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If you’ve been searching for a way to transform your website, blog or email list into a money maker, then look no further!SHOP.COM has always been committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge technology to provide the very best online shopping experience for their customers, and now you can become a SHOP.COM affiliate for FREE!

SHOP.COM is one of the top ecommerce sites in the world with millions of products including exclusive brands you can’t find anywhere else. 

Earn money

By joining the SHOP.COM Affiliate Publisher Network you’ll be able to promote these products on your site while earning a generous revenue share of up to 15% in commissions on SHOP.COM’s exclusive products, and and average of 3% commission on all products from our One Cart stores! 

We want to PAY you! Whether direct deposit to your bank, or a paper check, you get CASH for referring customers to SHOP.COM.

You don’t lead the online shopping revolution by relying on the old ways of doing business – you lead by pushing the envelope and leveraging new tools to connect people with products like never before. In the digital age, this is a critical task for online retailers, but with innovative new programs like the SHOP.COM Affiliate Publisher Network. Now you can Monetize your website, blog, social media account, and email list with the SHOP.COM affiliate program for FREE!

The SHOP.COM Affiliate Program

Publish with SHOP.COM Affiliate Program

Choose from millions of products to advertise to your customers and earn.

Earn with SHOP.COM Affiliate Program

The programs within Affiliate Publisher Network provide several ways for you to advertise our products and make money earning up to 15% in commissions, when customers you refer place orders on SHOP.COM.

SHOP.COM Commission

Commission payments will process weekly. Commissions on a qualified order will be paid in the first commission payment process 60 days after the order has transacted.

Publishers have a 45 day referral earning window. This means publishers will earn commissions on orders that transact within 45 days of when the shopper was referred to SHOP.COM.

Join Affiliate SHOP.COM Program

How does this program compare to others?

If you do some research you’ll quickly learn there are a few other companies out there offering similar services, but as you can see below nothing compares with the SHOP.COM Affiliate Publisher Network.

Let’s talk about the revenue share available to these affiliates in the APN program. Most of our competitors offer decent commissions that range from anywhere between 1.25% and 10%. We wanted to be sure there was no room for comparison, so we decided to blow the competition out of the water with up to 15% in commissions on SHOP.COM’s exclusive products. These are really staggering numbers when you compare them against the competition, but that’s not the only area where the SHOP.COM offers a distinct advantage.

SHOP.COM Affiliate Products

Referral Windows are a big deal in this industry. To put it plainly, a referral window is the amount of time you have between clicking on an affiliate link and actually making a purchase which helps earn you commissions. With some of our competitors, if you click on one of their links, then just wait 1 day to make your purchase – they don’t have to pay out any commissions. Some places give you 3 whole days but even still that allows a lot of business to slip between your fingers (and right into competitors’ pockets). When we crafted the SHOP.COM Affiliate Publisher Network, we wanted this system to provide a referral window that really works for today’s shoppers and gives you (bloggers, developers, website owners) the best possible chance to earn commissions – by offering a spectacular 45 DAY REFERRAL WINDOW.

Amazon gives you a one day window to make a purchase for the commission to kick in with their affiliate program. Best Buy and Walmart give you 3 days. We give you 45 days. Enough said.

SHOP.COM Products


When it comes time for you to actually collect your revenue share commissions, the SHOP.COM Affiliate Program stands tall yet again by offering FREE weekly Direct Deposits with absolutely no minimum amount – unlike some of our competitors who want affiliates to PAY them (a fee) so they can PAY AFFILIATES. With the SHOP.COM affiliate program, we offer the best payment options that allow affiliates to earn on their own terms.

SHOP.COM has put together a program that not only runs circles around the competition, it forces them to go back to the drawing board. Today, you can promote SHOP.COM products through this program and refer shoppers to SHOP.COM, but now you are also able to provide the full shopping experience with checkout services, right on your site! 

Getting Started as easy as 1, 2, 3

The SHOP.COM Affiliate Publisher Program – just one more way SHOP.COM is leading the parade and providing innovating new solutions for shoppers in an ever-changing digital landscape. Create an account here and get started today!

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