Tools & Technology That Helped My Beauty Business Thrive in 2021

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As someone that is passionate about following beauty trends, I am even more passionate about pivoting with the trends that help me improve my business. Whether it improves things for my clients, makes my life easier in some shape or form, I’m all ears. If it is something helps me make more money that’s even better. I’m not talking about fads, I’m talking about real trends that evolve the beauty industry!

Over the last few months, I have been looking back at my business the last year and beyond to really dig into technology that truly helped my beauty business thrive in 2021. Leaving out the obvious, like social media, these may be tools you’ve never heard of. Things that I believe will continue to help my business grow. And if these are things that are growing my business, there’s a pretty great chance that they can also help yours!!


Zoom certainly has been around for quite sometime, but definitely became a staple technology for me last year. When the world started to shut down, I knew that Zoom was the perfect tool to pivot into virtual consultations. I had already been serving clients all over the US and world for that matter, but Zoom became crucial for me to stay connected with my local clients too! Not only was I able to offer virtual consultations, but I also had fun with hanging out with some of you during fun, interactive workshops & events. I honestly think early on it gave us all a feeling that even though we were unable to see each other in person, we could still feel that connection. Clients that had never used zoom, adapted so well as it is an easy and free tool.

I also started using FaceTime and Facebook Messenger Video more than I had been, which is additional technology that allows you to stay connected with your clients.

Zoom also allowed me to start offering all of my certification courses online. There’s no doubt in my mind that not all virtual courses are best online, but surprisingly I was able to adapt quickly, and it was a way that I could reach my network from all over the World so they could participate.

I was able to get an affordable membership to zoom through my company which provided me with the option to charge when someone registered through zoom. I also had access to zoom webinar, which allowed me to set up reminder and follow up emails.

Zoom is definitely technology that I will continue to use in my beauty business. I will admit that I have been experiencing a bit of zoom fatigue, but I have in person and hybrid courses on the calendar in 2022 that I’m looking forward to.

E-Commerce Enabled Website

I have had my preloaded, e-commerce enabled website for quite a few years, but I think the last couple years proved how valuable this technology is! Where do I start? Well, just know the next few tools I mention in the sections after this, are just a few tools available on my site.

But in all honestly, I am beyond THANKFUL to have a website that allows my clients to shop for all of their products 27/7, but beyond that, the website is updated constantly, and all orders are drop shipped for me right to my clients! I was also thankful that new exciting products were consistently launched and there was no supply chain issues causing huge delays. Oh, and there’s wasn’t any price gauging either!

I also have to mention that these products are professional, exclusive products and I get credit for ALL orders through my unique website. The best part is, once my clients use my site and create a FREE customer account with their emails address, ALL future orders will be tracked and credited to ME!

During a time when I was unable to get paid for as many beauty services as “normal”, I can’t tell you how it felt waking up to emails informing me that I had a new order on my website!

Virtual Try On

A new Try Me Virtual Makeup Experience feature was added to my website During a time when trying on makeup was nearly impossible, this revolutionary technology allows you to experience a true-life, real-time makeover experience. Users can use their live camera, upload a selfie or utilize a photo of a model with a similar skin tone to virtually “try on” makeup. This was a GAME CHANGER! The best part about it, is that it is very accurate.

Curious how you’d look with a bright red lip? Eager to see what the newest eye shadow would look like on you? With this new feature, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before making a purchase.

This new technology proved itself pretty fast too! Data showed almost immediately that shoppers were staying on my site longer and viewing more pages. The sales have been great too!! Oh and this technology was just added to my e-commerce site without any added expense to me which was icing on the cake 😉

Custom Skin Quiz

The skincare analysis tool on my website was updated and replaced with a new Custom Skin Quiz. This was a project that was in the works for a few years, and 2021 was the best time to launch this incredible tool!

My Custom Skin Quiz helps my clients curate the most effective regimen for their exact skin type and goals.

