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Personalized beauty products is one of the biggest trends…are you capitalizing within this category? The beauty industry is evolving.

While beauty trends of the past tended to focus on one prescribed look, like the 90s brow, super-straight tresses or contouring, in 2020 we are seeing the customer taking a bigger role in the products that make up their beauty routines – in a shift that neatly mirrors the industry’s late move towards greater diversity.

I want to personally invite you all to tune into a free webinar this Monday evening, November 26th at 9PM EST, 8PM CDT,  as I share what adding this unique service can do for you.
• Extension of your service menu
• Own all formulas created (limitless creative potential)
• Empowers artists to brand themselves
• Ultimate exclusivity as an artist or business owner
• Creates client loyalty – 100% satisfaction!
• Enhances social media marketing
• Accommodates beauty in every shade and beauty in every age
• Comprehensive tools to streamline process
• Ability to offer interactive workshops (Crushed Beauty Bar)
• High-end, non-comedogenic, botanically infused
You can literally blend anything: Custom Blend Foundation , Custom Mineral Power, Custom Blend Concealers, Eye Shadows and Color Correctors.  The possibilities are endless with even Blushes, Bronzers, Shimmer Powders, and Lip Stains.


This is the perfect opportunity to learn from Master Cosmetologist, and Global Educator Leigh Raeder, as she shares the reasons WHY you might consider adding Custom Blend Cosmetics to your arsenal. It’s free and online, so no pressure, just something to think about for how this could impact your own business! Here’s your chance to see what it’s all about! 💋💋


If you would like exclusive access to this webinar, please sign up by clicking HERE


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