This method can be effective if you target very specific clientele. Facebook lets you set up specific demographics, and it will be worth your investment. Don’t be afraid to pay $50-$150 per month on sponsored/boosted posts/pages, even $3 will take you a lot farther than $0.

There are other social media platforms besides Facebook, and it is important to create a strong visual brand on Instagram.  With beauty being such a visual market, Instagram is an ideal social channel to promote your brand.

Salon Social Media

I suggest opening up an account under your business name, so this is not just your personal page. However, you can still use your personal page to share, comment, and further expose your branded business page.

Write your locations, services, specialties, core message, and also include your email, website, and Facebook page in your profile section.

Photos are best in natural sunlight. If you want to really focus on image-driven content, you may want to use editing tools to control the brightness and contrast. Just be mindful of filters, and don’t feel you have to use them. Promote an accurate representation of your work.

The most successful accounts post daily. Feature new looks or products you’re using.

Tag your photos! Tag brands, models, staff, and use hashtags in a separate comment. You don’t want to spam the photo description, but go ahead and go wild in the first comment with hashtags!

Follow related accounts in the beauty industry: MUAs, stylists, beauty schools, brands,  industry professionals like photographers, but don’t forget to follow your clients and tag them (with permission).

Leigh Instagram
Search hashtags to find accounts that are trending and relate to your brand.

Invest 15-20 minutes per day to comment, like, share on other accounts, as many as your own. The longer you spend engaging, the more engagement you’ll receive!

Create a document or note with all of the relevant, trending hashtags, and copy & paste them into your posts-this will save you time.

Keep it real with creating Instagram Stories and videos. This will create more engagement and allow you the ability to boost your presence without over-posting on your feed.

If you didn’t catch my LIVE session on Facebook, you can catch it here.  You may even pick up more tips and tricks that I didn’t type up 😉

Do you have any more tips?  How are you leveraging social media for your business?




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Global Social Media Stars Redefining the Beauty Industry

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