With over 195,000 possible regimen combinations, it customizes ta personal skincare regimen based on their answers. It’s so easy! The simple quiz, takes less than two minutes, and populates a custom skin report that is automatically emailed to the client. I also get a copy emailed to me so I can help answer any questions they have and even schedule a consultation.

Flawless Face Match

Another tool that has been helpful in 2021 is the Flawless Shade Match Quiz on, you guessed it, my website. This quiz allows users to answer a few questions to help them choose the right shade of foundation for their skin!

Like I mentioned earlier, it was almost impossible to go anywhere to try on makeup, and instead of “guessing” which foundation is the right one, the guesswork has been removed with the Flawless Shade Match Quiz.

My clients that have tried it, have been pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and have the choice of choosing their base shade or bundle for highlighting and contouring!


Adding Calendly to my arsenal of tools this year was a game changer! It allowed my client’s the ability to schedule their own virtual consultations. No more going back and forth trying to find a time that works with everyone!

I started doing a lot of virtual Custom Blend consultations, and this was the perfect tool to help those interested scheduling a session.

The best part, I was able to sync it with all of my other calendars, so if I had a meeting scheduled for my Field Consultant role, which uses Outlook, it would block me out on Calendly. I also synced it with my Google & Apple Calendars. So no matter what I had going on, I was never double booked.

Once a client chooses which service they’d like, the time that works best for them, and it also automatically schedules them on zoom and sends them the zoom link! It saves me a lot of time and keeps things a bit more organized for me.

I use the FREE option, but you can pay to have additional features.

Custom Blend Survey

Speaking of Custom Blend…with an influx of interest, I definitely started using my virtual Custom Blend Survey on my website. I offer new clients to first fill out the survey so that I have a better understanding of their wants and needs. Even though I tend to ask a lot of these questions during a virtual consultation, I have found that so many want to control the process and this is a great start. It gets them excited about the options to get a personalized foundation and/or powder just for them!


With the increase in Custom Blend makeup consultations, came an increase of orders being shipped out. Most of the pre-packaged brands I represent get drop shipped right to my customers, but I personally formulate and mix all custom blend formulas.

Pirateship is the perfect tool to help me get everything properly labeled and shipped out right from my mailbox. It automatically emails my clients with tracking information and the rates are the cheapest USPS and UPS rates I can find.

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Anyone that knows me, knows that. I have an immense passion for health and nutrition and it’s also something that I help so many of my clients with. Nutri-Physical takes out the guesswork and is my virtual personalized nutrition, exercise and nutraceutical questionnaire written with you in mind.

Nutri-Physical gives you the blueprint to follow to discover what supplements, meal plans and stress and sleep protocols are going to work best for your lifestyle. In addition, you can customize your program as little or as much as you want by taking all or one of the personalized quizzes. While the competition is making one-size-fits-all recommendations, Nutri-Physical is listening and catering to you! has been so helpful! It allows you to create a personalized and easily customizable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience. It’s nice to have 1 link to share on your social media accounts that can connect your audience to wherever they would like to go. I have my blog, my shopping sites, my this, my that…I can add any link I’d like to my I just use the free version, which is enough for me! Feel free t check mine out here:


I know I’m late to the party, BUT I switched my credit card processor to Square. I find it extremely user friendly for not only me but my customers. I use mostly payment links, but also list my classes on the online portion and it’s been so easy to keep updated. I’m still playing around and finding more features, so I’m sure I will continue to add to my list here.


I was literally done writing this article, or so I thought, and I went to Canva to create my assets and realized I had to include it. Canva has been a GAME CHANGER for my business! I create all sorts of things not only for social media, but I have also gotten pretty darn good at creating beauty guides not only for other pros, but for my clients. I find it fun and somewhat relaxing plus it’s easy to keep my branding consistent.

I hope this article got your wheels turning!! Have you been using any of these tools in your beauty business? I’d love to hear from you!! And if you have any questions, I am here to help!! Wishing you all a prosperous 2022!!

Tools & Technology That Helped My Beauty Business Thrive in 2021

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