What to Expect During a Virtual Custom Blend Foundation Appointment

BLOG, Makeup / Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Everyone deserves the right to have foundation that matches their skin, but even in today’s world this can be difficult to find. According to WWD, 94% of women struggle to find the right shade. The days of randomly selecting a pre-made foundation at the drugstore and hoping it works with your skin tone are over. Everyone seeks the ‘perfect fit’ with not just the shade but the entire formula with customized products that speak to their individual needs and preferences. Who wouldn’t want a product unique just to them?

That’s why Motives Cosmetics developed the Motives Custom Blend Foundation – the perfect solution to that lifelong search. What sets it apart from any other foundations is that I can customize it not only to the exact match of your skin, but also to the desired coverage, texture, finish and even add skincare additives so it truly is the perfect formula for you!

Depending on your preference of application, Custom Blend offers both liquid and powder formulations.

virtual custom blend foundation appointment

Certified Custom Blend Consultant

This service can only be offered by Certified Custom Blend Consultants. They are trained in color theory as well as formulating and mixing custom blend products. Finding a Certified Custom Blend Consultant in your area isn’t always an option, however YOU are still able to experience the luxury of having personalized products formulated and mixed just for you through a “virtual no touch” appointment based on your needs and desires. Here’s what you can expect during your very own virtual custom blend foundation appointment.

What is the first step?

It is important to me that you are comfortable, and so that means that you can decide on the progression of your appointment. After all, this is based on your unique traits. The first step is to determine your desired sun protection, coverage, texture, skin type, and finish for your lifestyle. There are two ways that you can provide me with the information I need to formulate your blend.

virtual custom blend foundation appointment

Here are your options:

Option 1: You can fill out my custom blend survey. After you complete this comprehensive survey, I will have a better idea of your preferences based on your responses.

Option 2: You can contact me directly by filling out this form requesting a virtual appointment. I will then contact you by phone, so we can chat a bit more about your desired results.

What is the second step?

Now that I know your preferences, the next step is to determine your exact skin tone and undertones. There are a couple ways that we can go about this.

virtual custom blend foundation appointment

Here are your options:

Option 1: We can schedule a FaceTime or Zoom virtual appointment at your convenience. During this session I will ask you to stand in natural light so I can see your undertones. I will mix your blend during your session so we can both see the progression of finding your perfect match.

Option 2: You can choose to email me pictures of your bare skin in various lighting wearing a plain white shirt. I will then use these pictures to determine which bases and pigmented toners to mix in to achieve the perfect match.

virtual custom blend foundation appointment

The last step!

Once your custom blend is formulated and mixed, a full size foundation will be shipped directly to you-at no additional cost! Yes, I provide FREE shipping. Your custom blend foundation will arrive within a few days after your virtual appointment right to your doorstep. You will be able to use your foundation immediately and experience the amazing benefits that come with this amazing mineral based formula. I know that you will LOVE it and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

What are you waiting for?!? You’ve waited way too long already to find the PERFECT MATCH! The time is now!! I can’t wait to provide you with the best foundation for YOU!

What to Expect During a Virtual Custom Blend Foundation AppointmentWhat to Expect During a Virtual Custom Blend Foundation Appointment

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