Tips on How To Look Your Best on Your Video Chat

BLOG, Business, Makeup / Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Chances are you have found yourself on a Zoom, Google Meet or FaceTime video chat more than you ever imagined! Whether it’s a fun group or an important meeting, these tips will help you to look your best during your next video chat.


Let’s start with one of the most important things that will make you look your best on your video chat: lighting.

You don’t need any fancy lights, you can use the natural light already coming into your windows. Natural, indirect light really is the best. To find the right spot, walk around your house with your phone camera in selfie mode looking for the right location. Facing the indirect is a must. If you have the light behind you, it will make your face dark.

If you find yourself on zoom, more often then you’re not, or if you have a lot of late video chat, you may want to invest in a ring light. They are available in all different sizes with all sorts of features.


Having the right angle for your video call makes a big difference. Do not position your camera lower than your eyes. You don’t want your camera to be looking up at you, or you’ll have what my friend has coined “zoom neck”.

Instead, your best bet is to have the camera at a height that it can be angled just slightly down at you. Think about the camera as being right at your hairline, and have it pointed down at your eyes. Try not to angle down too much, but enough to give you the most flattering look.

You also want to pay attention to your distance from the camera. If you are too close, you can look distorted. If you are on your phone, you can hold your phone horizontal to fill up the entire frame.


If you are on video chats often, you may want to create a designated space with a nice, clean background. It doesn’t have to be a plain wall, but you want to be mindful of what others see. If you are using Zoom or Teams, you can use a virtual background.

Your Appearance

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, that I have been wearing a lot of yoga pants with furry slippers because all that matters is what’s seen. I know I’m not the only one!! Wear your favorite tops and jewelry. I actually started to rotate through my closet and wore things I haven’t in a long time.

Put on some makeup. You don’t need a lot, a little mascara and lipstick makes a big difference and will make you feel more confident. You can also dust on some HD Powder for an instant filter and flawless finish.

Now you are ready to look your best for your next video chat!

Tips on How To Look Your Best on Your Video Chat

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