The Best Makeup Trends For 2021

BLOG, Makeup / Friday, January 29th, 2021

As I comb through the biggest makeup trends that we will see this year, I can’t help but notice how much FUN they are. It’s almost as though everyone is just ready to step it up a bit in 2021. I picked out the best makeup trends that I can see not only myself, but my clients try this year.

Graphic Eyeliner

Early on in 2020 we quickly learned that our eyes got all of the attention, with mask wearing, so it’s no surprise that in 2021 I am seeing a lot of creativity with eyeliner. Graphic eyeliner is still going strong with experimenting new ways of applying precision eyeliner. And don’t think you have to stay with straight lines either. Try experimenting with different colors too!

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For all four of these eyeliner looks, start with a classic winged eyeliner and then get creative! I recommend using the Motives Precisely The Point Eye Line. It provides ultra-pigmented color that glides on like a dream and dries almost instantly to prevent unwanted smudges and smears. The superfine felt tip gives you ultimate control and precision to create the thinnest or the boldest eye line to suit your look. Featuring a water-resistant and long-lasting formula, this liner will hold on and look great from morning to night. 

Purple Eye Makeup

I guess it should be no surprise that we started to see bright colors hit the eyes. Purple seems to be a favorite pick as it’s made it’s way to the red carpet late last year. Playing with colorful eye shadow definitely brings joy and I think that it’s a safe way to play with those colors you may normally shy away from.

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2021 makeup trends

For this look, I used the THALIA X Motives Besos Palette. I find that it has just the right shades of purples and neutrals that look great on ANY skin tone. This all-in-one, take-with-you EVERYWHERE palette is filled with eight silky matte and shimmer shades for eyes, two blushing shades for cheeks and two universal glosses for lips. The looks are endless with the THALIA X Motives Besos Palette.

Vintage Makeup

One of my favorite trends in 2021 that I love is nostalgic makeup. I have seen a lot of different eras being recreated, and honestly I love the creativity. I think that it is a fun distraction too!

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2021 vintage makeup trends

You can’t go wring with a clean, classic eye look with the perfect winged eyeliner. Pair that with the perfect red lip, and you are ready to conquer 2021. This is a look that anyone can achieve!

Natural Foundation

As filters lose their popularity, natural skin is showing it’s face. A natural looking complexion with freckles, moles, tone variation and texture is being flaunted. Foundation is applied as a dewy and semi-matte combo.

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2021 makeup trends
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With natural foundation, skin still looks like skin. Use a product like the Motives Flawless Face Stick Foundation. It’s a creamy, yet weightless formula that glides across skin effortlessly, leaving behind a “your skin, but flawless” finish.

Stained Lips

Face masks aren’t going away in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a lipstick. Just swap your creamy lipstick or gloss for a stain that’s less likely to transfer onto your mask. 

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2021 makeup lip trends

Choose a Liquid Lipstick with nourishing ingredients, such as the Motives Liquid Lipstick. Tape a few dots on your lips and use your finger to spread a thin layer mainly in the center of your lips feathering to the edges.

Which 2021 makeup trends are your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments!

The Best Makeup Trends For 2021

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